So many of us are on a quest to look younger, feel better and live longer. I must admit that I definitely fall into all three of these categories. And why not? I have as much gusto for life, if not more, than I did in my youth. At 60 years of age, I feel that I have the vitality of someone 20 years younger. Maybe it is genetic, or perhaps it is because my mom taught me to take care of my one and only body from a very early age.

My 85 year old mom is a scientific wonder according to her doctors and to anyone who knows her. She is involved in everything and is the leader of most of those things. She can out walk, out think and out smart almost anyone. Her doctors want to know all of her secrets and she tells them.

Eat right, laugh a lot, and drink Monavie Active. She drinks this wonder juice twice a day and you can be sure that I do too! Give it a try for at least 1 month. That’s what I did and I plan to never be without it.

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I am so happy to let you know that Monavie Active is back in its original form and I couldn’t be more excited! As a long time Monavie customer, I can say that life without this precious juice is not as vibrant! The beautiful color of the juice makes you feel happy before its deliciousness even hits your tongue. Give it try and follow me on my journey to a long and fruitful life.

What is Monavie Active?

MonaVie Active is truly the world’s premier Acai blend! This delicious fusion of acai berry (from the pristine Amazon Rainforest) includes 19 beneficial super fruits to help you enjoy a more active lifestyle! Loaded with carefully selected nutrient-dense superfoods harvested worldwide MonaVie Active helps delivers powerful antioxidant protection and targeted nutrition with multiple benefits. Now you can STAY ACTIVE with this premier acai blend. Just Drink it… Feel it… and Live it!

Anti-Aging Face Cream Jeunesse Luminesce and Feeling Younger

Dermatologist-developed, the Luminesce® skin care line reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and restores youthful vitality and radiance to your skin. Featuring Jeunesse-exclusive APT-200™, these hydrating products use advanced polypeptide technology to help you maintain younger, smoother and softer-looking skin.

As a part of this experiment in anti-aging, I will be trying Luminesce on one half of my face and will let you know if the results are as amazing as I hope. Want to join me in the fun? Just click on the link above to get started!

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