Our skin is a very delicate organ due to its unique characteristics such as elasticity and production of different glands.  The uniqueness of the skin makes it prone to different infection when it is exposed to the internal environment due to its localization on the body.

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Looking beautiful and attractive includes having a glistering skin free from dermatological problems; the skin is a very delicate organ of the body and can respond to different chemicals present in skin products sold nationwide.  The first principle of taking care of your skin is understanding your skin types. Due to genetics, environmental factors, and lifestyle practices. Humans have different skin types, such as dry skin, oily, normal skin, and sensitive skin.

There are a lot of factors that are needed to be considered when choosing a skin product, these factors include appropriate knowledge of what products works well together, their effects on your skin, the quantity needed to get your desired result. Getting any of these factors wrong could have a lot of hazardous effects on your skin, and make you prove to various dermatological conditions.

Why is Taking Care of the Skin Important?

Taking care of our skin is very important because it can serve as a gateway and route for infections to affect different parts of our body. The skin contains various porous pores that could harbor micro-organisms and breeds infections. change in the configuration of the skin due to cuts, trauma, or injury could predispose our body to various infections and diseases.

There are different natural remedies that can be used to get the best out of your skin; this natural remedy includes a mixture of honey, cucumber, and natural fruits. You need to ensure that your skin is kept hydrated consistently.

Vitamin C for Your Skin in the Morning

Vitamin c is a very important dermatological product, because of its role in collagen formation. Collagen is a substance that helps in maintaining the elasticity of the skin. It gives the skin its luster and elastic appearance. It is advisable to take your vitamin c in the morning and not in the evening. Because  the trimming application of the vitamin c serum could alter the desired result. Vitamin c serum helps in eliminating eye bags, wrinkles, scars formations on the face, and smoothening of the skin. It is advisable to add your vitamin serum to your conventional after shower products and apply it consistently on your body by gently massaging it on your body with your fingers.

Using vitamin c serum at night helps to reduce the damaged caused by UV radiations during the day, especially when applied after a shower. It functions as a skin repairer, especially when compared with aloe Vera.

The timing for the application of vitamin c serum, depends on what you are trying to prevent and avoid, if sun exposure is the primary etiology of your dermatological problems, applying vitamin c serum in the morning before going out or before applying your make up, is the best remedy to preventing dermatological problems caused by sun exposure. This early morning routine is more effective if a moisturizer is applied afterward.

Can I use Vitamin C Serum Both in the Morning and Evening

The timing for the application of vitamin has different benefits, early morning application helps to prevent dermatological problems caused by sun exposure, and it helps to keep your skin safe and healthy throughout the day, ap plying vitamin c serum in the evening helps in skin repair, especially when combined with aloe vera. However, you can enjoy both benefits, by applying it both early in the morning before going out and at night after a shower, that solves the dilemma, of when to use your vitamin c serum. Using the serum day and night, would help in skin repair and prevent damage due to sun exposure and UV rays.

Vitamin c serum is very effective, irrespective of your age, and skin type. It works effectively for all skin types and age range.

Benefits of Vitamin C Serum

  1. collagen production: Vitamin c serum promotes  collagen production, especially when used consistently and for a prolonged period of time
  2. reduced eye bags: it helps to reduce eye bags caused by stress or sleep deprivation.
  3. Assists in skin repair: It assists in skin repair, especially when used at night
  4. Healing benefits:  Vitamin c serum speeds up  the healing of the skin, especially after a trauma, cut or abrasion
  5. Reduces skin discoloration: Vitamin c serum helps to eliminate that embarrassing and uncomfortable redness of the skin.

Vitamin A For Your Skin in the Evening

Vitamin A very essential for skin repair, but very unstable in the presence of light, this is why it is advisable to use it at night. The combination of vitamin C and A serum could be very beneficial., especially when used during daytime and nighttime respectively.

What Is the Best Natural Skin Care Toner Ingredient?

The best skin toner made from natural ingredient is apple cider vinegar toner. This toner is made from raw or fermented apple. This toner is very effective due to its ph. neutralization ability; it balances the PH of the skin, and breaks unnecessary bonds between exfoliated dead cells. This toner has a lot of antibacterial properties as well as antiseptic properties.

Should I Use Organic Skin Care Products

Organic skin products are a product, that consists of ingredients derived from plants, while natural products are products, with natural ingredients. Safe skin care products are not determined by being organic or natural. The best way to determine, if a skin product is safe and healthy is by checking the ingredients. Yes, you can use organic skin products, if the ingredients are safe, healthy and free-form allergens.

Maintaining a good skin can be achieved by having the right knowledge about your skin type, applying the right skin formula, and having a consistently healthy lifestyle. The best way to get the best out of your skin is to use products that suit your skin types, and are free from allergens, remember, your health always comes first before anything else.

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