Back pain doctors very depending on condition and need. Often times consumers will go to their family Doctor Who will then be referred to a pain Doctor Who will then be referred to a back pain Doctor Who then will typically be referred to a back surgeon if the first three visits and providers protocols don’t provide adequate relief.

Now with Stem Cells becoming more popular across the globe your family doctor, pain doctor, or back pain doctor may refer you to a stem cell doctor or provider… Chiropractors are even starting to refer to Stem Cell providers for a general of medicine.

Stem Cells for back pain relief

Many people are turning to regenerative medicine for back pain relief in hopes to not go under the knife or be on medications for the rest of their life looking for a better quality of life without surgery

Stem Cells for back pain relief cost

Stem Cells we’re back pain  typically cost around $5500  not typically covered by insurance and will be paid completely out of pocket however with today’s high deductibles often times the entire treatment is less than a deductible that one might pay for a back surgery.