When it comes to good health, we must consider the importance of the kidney and the role it plays in the process of keeping the body healthy. The kidney is the lifeline of the body to good health. This is very true to the fact that the kidney helps the body filter out wastes from the body and also prevent the buildup of wastes in the body.

We go further to understand the importance of the kidney. We can see that apart from the aspect of filtering waste from the body the kidney has been observed to be very vital in the process of keeping the bones and heart healthy. This is a very vital situation in the area of maintaining the cardiovascular system of the body.

In light of this reality, the kidney was also vital in balancing the acid and alkaline in the body. This area of balancing the pH level of the body goes a long way in preventing the body cells from being destroyed by free radicals. This helps the body keep all the other organs intact.

The primary concern when it comes to the kidney is when it starts to fall short of performing its crucial tasks. When the kidney experiences any damage, it experiences difficulty in clearing out all the waste formed in the body.

This makes it challenging for the removal of fluids and subsequently affects digestion in the body and thus leading to a dangerous buildup of toxins in the bloodstream. When we talk about complications like high blood pressure, anemia, nerve damage and bones that are weakened, the disruption in the kidney has led to such complications.

As the function of the kidney begins to decline gradually, it becomes a chronic kidney disease. This has to do with different stages of failure depending on the strength and quality of the kidney. When the kidney becomes this affected, it is vital to manage one’s diet. Chronic kidney disease is a case where the need to limit protein and fluids becomes important. Therefore, it is necessary for the ingestion of potassium, phosphorus, and salt be restricted.

Keeping the Kidney Healthy

The first step we need to put into consideration is the need to keep the kidney healthy. This is because when we keep the kidney fit and active, the blood pressure is normalized and therefore the possibility of the chronic kidney disease diminished lessened. There is now a motion that has been moved worldwide with regards to creating massive awareness about the possibilities of developing chronic kidney disease. The movement is all about ‘On the move for kidney health’. These are the little ways that celebrities and influential people are going about trying to reduce the occurrences of chronic kidney disease.

Monitoring the Sugar Level in the Blood


Furthermore, to maintain a healthy kidney and ward off the possible risks of developing chronic kidney disease, it is imperative to control the level of sugar in the blood regularly. It is obviously based on the experience that the majority of the individuals with hyperglycemia end up experiencing kidney problems.

So it is advised that individuals should check the level of the sugar in their blood and also carry out Kidney function test from time to time. This is because it is possible to prevent kidney damage as a result of hyperglycemia if it is detected earlier. So it’s important to meet with a physician for control in these areas.

Blood Pressure Control

The proper monitoring of blood pressure is also very crucial to controlling and reducing the risk of chronic kidney diseases. Many individuals don’t have the idea that high blood pressure is one of the most contributing factors to kidney failure. The normal blood pressure reading is 120/80 but ranges to as high as 139/89. It gets risky when the blood pressure reading becomes higher than 140/90 and the individual needs to consult a doctor for proper monitoring. Therefore, if it goes higher it is advised for the individual to result in adopting changes in lifestyle.

Weight Control and Healthy Feeding

The process of eating healthy is fundamental and beneficial to the prevention of kidney damage. When an individual feeds healthy by consuming low calorie contained food, the individual would be less likely to add excess weight thereby putting the weight in check. This would stop diabetes and other conditions that may lead to chronic kidney diseases.

Controlled Salt Intake

It is also vital to reduce the intake of salt or salt-laden foods. This has to do with processed foods and restaurant foods. The level of sodium intake for the body should be within 5-6 grams per day. Once the level of salt in the body is high, our Kidneys manage such situations by retaining more water in the body. This can be lethal for the bean-shaped organs if it persists,


In order to prevent the possibilities of a damaged kidney, it is very important to stay away from smoking. Smoke inhaled into the body slows down the flow of blood in the body, resulting in the lessening of the amount of blood that reaches the kidney. It affects the ability of the kidney to function properly and increases the risk of kidney cancer by about 50 percent.

So for individuals that have chronic kidney disease, they are advised to seek out healthcare professionals and a dietitian as they take proper precautions with regards to the amount of phosphorus, potassium and salt intake. This would help make massive changes in the management of the individual.


This is because kidney disease is a silent killer and it affects the standards of livelihood. Now that we know we need to protect our kidneys, life is better and healthier. This exposure would help us digest the different aspects of maintaining the well-being of our kidneys as we agree that kidneys are crucial for life without pain.