The face is one of the most attractive parts of the body due to its anatomical position. Everyone dreams of having a chiseled jaw-line and model sculpted high cheekbone. This is the latest yardstick for an attractive model. Everybody, at a point or the other in our lives, has wondered, if there are any fast ways, magical pills, specific exercise, or ancient dark secrets to losing face fat. The answer is Nope; it can be achieved by the combination of a proper diet, intense training regimen, and specific facial exercises.

Body fat percentage has been the yardstick for health standard and beauty for a prolonged period. Gaining weight tends to be more comfortable than shedding them especial face fat eating more calories than you burn would add excess fat in specific places in your body. Restricted calorie intake or decreasing the amount of calorie you eat is the fastest way to lose weight. Excess body weight or BMI could predispose an individual to various cardiovascular and endocrinological disorders. The normal physiological digestive process involves catabolism of foods ingested through the mouth into smaller molecules, which are absorbed into the intestine and other vital organs. The body utilizes the essential nutrients, it needs and stores the excess calories in various nutrients depots in the body.

There are different classes of foods that humans ingest (carbohydrates, proteins, fats, minerals, vitamins, and water). The food is broken down and stored in the digestive tracts. The digestion starts to form the mouth with the help of the teeth, tongue and masticatory muscles.  The foods ingested orally is swallowed through the esophagus and utilized by the gastrointestinal system.The end products of carbohydrates, protein, and fats are glucose, peptides, and lipids respectively. The excess nutrients are stored in different parts of the body. Excess glucose is stored as glycogen in the liver and muscle cells. It is easier to lose overall body fat by decreasing food intake; however, losing excess fat in specific body parts is a process called spot fat reduction. Spot reduction is a more tedious task especially in sensitive body parts such as the face. Everyone wants to have a perfect physique and good smile. because our face is one of the first parts of our body visible to the whole world.

How to Lose Fat in Face with Exercise

Facial weight loss can be achieved by reducing overall body fat with the combination of a proper diet and healthy diet regimen. However, there are specific facial exercises that help in eliminating facial fat. The general rule is to burn more calorie than you eat by doing strength training or exercise that makes you sweat and burn calories. Simple activities such as walking, running, taking the stairs instead of lift could assist in eliminating these fat deposits.

There are numerous spot reduction exercises that can assist in reducing fat deposits around the face, especially in obese people or individuals with sedentary lifestyles. The most common Tips and activities for achieving this model chiseled jaw and eliminating face fat include:

  1. Chin Lifts: This is a type of exercise used for removing face fat especially in people with double chin .it is more effective when done with only the lips. It works by activating the muscles of the jaw, throat, and neck, |it is not restricted to any position type, it can be done while sitting or standing. It is performed by tilting your head towards the ceiling, with your eyes fixed towards it. Keep your lips tight throughout, as if you are kissing the roof. Hold this position for a minimum of 10s and relax it afterward. Repeat this exercise for 10 times to get valid
  2. Lips Pull: This is a useful yoga facial exercise that helps in making people look younger and eliminating face fat and wrinkles. It is well known for its ability to give you prominent jawline and high cheekbones. Stand in a regular standing or sitting position, Lift your lower lips as high as possible, while stretching your jaw. Maintain this position for 15 s and repeat the whole exercise 10 times.
  3. Jaw release: it is a most useful exercise for losing fat around the face and eliminating double  It helps in exercising the lips, jaw and buccal muscles. Perform this exercise in a sitting or standing position, try chewing with your lips sealed while breathing in and out throughout. Open your mouth with your tongue firmly pressed against your lower teeth, breath in and out. Repeat this exercise for about 10 times to get the expected result.
  4. Fish face: This is often called a smiling face because the exercise is similar to our facial expression while smiling. It is performed by sucking in your cheeks and lips, hold this position for about 5 seconds just the way you would do while smiling. Perform the whole exercise 10 times to tone those cheeks and have chiseled jawlines.

Do Exercises for the Face Work?

The truth is that working out and performing different exercises, combined with restricted calorie intake helps n eliminating excess body fats, but we don’t decide which body parts, the fat is removed from. However, spot reduction exercises help in strengthening the muscles of the face. The strengthened muscles make it easier to lose fat face when combined with a proper diet and proper training regimen.

Can You Lose a Double Chin by Working Out?

There are some specific types of facial exercise that can help in eliminating double chin. Jaw release is a favorite exercise for losing double chin especially in overweight or obese people. Working out can help you achieve a well-chiseled jawline.

How to Reduce Face Fat in a Week

The best ways to reduce fat face in a week is to perform the specific facial exercise. This exercise works efficiently when combined with a proper diet and adequate training regimen. The   following tips can help in losing face fat in a week:

  1. Chewing Gum
  2. Face massage
  3. Blowing balloon
  4. Hot towel treatment
  5. Gargle exercise

Most facial exercises work rapidly and efficiently when combined with an active lifestyle and consistent healthy eating habits. Follow this tips to lose your fat face.


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