Medicare Advantage is a very popular gap plan for those on Medicare part A and part B.  However, not all doctors take Medicare, and those will not take your Medicare Advantage either, so finding a doctor that takes your Medicare Advantage plan can be a little bit tricky. It is so disheartening and frustrating when you know you have ample coverage only to be turned away because the doctor is “not accepting new patients,” or perhaps you’ve heard ,“we are not taking those plans anymore.” Luckily for you, we have put together a tool to help you find doctors that take both Medicare and your Medicare Advantage or Medigap plans or looking for a Medicare Advantage Doctor in Florida

Medicare Advantage is often free or offers a low monthly co-pay but will have some out-of-pocket and other expenses making the potential overall cost for Medicare Advantage sometimes higher than if you had chosen a better game plan taking into considerations several conditions like quality of health, utilization, where you live, what Medicare insurance company plan you pick and many other factors.

Medicare insurance companies

Between Medicare Advantage and Medigap plans there are over 150 insurance companies that offer insurance to help those on Medicare part A and Medicare part B.  It is wise for you to know some critical times regarding enrollment period and qualifications.  If you do not meet the required time lines, you could potentially be required to be underwritten.  Underwriting means you will have to qualify based on your current health, and preexisting conditions will be a factor.  This could keep you from qualifying for Medicare supplemental insurance plan, or force you to take a plan that is not really your top choice.

Regenerative medicine doctors have the opportunity, in some instances, to do well care, or provide services outside of those listed as required by many other plans.  This is  because they are an ASO, or a provider who works directly with the insurance company to help reduce overall costs, while providing wellness and health care benefits that will hopefully keep clients healthier in the long run.

What’s not covered by Medicare or Medicare Advantage?  Typically treatments relating to cosmetic surgery, rhinoplasty and Stem Cell therapies are not covered by Medicare insurance.

Procedures or therapies that are covered by your Medicare Advantage or your Medicare supplemental insurance plan typically need to have an underlying Medicare part A and Medicare part B coverage, unless you’re working with a regenerative medicine ASO type Doctor who is given more flexibility while providing care.

We understand that Medicare can be a complex and confusing issue.   Many of our concierge doctors have Medicare and Medicaid advisers on staff to help you understand your benefit options to make sure you get the best care possible.  We realize the healthier we keep you the better it is for everybody!

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