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Neck Lift without Surgery


With advances in technologies and procedures, there are ranges of non-surgical options for a neck lift and aesthetic enhancement. These procedures can be used alone or combined to achieve a youthful and attractive appearance.

Dermal fillers: are a naturally derived or synthetic material, that is injected directly into the skin with the aim of adding volume and smoothing out wrinkles, depressions or folds. Dermal fillers are similar to botox as they both injections. The only difference being botox is most often injected around the forehead and wrinkles around the eyes (crow’s feet) to stop muscle contractions that result in wrinkles.

A wide variety of fillers are available and can be used:

  • Collagen-Based fillers (Cosmoplast, Cosmoderm, Evolence)
  • Semi-permanent fillers (Sculptra, Radiesse)
  • Permanent fillers (Artefill)
  • Hyaluronic Acid-Based fillers (Restylane, Juvederm).

Fat transfer: Fat transfer is an alternative to dermal fillers. Fat can be harvested from other areas of the body, and then reinjected into the neck or face to counter volume loss. Fat transfer can be used to treat crow’s feet, acne scars, skin depressions, sunken cheeks, smile lines, laugh lines and other depressed areas of the face

The only drawback to fat transfer is that it is time-consuming to harvest and prepare the fats compared to dermal fillers that use pre-packaged fillers. There is no risk of allergic reactions or rejections since the fat used is taken from the host.

Laser lift: Is a non-surgical option that utilizes laser energy subdermally to create a controlled injury that melts fat, resulting in a tight skin. Laser lifts are suitable for the lower face and neck and offer rejuvenating result




Ultherapy is a non-invasive procedure, FDA-approved technology to lift and sculpt the upper and lower face, neck and chest. The procedure utilizes ultrasound energy to kickstart the regenerative process within the deep layer of the skin to produces fresh, new collagen and elastin fibers, which should result in firmer skin, less sagging and fewer wrinkles.

During the procedure, you might experience heat and tingling sensations which usually subsides once the procedure is over. The treated area can sometimes become flushed for a few hours after the procedure and mild sensations such as tingling, swelling, and tenderness may occur. It is not uncommon to have some bruises or numbness, but they all disappear within a few days of the procedure.

There is no downtime associated with ultherapy, so you may resume your normal activities such as work, exercise or socializing immediately after treatment.

You can start noticing the first results of Ultherapy within a few days, depending on your body’s ability to produce new collagen. Improvement typically continues for up to three months. The results will last as long as your body is able to generate new collagen and elastin fibers and until the natural aging process becomes functional again. Based on your skin’s response to Ultherapy, you can decide if additional sessions are necessary.

The average cost of ultherapy depends on factors such as the areas of the body being treated, the number of sessions required and your geographic location


Skin Tyte


SkinTyte is a non-invasive treatment used to address skin laxity and sagging. SkinTyte uses advanced infrared light technology, and patient customized filters to deeply heat dermal collagen. This process promotes partial denaturation and contraction of collagen. The heat also triggers the body’s natural healing process, which creates a renewed collagen foundation leading to increased skin firmness.

This procedure is totally safe for all skin types. It can effectively and comfortably treat any area of the body, improving skin texture, giving patients a more youthful look and appearance. Popular areas that can be improved include the face, neck, abdomen, knees, thighs, buttocks and arms.

There is no downtime associated with this procedure, so you can resume your daily activities immediately following treatment. Mild flushing and redness in the treated area is a common feature after the treatment but should return to normal within minutes.

No special skincare product or regimen is necessary after treatment. However, always ensure to protect your skin from direct sun exposure by using a good sunscreen




Thermage is a non-surgical, non-invasive treatment that uses a unique form of radio frequency (RF) energy to simultaneously tighten old collagen and stimulate the skin to produce more collagen for an overall younger looking appearance. The thermage procedure produces an instantaneous and marked reduction in the appearance of wrinkles, jowls, and sagging skin in the neck or eyebrow area.

Thermage is ideal for patients who desire a firm and tight skin

It is not recommended for the following categories of people. They include:

  • Very young patients (below the age of 20)
  • Deep facial scars
  • Existing skin disease.
  • Pregnancy
  • People with deep facial scars.
  • Individual with body or metal implants (such as pacemakers)

There is no downtime, so you may resume your normal activities immediately after treatment. Few people might experience temporary redness or irritation but generally disappears few hours after the procedure. Bruising and discomfort rarely occur after the procedure. Sometimes, a little swelling is seen after the treatment but disappears in two or three days. Makeup may be applied immediately after treatment.

The following tips are recommended for optimal recovery post-treatment

  • Always wear a sunscreen with an SPF of 30 or greater for at least one week after treatment.
  • Gently wash treated area with mild soap and water. If treated area is swollen or irritated, that area should not be rubbed with a towel or face cloth but gently patted dry.
  • Avoid the use of NSAID’s (aspirin and aspirin-containing products) and ibuprofen for at least two weeks post-treatment. Prednisone and other steroids should be avoided completely for a month since they affect results. Only Tylenol is safe to use for discomfort if deemed necessary.
  • Ensure not to irritate affected area chemically (such as with anti-aging or acne products) or mechanically (such as with sonic cleansing products) for 1-2 days post-treatment.

The worst possible outcome with thermage is not getting the desired result or an inexperienced provider removing excess fat in the cheek or other areas that are necessary to maintain as much volume as possible.


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