Reverse Osmosis water filtration is one of the methods used in the purification of potable water. It is one of the few techniques of membrane technology. It basically exploits the movement of water through two different media through the permeable membrane. This separates the water from impurities and germs. Other types of membrane processes are Electrodialysis reversal, Nanofiltration, Membrane distillation and Forward Osmosis. They are all forms of desalination, as they work by the removal of mineral ions especially salt in order to make it fit for consumption.

The peculiar technique used in reverse osmosis is the application of extra pressure used in overcoming the naturally occurring osmotic pressure that is generated by the presence of the different solutes. It has become a widely accepted and popular mechanism for the purification of sea water for the extraction of salt and the production of industrial table water.

To get this wonderful system that separates chemicals and contaminants from the water, one needs an average of about three hundred US Dollars with a yearly payment of about half of the initial cost to replace the filters for quality control and provision of good health.

It usually takes about half a day to complete installations of the system. According to the instructions covered on the official website of “DIY” (Do It Yourself). The following steps are to be carried out for the successful installation of the reverse osmosis water filtration system:

1. Drain the system

The main water supply should be shut off and drained. The other component of the system that needs releasing as well as the pressure

2. Cut the Pipe

The location of the system is pretty important as one needs to locate a place with easy space and clearance for periodical exchange and replacement of the cartridges. A bucket is good to have handy for the collection of any excess water. The pipe should be marked and subsequently cut in two places. The special choice of cutter should be made, as one may either choose a mini-cutter or the ordinary pipe cutter.

3. Attach the Fittings

The attachment of compression nut on both sides with the fitting of the small end first. The fittings should be tightened and an efficient seal ensured with Teflon tape.

4. Position the Filter

Ensure the filter is not installed in the wrong direction as it will not function properly if installed backward. Use wrenches to fit the filter tightly.

5. Turn on the water

There will be a special handle in the filter kit provided. This should be used in shutting the valve off as the water system should be turned on gradually. This will help to check for drippings and if any is discovered then one can tighten the fittings to stop it.

6. Change the Filter as Needed

Every manufacturer recommends the proper interval of cartridge replacement. Turn the valve off before exchanging the old one for the new. Use the opportunity to clean the tank, discard the water and reattach the new one.

The Importance of Drinking Water Filtration Systems to Avoid Disease

The benefits of water filtration cannot be over-emphasized, especially in the prevention of diseases outbreak.  Water is very vital for the proper functioning and homeostasis of every cell and organ of the body. The body is made up of 70 percent water and requires this fluid medium for dad to day functioning of vital organs. There are various benefits of water filtration on the human body. The most common benefits include:

1. Dechlorination

Consistent and proper filtration of drinking water, helps in removing unwanted taste and odor from the water. This taste is due to the presence of certain chemicals such as chlorine which can lead to various diseases when ingested in excess.

2. Lead Poisoning

The pipers used for conveying most drinking waters are made up of lead, which can be poisonous when the amount ingested is greater than the daily recommended intake.

3. Anti-Carcinogenic

Trihalomethanes are carcinogenic substances found in drinking water. Regular filtration of drinking water helps in eliminating this cancer –forming substances. Drinking water has been linked to different types of cancers such as colon cancer, rectal cancer and cancer of the bladder.

Total Home Water Filter Systems can Keep You Healthy

The best way to ensure the safety of your health is to participate in keeping yourself healthy and free from diseases. It has been discovered that most diseases transmitted through water can be prevented by installing home water filter systems. It ensures that all the water outlets such as taps and sinks are properly filtered and hygienic. This system of filtration can keep you healthy and make your general household activities such as bathing, cooking, and washing safer.

How Clean Water Benefits Your Total Health

Water is one of the most underrated magical pills for the treatment of most diseases. Drinking minimum of 8 glasses of water per day is a healthy habit that we can all inculcate into our daily lifestyle. Water is the essential elements for survival after air, it is often taken for granted because it is readily available and affordable. Slight dehydration can alter the functioning capacity of our body and manifests symptoms such as dizziness, dry mouth, blurred vision, and the problem with calculation. If you experience prolonged fatigue during the day, there is high probability you are slightly dehydrated. The most popular benefits of drinking clean water include:

1. Disease Prevention

Drinking 8 glasses of water daily can decrease the risk of colon and bladder cancer by 45% and 50 % respectively. Frequent hydration helps in toxin elimination from the body which makes us healthier and safer.

2. Increased Energy

Athletes, powerlifter, and sportsmen drink water a lot during rigorous sports activities because water serves as an energy boost especially when our muscles are tired and fatigue. Medical experts discovered that 5% body dehydration is equivalent to losing 15-205 of your total energy. Keeping the level of water in the body at normal concentration is necessary for survival because 15% drop in the level of body fluids can cause death.

3. Curing Hangovers

Hangovers are due to excessive alcohol intake which is a strong diuretic. The feeling of dehydration is due to the anti-diuretic property of alcohol. Drinking a lot of water before embarking on an alcohol bout or during midnight after your party could help in alleviating hangovers.

Water is the primary ingredient for the treatment of different disease. This magical pill is easily affordable and essential for survival. The best thing you can do is to keep the water safe by ensuring home filtering system.



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