Stem Cells are very popular today In the regenerative medicine community however their medical malpractice insurance does not name Stem Cells as a cobered treatment so they will need to purchase Stem Cell medical malpractice insurance or a Stem Cell medical malpractice insurance rider in order to have complete coverage if operating a stem cell therapy treatment clinic.

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Coverage options may vary however a group plan may be perfect for network doctors, or standalone clinics doing stem cell therapy treatment.

Medical Malpractice insurance for stem cell doctors is not typically part of your current coverage. You will need to purchase a stand alone police or add a rider if available with your current provider if they offer “named” coverage.

Many Doctors do not have access to a stand alone malpractice policy and may need to buy into a group or network that has blanketed coverage.

Medical malpractice quote that includes Stem Cell pdoctors and treatment facilities are  typically one planning for the doctor and one plan for the facility or clinic.

Stem Cell Doctor Network offering a blanket plan for their network of doctors may be the least  Least expensive way to add coverage for Stem Cells