At a recent industry conference in Miami pioneers a project of medicine and Stem Cell therapy have reported significant increase in Stem Cell injections across all platforms.

Stem cell Injections are up 4000% reports iSTEMCELL founder Jeff Cline based on query demand on biotech start-up platform

He goes on to say  that “viability of live cells has increased over the last several years thanks to technology in progress made by many of the origin of pioneers at this year‘s industry conference which has driven supply that has yet to meet the overwhelming demand found on the Internet for people looking for Stem Cell Injections.

Harvard PhD and other Medical Doctors are working  around the clock to move clinical and phase 2 trials to the next level and hopes to get FDA approval in the next 12 to 24 months providing what they believe to be the revolution of the healthcare industry.

Pushback from government, big Pharma, and other interest groups that can be hurt or are sponsored by the Medical machine seem to be the biggest threat and worry to all.

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