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Stem Cell Seminars near me


Millions of Americans suffer every month looking for a solution, and many of them are turning to Stem Cells as the answer. We suggest you consult your medical advisor prior to use, but for those who have there are some very interesting testimonials surfacing.

Stem Cell Treatment in under 7 minutes now available in the US thanks to new protocols.


Stem Cells have been a topic of conversation for over 20 years but its only recently that the protocols have advanced to minimize treatment time in under 7 minutes.

For almost a decade people have been using a multi visit approach that would require a potential client to have their body poked and prodded for the removal of what would be later re-injected back into their body take days and multiple visits. Not only did this take more than one visit over a longer time cycle it also came with related site pain, discomfort, many related side affects.

Express Stem Cell Therapy

Now many providers are fast-tracking cup stem products that allow for a much more efficient process using a recent breakthrough making the first visit and processing obsolete and reducing the time fame to in some cases under 7 minutes.

If your looking for an injection for something that does not require an IV the total treatment time is actually less than 7 minutes and requires little to no down time. You are back to work or play that same day, and reportedly no side effects. you leave with a small bandied on the injection site and have received the full treatment of stem cells often time the same day you decided to get the treatment in the first place.

Stem Cell Injections

The process is very simple once you have been approved for a stem shot.

Step #1: Schedule Appointment

Ste #2: Arrive at the appointment (most likely you will be told not to take anti inflammatory drugs prior, as well as statins and other pills or prescriptions that might have an impact on the injection.

Step #3: Get Stem Cell Injection (Takes less than 5 minutes)

You are back to work that same day!

Human Umbilical Cord Tissue (HUCT)

Research has shown that the utilization of human cell and tissue products from umbilical cord and alternative birth tissues may have a substantial therapeutic effect on major injuries and human physical ailments.  Bone marrow-derived mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) have been found to promote engraftment after hematopoietic stem cell transplantation. However, harvesting MSCs from bone marrow requires an invasive procedure. But MSCs can be easily obtained from umbilical cords without harm to the donors. Cord tissue MSCs have a shorter doubling time than adult MSCs and also have more potential divisions. They also secrete and contain a more potent and regenerative profile of growth factors. The fitness of adult MSCs, as well as the growth factors they secrete, declines with age. Medical research has shown that birth tissue has greater fitness than adult MSCs due to higher concentration of growth factors and younger and more fit cells.  Due to our screening process the allograft is less likely to contain any genetic or epigenetic defects present in the patient’s tissues.


Stem Cell Testimonials

“I have increased energy”

“My range of motion got better in the first week and has only gotten better over the last few months”


Stem Cell Reviews

There are several types of stem cells, but this article is all about Human Umbilical Stem Cells which we are seeing get the best stem cell reviews and have seen this trend over the last 12 months increase by 360%.

Stem Cell Injections are morselized amniotic allograft flowables procured from the amniotic membrane, cord tissue and cord blood of non-aged placental tissues

Best Stem Cell Doctors

We offer our “BEST OF THE BEST” service to point our several sponsors that have been vetted by our staff to help you find the best stem cell doctor near you. We even have some staff members who have had stem cell injections in Rockwall!

Best Stem Cell Providers

FDA approves tissue labs in the US and requires them to go through a very rigorous process to even become a tissue lab. We suggest you only use products that have been approved by the FDA as a tissue lab or only chose stem cell providers that use qualified tissue banks.

What to do if you miss the stem cell seminar?

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