Stem Cells are the future of regenerative medicine and the landscape of healthcare is due for disruption. If scientists and doctors can provide a higher quality of healthcare without surgery and drugs using stem cell injections at a lower cost you are going to see a huge shake up in the prescription drug and pharmaceutical industry, as well as the surgical industry! Both will be impacted as stem cells become more successful and mainstream.

What’s next in the regenerative medicine field?

We believe the reason the FDA is having a hard time regulating Stem Cells because they are not really a food or a drug. While they have given guidance, it is still unclear how the United States government will handle it, especially since the government is funded in part by special interests and BIG PHARMACEUTICAL. But the nation is speaking! They want alternative options to healthcare and they want choice! Introduction to the next evolution of stem cells or stem cells 2.0 will be PLUS PRODUCTS.

Stem Cell Plus

Once the industry finds its spot, you will see the introduction of stem cell products that included more than just the live cells, we are already seeing Whartons jelly and serum form the same donor.

Stem Plus (STEM+)

Stem + will be produced at FDA registered labs with live cells plus will include Whartons jelly and same do not serum which is already seeing cases of positive testimonials.

Cell Plus (CELL+)

Cell + will probability include the live cells and serum from the same donor.


Stem Cell 2.0 is coming, scientist are racing to find the best solution for several reasons, many of which are to provide better results for patients but also of the intellectual property rights. If the cells lab and or scientist can provide something that works and no one else can duplicate it the chance of a the IP would become an options. IP Rights allow scientists and companies to protect their investment, but it also has created the big pharma machine we have today. The verdict is out on how that will play out but one thing is for certain we are now in the STEM CELL AGE.

Stem Cell Intelectual Property Rights

You have probably head of the different names of labs and products that doctors are using to help patients, but one thing is confusing to most consumers is the dosage or the name of the volume indicator indicated to be used. They are often referred to as:

  • 5 million live cells
  • 10 million live cells
  • 20 million live cells
  • 25 million live cells
  • 30 million live cells
  • 33 million live cells
  • 50 million live cells
  • 1/2 CC
  • .5CC
  • 1CC
  • 2CC
  • Muliti Shot

All these are marketing names to help patients understand that the lab puts more live cells in the vile prior to shipment to your doctor for use. How many you need will be between you and your doctor.

the more live cells the better, viability is key

What is Stem Cell Viability?

When a stem cell lab Chiro freezes the product and then when those cells are unfrozen prior to use the viable cells or live cells can vary depending on the entire life cycle of the process from the age of the donor, to the protocol and operating process at the lab, time to freez, speed to freez and, time in freezer at -81 vs potentially -21 and  the time to dethaw and use. So in some cases you think you are buying 30 million, but if the viability is 50% then you might be better off going with a lab that has 20 million with an 80% viability. So understanding what you are purchasing, who you Buy stem cells online from.

Crystal Clear Stem Cells

Many reports state the he color of the product may suggest how clean the product is, making crystal clear but other scientists, researchers and doctors believe a little color may be goo too.

There is no doubt that healthcare is changing and the consumer is going to have to start managing the process, by educating themselves and pushing back on the medical community if it is not right for you and your family. We know it is not traditional to question your doctor, but IT IS A MUST. Do not just take their word for it, get multiple opinions. Most doctors today were trained before technology and the many advances it has brought into the medical field, so do not feel embarrassed to say NO or Ask Questions.