human umbilical stem cell testomonials

Stem Cell Testomonials

Billions of dollars are being spent at it very rapid pace over the last 10 years trying to get regulatory approval and or something to patent in order to make profit.

But if you look at Stemcell Stroke logically from a non-medical point of View I think as a consumer logic oftentimes outweighs government oversight

Here are the top reasons why I chose to put Stemcell Stroke in my body

God created stem cell’s as an agent to build and develop of the human body and it is Americal in itself how the process works so why are we counting on the government to tell us it’s a potential medical miracle when it’s already a miracle on its own…

It’s a proven fact that a child grows in approximately nine months between six and 10 pounds but at birth when the Wharton’s jelly is pushed into the baby system over the next nine months they will grow 3 to 5 times faster logic would say that those stem cells are doing their job and multiplying at a rapid rate as designed by God

Other scientific proof to validate what God already knows is that the older you get the few were stem cell’s you have in your body, multiplied by the fact if you take Staten drugs as you age for different things they will actually kill out Stemcell Stroke giving you a smaller stem cell count so why in the world would you extract Stemcell Stroke the 40-year-old body and put them back into you thinking that it’s going to give you the same results as brand-new stem cell’s from a newborn?

Another known fact that just makes you think about logic and Houston cells work but as you age your ability to heal a cut is slower than when you’re young… When you’re young and get a cut you heal very quickly but if you’re 60 or 70 or 80 you heal slower and that is a process that happens because of the workers themselves in your body making you think logically the older you get the few were Stemcell Stroke have that’s why it takes longer for a cut to heal.

So being a logical person those things very much intrigued me but I still had questions before I had some foreign object injected into my body so I started asking around and that is when I really became a believer.

Stem cell testimonials

I spoke to her mother who had a teenage son injured in a lacrosse accident and was desperate for pain relief… She had an MRI done showing a tear in vertebrae and post Stemcell Stroke shins the MRI showed that there was healing just within 30 days and the child’s pain was gone.

Stem cell’s and a stroke victim

I spoke to an older gentleman who had stem cell’s injected through an IV and he said within 60 days he noticed a change in mobility as well as facial changes that were a positive after having a stroke… He had done Rehab on his arm and leg and was not happy with the results and after 60 days post stem cell he was 50% better than before and believes it’s only going to get better over time. His provider said at six months he may want to take another round if he does not get the full effect that he’s looking for, but he is very happy already  

Back pain relief from stem cell injections

I spoke to a Doctor Who actually flew to Florida after a car accident because of his back pain and was desperate and willing to try anything and come to find out the stem cell’s work so well that he’s actually added them to his practice and offer them to his patients

Stemcell Stroke a a doctors daughters testomonial with down syndrome testimonial

Doing my research I found a provider who has been doing stem cell injections on his daughter who has down syndrome and not only has he noticed a difference but the private school that she goes to called him out of the blue one day letting him know that his daughter is doing cognitively better. This was 8 on warranted call but they thought the change was so significant that they should notify or at least have a conversation with the family

Stem cell injections for shoulder, hip, knee pain

A lady I I go to church with told me with some embarrassment that she had stem cell injections, but when she found out I was investigating them she was more than happy to tell me her success story

She plays tennis through high school and college and as she aged she started having pain in her knee and buy Christmas of last year she had to stop playing tennis completely and it was very sad and desperate to get back on the court so she got a stem cell injection in both of her knees and after six weeks she was back to playing tennis or the five hours a week. That was over a year ago and she’s been actually playing better than she has in her 40s and 30s thanks to Stemcell injections in her knee.

Ostio arthritis and Stemcell Injections testimonial

During my research process, I actually met a gentleman who could not even hold a cuppa coffee in his hand and could barely open his hands because of osteoarthritis wanting to know how it worked out I asked him if it was OK if I followed up with him in 60 days… At the 3 to 4 weeks. He actually called me to let me know that he’s now able to actually not only hold a coffee cup but you can actually right and sign his name but she has not been able to do for years.

Stemcell Injection procedures

The process was actually quite simple, after meeting with my provider and choosing a 1 mL injection going into the office, filling out the paperwork was probably the longest part of the process once in the procedure room it took less than five minutes and I really back did you work within just a couple hours.

I actually noticed a difference within about three days, and my original pain and inflammation I believe went down as well

A surprise happened I actually also had a pain in my left shoulder but it was not worth spending the money on getting an injection for however, I do believe that the stem cells have traveled across my body to my shoulder and have actually made a difference there as well

Another surprise is I believe, and I’m not sure how to test but I do feel like I am able to remember and have maybe more mental clarity for lack of better words not sure the medical words or terms but it’s crazy what the stem cells have the ability to help

Stemcells and  the fountain of youth

I’m not a doctor, nor our stem cells the magic bullet but I believe after my experience that there may be some logic to having injections maybe once a year or every other year to help my body do what God designed it to do.

Overall as a consumer the risks at this point we’re away outweighed by the reward and success of my stem cell injection and I would just advise anybody to think about the government approval and the FDA process and what it’s going to take for them to approve something that’s not a drug, which is completely natural… And wait for them to say yes you’re able to do this to your body… Illogic person such as myself may believe that I have the choice and I am willing to take the risk to make myself or my life better and that should not be regulated by the government and give Stemcell Injections  a try

I do believe you are the captain of your body, and you should choose how you’re going to take care of it and not count on only doctors and the government to tell you how to make yourself well again so use your logic and make the choice right for you