The Truth about Cancer from a Medical Doctors Point of View, and how to Stay Cancer Free

Cells are the basic unit of life and use, a component for human existence and survival. The normal physiology of the body involves the differentiation of cells into tissues, organs, and systems. Every organ of the body consists of smaller units called cells. Different organs of the body contain numerous clues named after the location of the organ. Cells present in the liver, brain, and blood are called hepatocytes, neurocytes, and hemocytes.

70 percent of the known etiologies of cancer could be avoided by making healthy lifestyle choices daily (Thomas Seller). You probably wouldn’t have cancer if you have a consistently healthy diet and training regimen.

These cells perform various unique functions in the body. Alteration in the physical and structural composition of these cells could lead to malformation and improper functioning of the body.

The shape of the cells depends on the location and targeted organs. There are different types of cells based on shape, we have squamous, cuboidal and columnar cells. The normal physiology of the body is to replace old or worn out cells with new ones.

Human cells exhibit autonomic growth control system, in which the cells have its own internal control for growth and replication /when this internal and well-controlled growth is disrupted, there is the formation of abnormal cells called tumors or cancerous cells which manifests physically as cancer.

Causes of Cancer

There are different causes of cancers depending on the type and location of the cancerous cells. The most prevalent etiology includes:

  1. Gene Mutation: This is the most prevalent cause of cancer in the Mutation in the DNA of a cell could lead to the formation of abnormal cell called a tumor.
  2. Lifestyle factors: Unhealthy lifestyle choices such as excessive alcohol intake and smoking could predispose an individual to lung cancer. Contrary to the general opinion those only active smokers are predisposed to lung cancer. Both active and [passive smokers are predisposed to lung cancer.
  3. Diet: There is a general saying that you are what you eat; Our diet plays an important role in the etiology of most diseases. A bad diet rich in cholesterol and unhealthy food choices could predispose an individual to different types of cancer.

Signs and Symptoms of Cancer

There are different signs and symptoms of cancer depending on the type and location of the cancerous cells. The most common signs and symptoms include:

  1. Gastrointestinal symptoms: constipation and diarrhea are the most prevalent symptoms of cancerous cells in the
  2. Pain: Most cancerous cells are painless because pain is one of the cardinal sign of The absence of pain is one of the pathognomic sign for cancerous cells.
  3. Appearance: cancerous cells are often lumpy or round in appearance depending on the type and location. Breast cancer often appears an a lump in the breast unilaterally or bilaterally.


How to Stay Cancer Free

Most medical conditions and diseases occur as a result of the accumulation of daily habits and lifestyle choices in our everyday life. The best way to stay cancer free is to practice healthy lifestyle choices every day and making healthy foods and lifestyle choices habits. The best way to stay cancer free includes:

  1. Filter your Tap Water: Filtering your tap water has been discovered to be safer than bottled water. 70 percent of our body is made up of Water is the most used solvent in the world. We use water for various domestic purposes such as cooking, bathing, and washing. Everyone comes in contact with water or uses water daily which makes it the most dangerous means of diseases and cancer transmission.
  2. Topping your car tank: Over fueling the tank of your car could be very dangerous for your health because overfueling alters the vapor control system of your can that inhibits the release of carcinogenic substances such as benzene. Frequent skin exposure or inhalation of benzene could predispose you to skin and lung cancer.
  3. Marinating your meat: Grilled meat has been tagged carcinogenic by various types of medical and fitness experts. The best way to avoid the carcinogenic property of grilled meat or foods stuffs is to marinate and soak the food products an hour with spices such as thyme and rosemary. Marinating and soaking your meat or chicken for an hour with spices can inhibit the formation of carcinogenic substances in the meat or fish (Cheryl Walker).
  4. Coffee:  Drinking 4-5 cups of your favorite coffee can help in preventing oral, throat and brain This is good news for all java lover. You can drink your favorite java while preventing cancer in the process. Fun and cancer prevention can be achieved with one action which drinking your favorite java. However, people respond in different ways to coffee concentration, 4-5 cups of coffee per day could cause insomnia in some patients. Do what suits your body without sacrificing the anti-carcinogenic benefits of your favorite java.
  5. Go Green: Green vegetables contain chlorophyll which is highly saturated with magnesium. This magnesium is one of the most vital elements of colon cancer prevention in women. Magnesium helps in controlling cell multiplication and duplication throughout the body. Hypomagnesia could disrupt this control mechanism leading to the formation of abnormally producing cells called tumors(Walker). Daily intake of half cup of spinach provides 75 mg of magnesium per serving which is close to 20 percent of your recommended daily intake of magnesium
  6. Brazilian Nuts: The high selenium content of Brazilian nut helps in preventing colorectal and lung cancer in humans. The risk of bladder cancer in women can be reduced by frequent intake of Brazilian nuts. Selenium acts as anticarcinogenic substances and helps in boosting the immune system because of its stellar selenium content.
  7. Frequent Exercise: The major contributing factor to breast cancer is additional estrogen produced by adipose tissue in women. Frequent and consistent exercise can reduce the risk of breast cancer by eliminating excess fat and calories form the body. Simple exercise such as walking twice a week is enough to enjoy these benefits. Consistency and discipline is the most important factor when it comes to proper diet and exercise.

Cancers are the most feared diseases in the world. It has been discovered to alter the lifestyle of people after diagnosis which worsens the prognosis of the disease. This disease can be prevented by following the above simple tips and making healthy choices consistently.



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