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The new millennium has ushered in sophisticated ways of fat reduction and weight management that are quite revolutionary. Venus Freeze and Coolsculpting are modern ways of losing those stubborn fats excellently without the accompanying excess skin or even sagging skin. These procedures have been carried out successfully on a lot of people, and they are thrilled with their body. However, some people may wonder which one of the two non-invasive procedures is better, while for some other people, they need to combine the two for optimal results. The truth is, comparing and contrasting the two procedures brings to the light their strength and benefits.

What is Venus Freeze?

Venus Freeze is a noninvasive treatment, which utilizes a non-surgical device for the purpose of treating wrinkles, making sagging skin firmer while decreasing the amount of cellulite and circumferential fat. With the use of (MP)2 innovation, this gadget conveys Multi-Polar Radio Frequency and Pulsed Magnetic Fields to the skin to deliver a uniform heat matrix. This causes collagen generation and contraction, fibroblast production, promotes proliferation of new blood vessels, and lipolysis, and brings about a smoother, firmer, more toned skin.

 What is Coolsculpting?

            Coolsculpting is a technology that is employed to freeze adipose tissue in the body. Coolsculpting is used for spot reduction present in the adipocytes. The basic idea of this innovation is to destroy adipocytes in the body by the effective use of cold therapy. The specific term for the process is referred to as Cryolipolysis. What takes place in the procedure is that the temperature of the adipose tissue is lowered just enough that it just above freezing temperatures, then it is destroyed. The manner in which the fat cells are damaged occurs as the temperature diminishes just enough for the adipocytes to become crystallized, and then broken down and destroyed. In a period of eight weeks, the entire process will have been adequately completed in the body as the body will gradually remove the dead fat cells. Coolsculpting is the preferred option for those people who are looking to losing those stubborn fatty lumps in the lower abdomen and love handles. It helps eradicate them instantly. While the procedure is going on, the spot fat is sucked into the coolsculpting device, particularly into the handpiece for a period of 60 minutes. The fat cells are frozen without causing any form of harm to the overlying skin.

Coolsculpting under Chin: Since double chin can be pinched, then, it is treatable using coolsculpting. The challenge with this procedure is that it specifically eliminates the fat cells that can be suctioned into the applicator. In a situation where the fat is more visceral than external, it is impossible for the procedure to work. However, the chin fat is external making it a prime site for coolsculpting. The beauty of coolsculpting for the chin is that once the submental fat has been destroyed and removed through the lymphatic drainage, it is permanent and will not be experienced again.

Neck fat: This is another challenging one. The fact that makeup or clothes can barely protect the neck, even when scarfs are used, can be quite uncomfortable for a lot of people. Dermatologists have witnessed many clients and patients coming to seek the best intervention in removing this stubborn fat in such a prominent site. With the introduction of the submental fat ring that is targeted at the neck and chin fat, quick non-invasive intervention has been established for people seeking to eradicate the deposition of adipocytes in those areas.


What is the Best Way to Lose a Double Chin?


It has always been a regular practice and advice to lose fat by proper diet and exercise, especially when your double chin is as a result of weight gain. That may simply solve the issue of the double chin, and one may not require any further therapy or procedure. Arguably and quite reasonably, the best approach to shedding the extra weight is to incorporate a healthy diet and perform routine exercises. According to Mayo Clinic, a level of physical activity for about five hours weekly, which may sum to approximately forty minutes in a day is perfect for weight loss. People are also advised to visit the gym two to three times in a week, as more calories are expended due to the fact that the muscles are instantly stretched to their limits and the stored glycogen burned.  They also recommend doing strength training twice a week. All intense physical activity, such as mowing the lawn, gardening, and carrying groceries, counts toward this weekly goal.

However, the double chin may be just genetics, exercise can be very helpful in removing it, but this would take a lot of effort. In this case, your doctor may prescribe invasive surgeries procedure such as Coolsculpting. Although, some people may experience side effects such as inflammation, bruising marks, pain, but, all of those go away in a short while, at most three months.


The beauty of the procedures mentioned above is that the fat cells will not return. Nonetheless, having a proper lifestyle enhances optimal functioning and maintenance of a well-trimmed body that does not have excessive weight lying around. The benefits of eating healthy, working out in the gym, performing regular exercises, drinking enough water, eating fruits and vegetables, and resting well, all adds to your freshness, beauty, and general health. If one has recently made a change to have a better lifestyle, but the fat cells are unforgiving and not disappearing, then Venus freezing or Coolsculpting is an excellent way to get a quick and efficient result.

Healthy practices like this protect one from diseases like Diabetes, high blood pressure, sleep apnea, depression, heart disease, certain cancers, and stroke. Healthcare professionals are readily available to advise and prescribe the best mode of treatment for any form of weight gain that is uncomfortable for you. Therefore, seek counsel and adhere to their recommendation as this helps them monitor your progress, and even if there is a setback, they can trace what it wrong and make necessary adjustment for your benefit.

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