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The Strong Link Between Anxiety and Insomnia

The Strong Link Between Anxiety and Insomnia

Sleeping is an integral part of everyday life, but not everyone can naturally or properly do it. The American Sleep Association reports that over 50-70 million Americans suffer from chronic sleep disorders and disruptions. The most common is insomnia, which is...

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Heart Disease is the Number One Killer of both Men and Women in the United States

Heart Disease is the Number One Killer of both Men and Women in the United States

Heart disease is the number one killer of both men and women in the United States. Cardiovascular disease includes heart attacks, heart failure (problem with a weak heart muscle), arrhythmias (irregular heart rates) and valvular problems. When people talk about heart disease they are typically talking about a heart attack. 790,000 Americans have a heart attack per year, which means 1 person every 40 seconds. It is important for all patients that have many of the risk factors or any warning symptoms be screened for heart disease. This is done by getting a stress test done to evaluate for a blockage. If it is recognized early, an individual can have a stent placed or bypass surgery done and prevent a heart attack and even save their life. Take steps to reduce your heart disease risk today!!

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Hospice vs. Palliative Care to Improve Quality of Life for the Chronically Ill

Someone is described in medical terms as chronically ill when a condition has lasted for more than three months. People in this type of condition, are often in serious unbearable pain, at this moment making decision making difficult for individuals in this conditions.  The most frequently asked question is that what should I do to my chronically ill patient, hospice or palliative care? You can answer that question without knowing the meaning of the terms.

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Chronic Pain Management Without the Use of Opioids to Help People Avoid Back and Neck Surgery

Chronic pain can be defined medically as pain lasting for more than three months. The severity of the pain may vary depending on the etiology. Chronic pain can occur as a  result of tissue damage or neuro-psychic issues. The etiology could arise from the body or any part of the central nervous system. It could be treated with opioids, nonopioids, and psychotherapy (cognitive behavior therapy and commitment therapy). The treatment can be influenced by on the etiology of the disease

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About Check BioTech

We live in a day and age of Google, Amazon, and private citizens launching rockets to the space station for delivery! How do consumers keep up with what’s real, and what is fake?

How can we expect our government to change and keep up with the speed of technology, science, and the Internet?

Simple answer is we can’t, not right now… So we’re going to have to come up with ways to double check and verify and validate what’s true and what’s not.

Check Biotech is a platform designed to bring talented and smart people around common goals and causes to help change the world for better.

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We know there are powers that be out there in big Pharma, politics, and other organized groups that will probably go against or disagree or disapprove of some of the stances and or positions we take.

We suggest that you educate yourself when it comes to medicine, technology, and your own wellness… Validate, educate and then make a wise choice. We are just here to help guide you and give you choices and thoughts from some of the top minds in the world that share your same value and moral compass.

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