You have probably worked out all winter and set to flaunt your summer body with a nicely carved god-like physique. However, now that you’ve achieved your goal fully or partially, you’ve let yourself lose, free as a bird. You no longer do as much workout as you did in the winter because of the numerous outings and parties you have to attend. Gradually without noticing you’re getting fatter as your metabolism is being altered. The amount of effort you have to put in to lose this amount of fat this time will be greater than last winter. Chances are that you’ll be fatter and the fattening process becomes uncontrollable.

So what do we do having found ourselves in a position like this? After all, summer is that time of the year we’ve all been waiting for, to enjoy time outside in the open and have much more fun with friends and family. Does that mean you have to keep pushing the weights and frequenting the gyms during summertime? The answer is NO.

The key element that directly connects to our weight is the type of food we ingest. The type of diet we eat can significantly influence the amount of weight we lose or gain. This is why the best thing we can do for ourselves during summer is to watch out for those fattening summer food that can make us lose control over our weight and became overweight eventually. Below are 10 most fattening summer food that you should watch out for:

Pork and Beef Ribs

These are very yummy to eat and savor, but they can ruin your perfectly shaped waistline. Well, before you become Thor in Endgame with a flabby waistline, then you want to watch out for these fatty meats that make barbecue so fulfilling and refreshing. Pork and beef ribs are taken from the parts of the animals with the most fat. You can opt for pork tenderloin instead and try a well-seasoned skinless chicken breast. These are equally enjoyable and palatable.

Hot Dogs and Sausages

You probably are already suffering from the hot sun, and you still want to look hot when you remove your shirt, but Hot dogs will not make you look hot by the end of the summer. When going out and you decide to grab a sausage and hot dog with a friend or just before getting to your destination, it can make you fatter. This is a sodium-rich diet and can eventually lead to diabetes and renal problems. You can still go for lean portions of beef if you have missed the meaty snacks.


Coleslaw is packed with a lot of fat compared to a dish of salad that has more veggies and low-fat yogurt mixed into the bowl. Well, if you must eat coleslaw try it with light mayonnaise and add chicken stock and/or sour cream to complement it. Another option will be to explore the German-style potato salad dish, which is prepared with more vinegar compared to oil.

Chilled Cocktails

Who won’t relish a cold drink of Daiquiri, or Sexx on the Beach, or Pina Colada, or tall awesomeness of Long Island? Well, I’m sure not many as on hot sunny afternoons and when you’re on the beach, what more can refresh your throat and send you into that friendly frenzy that makes you just let loose. However, if your concern is your shape and size, and you’ll scream if you face the mirror and see you’ve transformed from brazen Thor to Depressed Thor, then skip making that order or even tasting the drink. Instead, try a chilled splash of natural fruit juice. You can also treat yourself to a glass of chilled wine, with such options you can still maintain control over your physique.

Due to the season, you are tempted to drink iced tea, sweetened soda, or even artificial flavored fruit juice, and all these can really give you calories that will be challenging to get off. If you take too much beer, you may end up having a hangover, and you wake up going either for more beer, or a cold cup of coffee, or even an energy drink. This could get you to fat Thor faster than you can imagine, don’t dare start on this road, better carry a bottle of water or buy a chilled one when you feel thirsty.

Ice Creams

These days, ice-creams do not just refresh you, but they also come with attractive toppings, as well as beautiful cones. These frozen specials can give you as much as 60 grams of fat with just three scoops. Instead of taking ice-creams, get frozen fruit bars or even fruits desserts like strawberry shortcake, which have as low as half of the calories you’ll get from ice-cream.

Fried Chicken and Fries

What a combination, I bet you’re already salivating. Well, don’t give up on having a good summer yet, don’t forget the same chicken roasted is less harmful to your shredded body. Therefore, look away when you see anything fried and enjoy the several alternatives that make it adventurous and fun.

Potato Chips and Cheese Nachos

You won’t become fat overnight as it begins gradually as your metabolism gets altered. If you make a habit out of eating these snacks a lot, then you can consume so many calories that become a problem for you later. Fruits are more nutritious and will give you fewer calories.


I’m sure you’re wondering how movies will make you fat. The sure thing is that you’ll be on your butts and do nothing but watch, but we are talking about the sweetened popcorn and sweetened soda or beer you’ll be consuming while enjoying your film.


These yummy drinks can be served chilled. However, you can choose to go for healthy smoothies. This won’t give you pot-belly before autumn arrives.


You probably can’t resist eating that special person’s wedding cake. However, you can choose to enjoy the wine, and enjoy the healthier dishes being served instead. This will make you retain your awesome look and body.

Summer is not the best time to choose to be disciplined. However, making the choice of fitness is all about a healthy lifestyle. Therefore, enjoy your summer without losing the body you have worked so hard to build.