10 Habits to Help Prevent Type 2 Diabetes

Type 2 diabetes is arguably one of the leading health disorders in the world. There is no treatment for it, but it is a non-communicable disease thankfully. However, it has resulted in so many deaths and sicknesses over the years when one looks back. In a situation of improper management or in a situation where it results in complications or deteriorates, it can lead to diabetic foot ulcers, problems in major organs like the heart and kidney. Therefore, it is essential and necessary to study and implement routine activities that can keep such a serious ailment at bay before it causes severe problems for the system.

1. Eat Balanced Diet: This has almost become a mantra now, as it keeps being repeated over and over again. One does not have to wait to be ill or forced to make adjustments to one’s meal before choosing to start eating meals that are all the nutrients in the proper proportion. Nowadays, our food is made up of more fats than dietary fibers, while juices have replaced fruits. The benefits of eating healthy as it is referred to, are countless and essential, even though this should be the normal way to eat in the actual sense. Consume more fruits; they are rich in vitamins, water and they contain protein, carbohydrate, and lipids in considerable amounts.

2. Read the Labels on the Products: Before shopping or buying that very attractive product with a beautiful wrapper or packet, make an effort to read the nutritional values it offers and also note the amount of calories it contains. The act of looking at the content section may appear cumbersome initially, but once you get used to it, it becomes fun.

3. Reduce Alcohol and Replace it with Water: Consumption of alcoholic beverages have been found to increase the chance of one getting fat and taking too much of these spirited drinks can even raise the blood pressure of individuals who take it habitually. Experience has shown that keeping a bottle of water close by is for drinking brings so much satisfaction that one does not feel the urge to take other drinks. The benefits of drinking water cannot be overemphasized, as it rejuvenates the body and helps in carrying out the metabolic activities properly.

4. Exercise Regularly: I remember I was taught in elementary school that one of the main characteristics of being a living thing is movement. So to stay alive and healthy, move around, visit people, take a walk or a stroll, dance more, listen to music while working and when you feel touched, move to the beats like you don’t care. It is good to have a plan to do a routine and repeated physical activity within a week, it may be as simple as walking briskly for about half an hour. There are simple exercises that could be done in the comfort of one’s sofa to keep one healthy if registering in a gym is too tasking.

5. Lose the Weight: When eating properly and exercising routinely, one is prone to lose weight, but if one discovers that one is overweight for one’s age, then a personalized regimen needs to designed and followed to keep the body healthy. Weight loss requires proper planning by experts so as not to carry it out to rapidly that it shocks the body. The advantages of losing that extra weight can be having a much-improved sleep, finding it more comfortable to carry out necessary chores and ultimately losing the fat is a great way of keeping type-2 diabetes away.

6. Meditation/Reflection: Research has confirmed the body benefits from personal spiritual meditations or Yoga exercises. Taking that extra time to connect with one’s body system could be that extra move needed to readjust one’s lifestyle. People who do regular meditations have been found to have mental stability and positivity that protects them from disorders like depression. Most have good vibe around them, and there are often happy as they go through the challenges of the life. The significance of this is that when people encounter an unfortunate situation, they tend to result to reckless acts like binge eating, getting drunk and living sedentary lifestyles that exposes them to becoming fatter and unhealthy which eventually could lead to diabetes type 2.

7. Stop Smoking Now: There have been studies that linked smoking to diabetes. In these studies, there was a significant difference in the number of diabetic patients that were smokers compared to those that didn’t smoke. Besides the risk of lung infection and cancer that smokers are liable to, there are several other illnesses they get compromised with, and one of such is diabetes type-2.

8. Make a Wholesome Lifestyle Turnaround: All the above points raised could be carried out independent of each other individually. But one needs to make a total and complete lifestyle change to get an optimal result and enjoy a healthy life full of vibrant energy and high immunity. When there is a will, there is a way, as one makes an effort to make this modification it gets more natural, and subtly one starts to experience life uniquely and eventually one gets enveloped in this new found life and savor it endlessly.

9. Cultivate a Habit of Research: I was advised by a successful artist who told me that the secret to his success and wisdom was that he learned something new every day. He had a habit of openness to new knowledge. Fresh studies are being carried out annually on diabetes type-2, and new findings are being published in journals, so taking out time to read some of these articles when one comes across them is an excellent habit to cultivate. If one can extend this practice to other aspects of one’s life, just imagine how much knowledge one would have acquired over the years.

10. Go for Medical Check-ups Routinely: One sure way to assess one’s health is to pay a visit to a physician and get evaluated. A stitch in time saves nine; if the risk of becoming diabetic is spotted earlier on, then, it can be prevented. The blood glucose should be regularly measured, one’s weight should be closely monitored and other tests that will be carried out in the hospital. The fact is that as one gets old, the body dies gradually, so checking one’s system through taking medical examinations assists one and the physician in managing one’s health appropriately.

Despite, the prevalence and incidence rate of this diseases, this diseases can be properly managed by changing some lifestyle habits such as the ones listed above.



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