It is crucial to know how harmful back pain can be to the health and how it can affect daily activities. Chronic back pain affects people’s work and personal lives. This is a common health problem that is now widespread and has been triggering several disabilities in society.

This condition is now at an alarming rate of about 80% of the adult population suffering long term back pains at a point in their life. The long term back pain occurs in different areas of the back, such as the upper, lower, and the middle area of the back. The muscles that are located at the spine carry much of the body’s weight. The back muscles are used for activities and movement like sitting, carrying, standing, walking, and standing. No matter where the back pain occurs in the body and the reason for the pain, back pain is a real health challenge. However, people end up having it at some point in their lives.

So in this article, we are going to discuss the different solutions for long term back pain. This would help you know the best way to manage your back and also prevent your back from having persistent back pains. It would surprise you that there are tons of simple things you can do to keep your back in good shape and relieve the pain on your back.

Weight Loss Therapy

The dietitian would give you some weight loss therapies, which would lead to easing the back from the extra weight it is carrying. People that are suffering from long term back pains that have been able to shed extra pound end up feeling relieved like never before.
One of the therapies that can be used to solve the long term back pain challenge is weight loss therapy. When our body weight is on the high side, it begins to pull on the back muscles daily for as long as you carry the excess weight on the body. So it is good to consult a dietitian to help you with dropping some extra weight.

  Bodywork Therapy

The introduction of bodywork therapy comes in handy in solving long term back pain issues. It is essential for patients to get a form of bodywork therapy like physical therapy, osteopathy, or chiropractic.

Another way to treat long term back pain is by having a good night sleep. People with back pain find it difficult to have a quality night rest as not getting the adequate amount of night sleep can lead to worsening of the inflammation and pain. So individuals need to work on improving their night sleep by getting better mattresses and finding the best sleeping positions and practices that suit them.

The introduction of more pillows under the body can lead to maintaining the curve of the spines naturally. Also, people that sleep on their backs can add more pillows under the knees, and for people that sleep on their stomach, they should put more pillows under their pelvis. The people that sleep on their sides should put a pillow between their knees.

Calm Exercises

Instead, stretching and strengthening the back muscle can lessen pain in the back. You are advised to go for a slow work that is easy as you increase the pace when comfortable. It is possible that exercises can increase your back pain condition if done wrong. So it is vital to discuss your regimen with your doctor.
Exercise done gently can help relieve long term back pain. It is believed that when you have backache, it is best to rest for the pain to decrease. Although it is good to rest, too much of rest can worsen the back pain. So when an individual is having back pain and rest too much, it can worsen some and reduce the strength of the back muscle.

 Cold and Hot Packs

The hot and cold packs can also help in solving long term back pain issues. Patients are advised to try both the hot and cold packs to know the best for them. Cold packs reduce swelling and inflammation better while the heat pad helps in tension reduction and muscle spasm.


According to Susi Hately, the owner of Function Synergy Inc in Canada, yoga has been seen as an excellent therapeutic remedy for long term back pain. This could help loosen the tight muscle of the person, improve breathing, and build strength. This is because Yoga is targeted to help individuals relax their muscles and decrease pain.


It is also good to use painkillers for treating long term back pains. There are common over-the-counter painkillers that work for short term pains such as ibuprofen and aspirin. These are non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs). However, there’s a considerable risk of liver and stomach problems.


Electric Stimulation Machine

The use of electric stimulation is another way of treating long term back pain. The stimulation machine is called Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulator (TENS). This machine transmits electrical currents at a low voltage via electrodes that are connected to the skin of the affected area on the back. It is a small battery powered machine that is considered safe as it scrambles pain signals to the brain, thereby blocking it. The machine has brought about so much success to patients with long term back pains.

Herbal Supplements

Herbal supplements therapy helps in managing long term back pains. This is a natural way to manage your back pain challenge as the individual can take glucosamine sulfate supplement to reduce the back pain that is caused by arthritis and other muscle spasms. So it is advisable to see your doctor for the best herbal supplement in order to avoid side effects.

 Whirlpools and Aquatic Therapy

Physical therapists regularly recommend this therapy. Exercises are done in warm, therapeutic pools. The refreshing feeling of water consolidates the strengthening of the back muscles. When you float in warm water, your muscles become relaxed, the tension becomes released, and circulation becomes increased.

These are some remedies that can be used to treat long term back pain. Individuals are advised to maintain their backs using some of these therapies. They are useful and proven solutions for long term back pain.