Binge watching is the act of watching multiple series or episodes of a television program in a marathon or quick succession with little or no breaks in between. Just some years back episodes of programs and movies were televised daily or weekly, taking several weeks or even months to finish a single season, digital streaming service nowadays makes it quite easier and more enjoyable to watch your favorite shows over a short period.

Digital streaming service providers like Netflix and amazon prime stream season or seasons of your favorite shows to you at your Comfort, so three seasons of your favorite program that used to take you months can be completed in a matter of hours.

Doctors say addictive binge-watching is terrible for your health, but we can all do with a 5-hour binge watching after a stressful week of work. Staying glued to the TV for hours require a lot, healthy snacks could be handy, fluids to keep you hydrated and other items and conditions to make your viewing as pleasurable as possible.You might want to consider these tips to improve your binge-watching experience


If you are going to be seated in a position for hours, you had better make adequate preparations to improve your watching experience and minimize distractions.

  • Do the Chores

If you are tasked with doing house chores, doing all necessary house chores before show time is the best as this will allow you focus on the TV rather than worry about cleaning the dishes or raking the garden.

  • Foods and Drinks

You will need some snacks and drinks to get you along, prepare them, or go to the store to get them before getting started.

  • Send the Mail, Chat the Chat

Having to attend to emails and messages while you enjoy your favorite show could be distracting and frustrating at times. Send and read the necessary work mail, chat the important chats with loved ones before getting on.

Clear Schedule

Preparing your day for binge-watching is almost a guarantee of no social activity or any activity at all. Make sure you don’t have an appointment or meetings, don’t book dinners or movies with friends and end up disappointing them or inconveniencing yourself by abandoning your series. Clear your schedule and ensure your only worries for the day is your favorite show.


Binge watching could be anti-social if it becomes addictive. You will leave your house less and reach out to people less than you do. You can call in your neighbor who has the same interest as you do or invite your friend over.

Alternatively, you can chat your family or friend who is watching the same to groove along together and improve the experience as many binge watchers enjoy it more when they have someone to dissect the episodes with and predict what will happen in the coming episodes. Some people, however, enjoy watching alone, so don’t stress yourself inviting people over if you are one of those.

Eat Healthily

Research has shown we eat more calories when we watch tv, so you might consider making the snacks as healthy as it can be. While Occasional consumption of pizza or burger won’t kill you, consider substituting this for healthier snacks if you are likely to binge watch more than once a week. Fruits and nuts are healthy alternatives to fast foods.

Take a Break

A sedentary lifestyle has been linked with several dangerous health conditions like obesity and heart diseases. Taking a minute or 2 out after every 30 mins or an hour, we go a long way to keeping you active. Of course, we don’t expect you to run on treadmills in between binge-watching, taking 2 minutes out now and then to stretch or walk will do your health better than you can imagine.

Stimulate your Brain

There are several types of shows and movies to enjoy. Some people like drama, for some it is action, some prefer sci-fi while some prefer romance. Choose a brain stimulating program when you can, some puzzle or riddle to solve or knowledge impacting episodes. When you are not watching a brain stimulating program; however, you can do your brain some good by taking intermittent breaks and engaging your brain in some stimulating activities like games or quiz. Ongoing research has linked cognitive decline to too much television. Whether you agree with the research or not, you surely agree stimulating your brain can only do you good.


There are a few ways of making your binge-watching experience very comfortable.

Identify your best position. Binge watching in an uncomfortable position will hurt your health in the long term. Depending on your furniture and your house arrangements, your sofa or your bed are the likeliest destinations. Choose the one that will provide the utmost comfort.

Regulate temperature keep the room cool if it is warm and vice versa.

Accessories like blankets, pillows, and socks will help maintain your warmth and provide balance for the body and consequently avoid body pain.


Plan your Time and Stick to It

It is very easy to get carried away with binge-watching, hours seem like minutes when you are watching your favorite show, and we have all been there before wanting to watch one more episode and end up watching several more. It is effortless to forget important things like sending a message or making a call. Sleep tends to suffer most from this as wanting to see the next episode is likely to steal several hours away from your bedtime, thereby affecting your circadian rhythm and your health in the long run. Deciding how many hours you want to spend binge-watching and sticking to it is the only solution to this. Decide the time you have before you start and don’t negotiate it after regardless of the suspense from the last episode.


Learning is nonstop, we learn every day from all our activities. We learn every time we go out, read, talk to a friend and socialize, if you are going to substitute all these with binge-watching, it is better to watch something educative and informative. We all enjoy watching rib cracking comedies to unwind sometimes but mixing it up with educative and informative materials will give us the perfect mental balance that we need.

Use a TV

Binge watching in this age can be done over different types of devices like phones, laptops, and actual tv. It is advisable to pick a television when we can as having the screen further away from the eyes reduce eye strain and increase blinking rates, which will benefit the eyes in the long term.

Binge watching allows us to catch up with several episode or seasons of our favorite tv program. Learning to do this comfortably and healthily is essential for both our comfort and health. Adequate preparation, conducive atmosphere, healthy snacks, water, intermittent breaks, and a little socializing can help improve binge watching satisfaction.