Addiction, according to medical experts, is a condition in which someone ingests a substance or participates in a pleasurable activity, that although pleasurable interferes with day to day activities when done for an extended period.This Is a hazardous condition because it is often pleasurable to the addicts or participants. It is a compulsive engagement that interferes with work, social responsibilities, and comes with enormous consequences. Most people suffering from different addictions are often helpless because they want to stop but don’t know how to achieve this goal. This is especially true for heroin addicts who are dependent on this substance abuse and need help.

In early 2000. It was recorded that 6,6 percent of the people living in America are addicted to alcohol or with problems controlling their alcohol intake, a year earlier, about 24 million of the American population are abusing an illegal drug ( National Institute on Drug Abuse). Recovery from this addiction could be a tedious task, especially when there is no family or friend support. The best drug and surgery for heroin addicts are the support of their family members and loved ones. The way to help addicts depends on a lot of factors such as nature or type of addiction, duration of addiction, social status and gender of the addicts. Most addicts are not living in solos or villages; they live in cosmopolitan cities, which means, there are a lot of people around them to help.

Coping with addiction or medical condition could be made more accessible, with the help of people around them. The family is a big part of our lives, and the attention and support shown by our family members can determine the duration of recovery from heroin addicts.The best way for family members and loved ones to help a heroin addict is enabling behaviors. The Process, whereby, family members and loved ones support addicts by assisting them in the day to day activities, they can’t do alone, or without help is called enabling movement. It takes more than being there or family support to help a heroin addict; you have to participate in enabling behaviors (Family against Narcotics). Family members and loved ones can assists heroin addicts in performing simple day to day tasks such as laundry, cooking, or performing office tasks. This little assistance can help hide the heroin addict focus on their recovery and hide their flaws and weaknesses form the public. However, enabling behavior could be consequential, because the heroin addict may get too comfortable with little or no desire to change.

The difficulty in helping heroin addicts with enabling behaviors could be very tasking, especially in the first year of recovery of the heroin addict. It is a dull moment filled with various emotional fluctuations; most people find it difficult to achieve a work-life balance because the direction of their lives changes as soon as they have a heroin addict to help or treat. There are different ways to help heroin addicts without enabling the behavior.

Addictions are more common among teens, and most addicts have been using since they were teens. The most significant reason why most teens are heroin addicts is the need for attention. Love is the most critical need of every human. Showing your kids especially teens, love, care, and attention could prevent them from demanding it form the public by using heroin. Most teens feel immortal, because of their young age and exposure to social media. We live in a generation, where denial is the order of the day, medical conditions such as depression, anorexia, heroin addicts, have been watered- down to look like a typical phase of growing up for teens.

10 ways to help a Teen Suffering from Heroin Addiction

One of the most challenging moments in life is to feel helpless when it involves your kids, family members or loved ones. There are different ways to help a teenager suffering from heroin addiction, enabling behavior is a conventional method used for speeding up the recovery of this addictions. However, there are few tips, every family and friends need to know about helping heroin addicts. The following tips could come in handy when helping your heroin addicts:

  1. Be a Good Listener: Most addicts’ need a listening hear, They want someone to care for them and understand how they feel. This is common among teens and millennials, especially during their youthful days. Many people would have been addicted if they had someone to listen to or trust.
  2. Information: Millennial often prefer to know the reason and “why; before listening to advice Don’t just bark orders at people, and tell them alcohol or heroin is wrong, tell them why is terrible, if possible show them facts or people that recovered from heroin
  3. Be sensitive: You need to try to find out the etiology of the heroin abuse, sometimes, most people start using drugs because of an abusive relationship, upbring, or home. Reporting them to their parent or spouse could make matter worse, rather than
  4. Confidentiality: Bailing on a heroin addict or leaking the secrets they told you to the public, is one of the greatest crime you can commit, when trying to help them. Most addicts don’t open up, and when they do, don’t make them regret it.
  5. Ask Questions: A lot of people are used to telling addicts how to solve their problems, and most times forget to ask: how can we help you? You would be surprised, how much you can help in ways you don’t know.
  6. Distraction: offer different activities such as sports, camping, and traveling to distract the kids especially when they are suffering from withdrawal syndrome.
  7. Treatment: Forceful treatment often delays the recovery period of people suffering from heroin addiction, offer to help them find a cure after earning their trust. Don’t force treatment; treatments work efficiently when it is willing, and the person wants to receive treatment.
  8. Share your Experience: This is controversial advice that most people might disagree with, sharing your experience as a parent or loved ones, could help the addict to open up, and believe you have facts to back up your claims about the consequence and treatments.
  9. Therapy Sessions: You can encourage private sessions with psychologist, therapists, or mycologist. It is more advisable to attend private family therapy sessions. Other members of the family can also learn how to cope with and help addicts.
  10. Don’t \lose Hope: Giving up on a heroin addict is one of the most excellent antidotes to addiction recovery. You need to keep supporting them and being there for them

Addiction is a disease that needs to be cured, the best treatment for this disease is love and care, Support your loved ones through this challenging problems.







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