To be able to reach your training goal, you don’t have to go through a complicated process. You don’t also need to dedicate so many hours by suffering to do reps on the weight bench without hope. Many individuals think it’s all about going through a serious pile of reps and regularly going to the gym to achieve the desired body shape that is important.

They are not of the notion that all they need to achieve their desired body shape is their body. Now to get a proper understanding of what it takes to build the body to the desired shape and size, it’s essential to refer to the research published in Medicine and Science Sports and Excursive. It is discovered that when the body experience 45 minutes of a bodyweight workout, the metabolic rate of the individual is increased by close to 45 hours.

This method of workouts has its way of affecting the upper and lower body muscles. This is based on the study of the National Strength and Conditioning Association. This is the basic understanding that every individual need to have to be able to build their desired body size and shape.

Now that we can comprehend these basic needs, it is important to know the particular types of muscle building moves that are best of men to achieve their desired body size and shape. This article would be able to take us through all the necessary bodybuilding moves that you need to acquire the right body shape.


Press Up

One of the bodybuilding moves that is needed is press-up. Press up is a bodybuilding move that is used to build the upper and the lower part of the body. It is achieved by setting up the body straight, and the weight is supported by the hands and toes.

The hands and toes would be beneath the shoulder, and the core would be locked, and a straight line is formed between the head and the heels. Then when the body setting is right, the individual starts to lower his body as he explosively drives the body up by fully extending his arms. This is done as the chest of the individual is lowered until it is an inch from the ground.

Press-up is an important muscle-building move that can activate all the muscle in the individual’s body if the move is performed properly. When you define “properly” is about ensuring that the hands are at an equal distance apart and is set directly beneath the shoulder. The individual should perform 20 reps of the move and experience its efficiency.


However, groiners happens to be another muscle building move that is efficient when it comes to building the body to achieve the desired shape. This happens to be a brilliant warm-up exercise as the hips are opened and the thoracic region is opened too to increase the range of the body’s movement massively. In this way, during the exercise, the distant muscle contracts and expands.

This particular move also pumps blood to almost all the muscles in the lower-body. In this way, it would drastically decrease the risk of suffering from overstraining as a result of upping the heart rate of the muscle building moves that is next. It is just a dynamic stretch that is started in a press-up position as the individual jumps forward with the intention of making both of his legs landing next to his hands. Then he returns to the starting position.

Step Up as Knee Raises

Another muscle building move is the step-up with knee raises. Individuals that are trying to develop their lower body strength should consider this move as the major thing they need. When an individual train with a single leg, the muscles in the body can be stabilized, and it can be used to deal with the imbalance.

This would help the individual develop his weaker side, which happens to be the left leg. To be able to achieve this move, you need to step into a box with a foot putting the box in front of you. Then you need to drive with the other foot as the knee is brought up as high as possible.

Then lower the back down and step back into the floor. This should also be repeated at the other side by approaching it with the 15 constant reps to improve the weaker side.

Spider Crawl

The next muscle building move that is crucial for men is the spider crawl. As the individual achieves a press-up position, a foot would be raised, and the knees would be brought towards the elbow. The individual would pause and return to the starting position as he makes sure to bring his knees closer to his elbow, and he crunches his core at the top.

So the beauty about the spider crawl is that, if you intend to achieve a perfect physique, the spider crawl is one of the muscle building moves you must consider. The spider crawl would do well to affect your core as it affects your legs arms chest and shoulders.

Standing Long Jump

Furthermore, standing long jump is another muscle building move that is required to want more mass with true improved strength. When an individual tries to achieve the standing long jump, he needs to lower himself into a squat position, and then his feet shoulder-width would be apart. Then he swings his arms back then propels himself forward with his arm. When that is achieved, he will bring his legs forward to add momentum. Then he needs to jump as far as he can as he lands on the soles of his feet.

Finally, most individuals that intend to build their muscles must take note of these moves stated above as they can help them achieve their desired shape. Although there are lots of gyms that have different complex bodybuilding regimens, you wonder why you have to go through the complex. Take the opportunity just to study the moves and practice them alone.