6 ways to Lose Weight Fast

Weight loss is a common trend in this 21st century, especially among millennials, models, and fitness enthusiasts. We are all aware of the necessity of maintaining a stable weight and active lifestyle. There are different ways to lose weight rapidly with little to no effort. The safety of our body determines, of these techniques and methods, are worth trying at all in the first instance.

Losing weight could be achieved by the help of various magic pills, exercise, and diet routine.  There is much misleading information on diet routines and training regimen. This could be very frustrating due to the different body parts (ectomorph, endomorph, and mesomorph).

6 Ways to lose weight Fast

There are different technique and ways to lose weight very fats without compromising your health status. the most common ways include:

  1. High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT): As the name implies, this type of routine involves the combination of different exercise at the increased intensity and little rest period or This exercise is very effective because it consumes more time, increases your heart rate, metabolism, and burn more calories. It also helps in post-workout fat burning for about 24 hours after your last set at the gym. There is a different exercise that can be classified as HIIT such as sprinting, working on a treadmill, kettlebell swing and barbell squat jump.  HIIT does not have to be limited to skipping, jumping, turning a tire or working on a treadmill. The basic principle used by HIIT is short rest period and high intensity in the workout. This benefits can be achieved with a basic compound and simple exercise in the gym, the best way to achieve these calorie-burning benefits in the gym is by doing a lot of superset s, trisets, and resting for short period (maximum of 1 minute) between sets.  Basically, the best way to enjoy this benefits from HIIT program is to do any exercise that makes your heart beat faster, sweat more while resting for a short period in between sets.
  2. Sprinting and Weight Lifting: It has been discovered by medical experts that the first 20 minutes spent on sprinting and weightlifting are fueled by the carbohydrate reserve.  After 20 minutes of intensive training, the body starts burning fats as a source of energy from the fat stores. This principle of metabolism is the reason why most fitness experts advise training routines or cardio minimum for 30 minutes. The best way to maximize this weight loss benefit is to sprint or do some cardio after your weight lifting in the gym. It both works independently of each other but works best when combined together.
  3. Strength Training: Training for strength in the gym with a routine that targets exercises in the range of 1-5 repetition. The muscle mass of an individual is directly proportional to their fat burning Muscle feeds on nutrients and the body compensates for these rising demand by increasing the metabolism of food products. Increased metabolism is the reason why men lose weight rapidly than women according to medical research.   Increased muscle mass activates a fat burning furnace in your body that helps you to lose weight rapidly. Strength training can be maximized performing compound exercises such as bench press, squats, deadlifts, and shoulder press. This exercise s activates a fat burning mechanism because it is a multi-joint exercise that activates a lot of muscles in one movement.  They help you sweat more and save time spent on doing unilateral exercises. There is a place for unilateral exercise which is to look leaner and for muscle definition. Specific body parts training and unilateral training should only be performed after overall body weight loss is achieved with compound exercises.
  4. Sports: Participating in different types of sports is a way to lose weight while having most people are discouraged from playing sports because they think they are not professionals. You don’t need to be another Michael Jordan to be able to participate in basketball in your neighborhood, most people can do with an extra player in most sports, just make sure you learn the basic rules and make things easier for everyone involved. There are different sports such as football, tennis hockey, basketball, and gymnastics. The most important factor is to be consistent and live an active lifestyle. Pick a sport you love and lose fat in the process, You can have fun while sculpting a good physique while doing what you love.
  5. Yoga: Cortisol also called stress hormone is a hormone released by the body after a prolonged period of stress. This hormone stimulates lipogenesis and fat storage in most part of the body especially the waist and lower abdomen. Excessive fat can be distributed to sensitive areas such as breast and buttocks in women. Yoga is one of the various exercises that help in eliminating stress through it various meditation programs. We all live in a working system, where stress is the order of the Participating in yoga is a way to eliminate stress, relax, lose weight, and have that body physique you desperately want.
  6. Spot Reduction: There is always a guy in every gym that keeps doing 500 crunches every day and people kept wondering when they would see the six packs popping out of his clothes. There is a common misconception and fallacy about spot reduction when it comes to weight loss. The best way to lose weight and have six packs is to lose weight generally all over your body. Abs are built in the kitchen and not just in the Abdominal muscles called abs are like other types of muscles that can be developed and trained in the gym by consistent exercise and training regimen. Proper diet and low body percentage is the only way to reveal those abs built in the gym. The abdominal exercise performed in the gym is to build the muscles, while a proper diet and eating lower calories than you burn is the only way to reveal and shed the fats covering the abdominal muscles.

Losing weight is a common fitness goal among millennials and youths. It is also prescribed by medical practitioners for the management of various diseases. There are different ways to lose weight rapidly and safely.  Lose your weight without compromising your health.Stay safe.


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