I was trying to check how intelligent and well-read one of my friends was, so I quizzed him on bariatric surgery, and he knew next to nothing about it. I was shocked, but then it struck me that it has nothing to do with how vast one reads or one’s mental prowess. It is simply a case of having a personal experience or watching someone else go through it. Before I make Bariatric surgery sound like a disease itself, let me explain what it means in the most basic manner possible. Bariatric surgery is the group of surgical procedures carried out on obese people looking to drop some weight. Is there an alternative to Bariatric surgery for weight loss?

Obesity is a major epidemic that has plagued the world in the 20th century especially in the United States. The comfort that technology now affords the society has limited the number of physical activities that an individual is exposed to daily. One can sit in the confines of his or her room and get quite a lot of things done through a mobile app, and if at all one needs to move around, Uber is there to the rescue, and the lift will take you higher, you get the picture. So, when people become overweight and eventually obese, various disorders that may be even life-threatening ensue and they need a change in lifestyle. Most often, the weight has to go, due to the complicated nature of being obese, losing the fat is not just down to willpower. Some cases of Obesity are just genetic and no matter the amount of fighting once one gets to that stage, only management can help, so the blame is not only on the comfortable environment we now live in.

When such cases of extreme overweight claims to threaten someone’s life, bariatric surgery makes an entrance to save these morbidly obese patients. Over the years it has been proven to sustain the weight loss and ensure improvement in the medical condition of the individuals involved. It does a bit better than that actually it also helps in the management of the co-occurring diseases that are associated with obesity, such as heart disorders, kidney problems and so on.

The guidelines of the American Society for Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery has recently indicated that anyone with a Body Mass Index (BMI) of 30 and above that has any comorbidity is a candidate for Bariatric surgery. Furthermore, these operations can be subdivided into three major categories; blocking, restrictive and mixed. Studies have revealed that the Roux-en-Y gastric bypass (RYGB) and the Sleeve gastrectomy (SG), which are examples of mixed and restrictive bariatric surgeries respectively, have been the most carried out procedures in the world. The main aim of these surgeries is to limit the quantity of food that the person consumes by reducing the capacity of the stomach and altering how the digestive system operates. This will make the individual have the feeling of satiety after eating a minimal amount of food.

Bariatric Surgery Alternatives

The question is not about the availability of alternatives measures to the surgical procedures; it is about the benefit the procedure offers. There are countless lifestyle modification schemes and plans that can assist in weight loss and they are already popular and widespread in medical institutions, over the social media and the internet at large. Moreover, the issue is that Bariatric surgery offers a more efficient solution with considerable sustenance that comes without extra stress, self-discipline or will-power.

Best Alternatives to Weight Loss Surgery

Pharmacotherapy is another way of dealing with Obesity and getting results. The challenge with taking medications to lose weight is that the drugs have to be taken continuously and if the drug regimen is not strictly adhered to or stopped, it will lead to a faster and extreme weight gain. Therefore, lifestyle modification is still the preferable choice, it does not put metabolic stress on the detoxifying function of the liver, and it is made up of eating a balanced diet as well as performing routine exercises.

Do Alternatives to Gastric Bypass Surgery Work?

Other options that can provide the desired results in losing weight have been around a bit longer than the bariatric surgeries, and they work. Some people were able to make improvements and lose weight. Some people go as far as joining support groups to encourage themselves and keep the momentum, although it is not easy to maintain.



Most Recommended Bariatric Surgery Alternatives

The most recommended alternative to Bariatric surgery is the pharmacotherapeutic ones. This is solely due to the fact that marketing these medications is of financial benefits to the pharmaceutical industries. People are mostly wary of surgical procedures, even though the risks and complications have significantly been averted. One of the reasons people really worry about having these operations is because the most effective ones such as the gastric bypass or the sleeve gastrectomy are permanent. The fact that an irreversible procedure has been performed on someone that will eventually lose the weight and now have the chance to eat more which is already lost due to the surgical procedure is terrifying. When the condition is grave and life-threatening with other diseases causing more havoc, most people do not think of these worries. At that point, the majority are just worried about saving their lives. However, when given the opportunity to choose most people may be won over and go for the pills believing taking the drugs will solve their problems eventually.

Gastric Bypass Results without Surgery

Scientists are trying to discover the effects of the bypass on the nervous system and observe if there is the way the same signal can be mimicked without carrying out the surgery. Also, there are supplements and dietary meals that can be consumed by patients to simulate the effect of gastric bypass in the stomach of the individuals. Another set of interventions combine the use of particular drugs and unique drink compositions that can be administered as a joint regimen to provide results one would have received if one underwent gastric bypass.

Interventions for treating people going through weight loss process are being developed and worked on, hopefully, scientists will be able to discover lasting solutions and remedies.


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