What is AvMED?

AvMed is a Medicare Insurance Company.

What is AvMED phone Number?

AvMed contact number (305) 671-5437

What is AvMED address?

9400 S Dadeland Blvd #315 Miami, FL 33156

AvMed Health Care was the highest-rated heath care provider in Florida for a fourth year in a row in 2015, according to J.D. Power and Associates. AvMed offers a variety of options to its members throughout the state. The company now serves more than 300,000 members from its headquarters in Miami and engages its members toward healthy living. AvMed Medicare gives its members advantages over Original Medicare as well as a personal representative for each member.

AvMed Medicare: The Difference

AvMed Medicare Insurance plans are centered around the primary care provider (PCP) to ensure that its members are always getting the most familiar care available to them. In addition, AvMed Medicare covers well beyond the cost of Original Medicare, with doctor visits at no cost and much, much more.

AvMed and Medigap Plans

Medicare Supplement Insurance (Medigap)Plans provide a means to supplement Parts A and B of Original Medicare by insuring other costs not covered by Original Medicare, such as hospital stays. AvMed does not cover Medigap plans directly but can work alongside your choice of supplemental insurance.

AvMed Medicare Choice

Medicare Advantage Plans, such as AvMed Medicare Choice, are alternatives to Medicare Parts A and B that cover more. AvMed’s Medicare Choice Plan covers all costs for a variety of different services. Doctor visits are completely covered, and you receive coverage for prescriptions and other benefits. AvMed Medicare Choice is tiered in different ways to cover your specific medical needs.
Unlike Medicare Part D Prescription Drug Plans (PDPs), which are specifically for prescription drug benefits above your existing Medicare plan, AvMed Medicare Choice includes prescription drug coverage that makes your prescriptions easy to deal with and lower cost, providing up to $3,000 of drug coverage and a cost of $0 for preferred generics. Your prescriptions will always be discounted or at no cost in generic form, as well as at substantial savings for non-preferred, non-generic prescriptions, thereby reducing your total costs.