Finding the right eye specialist can be confusing for consumers because there are so many levels of eye care and wellness providers including Eye Surgeons, Optomologist, Optometrist, Optician and then the specialists like lens removal, replacement, Optic Nerve, Cataract, Laysicsc and more…..

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American Academy Of Ophthalmology Reports that Saftey and Sunglasses could reduce healthcare expenses and reduced missed time at work saving the payor system and employer billions over time.

Top 2 reasons people don’t wear safety glasses or work sunglasses

  1. They look bad! That’s rights looks do matter to employees even in the workplace.
  2. Uncomfortable – Many low-end glasses are not designed for comfort or fitted correctly. They are one size fits all!
  3. Don’t have the prescription needed or required

Prescription Glasses and Business MATH 101

If you do not require the appropriate eyewear, it could cost you. Even if you do but the employees can’t find or afford the correct eyewear, or it is uncomfortable so they take it off the second your not looking could cost you. Even if it is for vanity, you can’t afford to get it wrong:

Eye Surgery Claims in the US from work-related injury are over $54,000 and if your self-insured or have many employees this could really impact your pool.

If you have 100 employees that you need to buy $300.00 Prescription Work Glasses or SUnglasses for and you save 1 claim you could be ahead by tens of thousands of dollars.

If you lose that employee productivity, how much will that cost you?

Add it all up, the math does not lie. It is time to put together a Work Place Saftey Glass Program tht includes fitted, prescription and yes even hip or trending looks!

Best Prescription Glasses

Still not a believer, take a look at this single case.


If you are an employee share this with your boss or HR department.


Try before you buy!

Most high-end opticians who offer prescription sunglasses and prescription safety or work glasses offer a “TRY BEFORE YOU BUY” program to help reduce the stress of both you and your employer to make sure you get the best fit for your needs!


Step #1 – Send in your prescription and we will give you they fashion frames and brands that will work with your RX.

Step #2: Pick the frames you want to try, and we will send them all to you. (you put deposit- and it is applied to the set you purchase)

Step #3: you receive 3-5 test frames within a few days.

Step #4: Let us know which frame you love and we will get started manufacturing your custom prescription glasses.

Step #5: You send back the frames, and wait for your new glasses to show up. (you only pay to ship back)