Hilton Schlosberg makes about 2 Billion dollars annually from the sales of Red Bull. Monster and Red Bull, among other energy drinks, have a considerable amount of caffeine. This gives an insight into how fatigued people have become. Doctors whom we go to for treatment and health management are even culprits themselves. You are likely to catch healthcare professionals who drink cans of energy regularly in order to remain alert and efficient due to the number of hours they have to put in to help patients.

However, this same medical personnel has found that adequate nutrition provides enough energy to go through the day. A proper diet must go with a considerable amount of rest and exercise. At a very young age, educators have introduced the classes of food with their benefits, and they have been shown to provide energy as well as tissue replacement. It is quite helpful to know the best and worst foods for energy delivery to our cells and organs. Therefore, follow us on the journey that outlines the diet rich in energy and those that affects your energy levels either from the start or eventually.


Athletes preparing for major sports events are known to eat these as it gives them energy readily. However, it is not good to eat pasta unless you are sure to burn them as soon as possible. This is because the energy present in pasta is just for a short while, and if not used up, can end up stored as excess fat.


The urge of eating snacks can be quite irresistible and needs to be satisfied. The usual option is to go for pastries or cookies or drink soda, but you can opt for nuts instead. Nuts are rich in protein, fibers, as well as fats and oils. This natural snack can be consumed conveniently, and a little can be eaten over a long period as it also makes one feel full considerably. It contains so many minerals that boost energy levels in people.


Bread can either be good or bad, depending on the type. If you are eating white bread, they are delicious to eat and provide quick energy, but you are likely to experience exhaustion afterward. However, if you try whole-wheat bread, the story is quite different. The body digests this type of bread for a longer duration compared to white bread.

The presence of fibers, vitamins, and minerals provides the body with sustained energy over a long period. It is this steady provision of energy that makes carbohydrate a good source of energy and a vital part of our diet. Therefore, don’t eliminate carbs from your diet, only integrate the best ones and reduce the others that are not as beneficial, except for exceptional cases.

 Salmon Fish

Our body is built like a house with bricks of proteins. These proteins require replenishment, which is why protein is important in our nutrition. Fatty fish is a good source of protein, and great examples of such fishes are the Salmon fish. This fish has unique omega-3 fatty acid as well, which is beneficial for the brain and the heart. If you want to enjoy a refreshing state of mind and alert mind, eat Salmon fish.


Enjoying an iron-rich diet doesn’t get much better than eggs. This wonderful part of our diet gives a lot of iron and protein that is crucial for blood production. The blood is highly involved in transporting nutrients to every tissue of the body, and a major constituent of the Red blood cell is Iron. This is why eating eggs is fantastic for the body. If you fry the egg, most of the nutrients may have been removed with the heat, making it worse for the body depending on how much you fry it. However, you can boil it to enjoy the available nutrients in this nutritious food.


If you think of a color to represent life, you may be part of many people that will go for green. Green vegetables are so full of life that they contain almost all the entire class of nutrient in varying quantities. Veggies also have water and fibers which are suitable for digestion and energy. If you have constipation, one’s energy is likely to be depleted, but with such a diet abundant in vitamins, minerals, and fibers, you are sure not to have such issues.

An example of a crucial vitamin in veggies is Vitamin B. Vitamin B complex has many types, and one of which is Folate – Vitamin B9. The lack of Vitamin B9 is closely associated with easy fatigability, that’s why consuming vegetables like spinach is great for excellent energy levels.

Fruits Vs. Candy

These are both sweet things, but one is more nutritious than the other. In the day you may feel the need to enjoy a sweet thing, going for candies will pack your body full of sugar. The downside of this is the energy from the sugar rush will be depleted, leaving you asking for more. It gets worse as at the day you’ll be exhausted and possibly fatter. This is why going for Banana is better due to the vitamins, healthier sugar, and water content it offers your body.

 Dark Chocolate

Dark chocolate is an excellent energy booster, when consumed in small quantities are wonderful for the body. Munching a few bars can be quite perfect for giving your body the lift it needs. If you get dependent and eat more than a few bars, that’s more sugar, more calories, and another problem altogether.

Fries and Burgers

Who doesn’t enjoy crispy hot wings with a cup of milkshakes, further pressed down with a mouth-watering Burger, if we are all being sincere? However, the number of carbs, salts, and calories all going down in that meal, only calls for sleep. The blood meant for the brain now has to be focused on your stomach for digestion, leaving you with little energy for the rest of the day only craving for more or your bed.

Food is good for the body, and it is good to know the best and worst ones for high-quality energy levels. This is why these few have been introduced here, but you can research more and on the required quantity. Energy drink is not the best way to provide energy, and it is through living a healthy lifestyle by eating a proper diet, resting well, and exercising regularly.