BitCoin Billionaire Crypto Currency Investing Strategies for Doctors, Surgeons and other medical professionals.

Bitcoin means business!

White Glove and concierge medicine is on the rise in the US primary by those with higher income and or higher risk tolerance people like business owners, executives, and doctors. This group of people tend to also invest in bitcoin and cryptocurrency making is a needed option for payment for doctors that have gone away from the traditional health care system and now only taking cash say cryptocurrency consultants.

This will be the first and only mention of a new coin to come in the future that connects Doctors and their patients using the new industry cryptocurrency DOC COIN

Buy a BitCoin

The easiest way to get in the cryptocurrency game is to buy a bitcoin or an alternative bitcoin, and that is what most people will do. Just like buying a home, if you can’t build it you will buy it. Homes are typically good investments, and will deliver value over time!

Buy Alternative Coins

Alt Coins are more like investing in a rental home, the one your not going to LIVE IN but what to start building additional income streams. You will probably see an increase in value over time and some additional revenue to, but they come with typically a bit more risk and headache.

Buy New hot ICO

Buying a new ICO is similar to Playing in the stock market does with both high risk and high reward, so if you are versed at this and understand all the pros and cons this may be the best opportunity for huge upside. There are several ICOs and one ready to go mainstream. Buy Now >> Crypterium Coin

Mine Crypto Currency

Build your own j, take on the task of building your own system, software,licensing, algorithm but if you understand how to do this and can have the ability to do it it is more like buying at wholesale and you keeping the profit which should give you some instant equity.

Join A Mining Services

Partner with people who know how to mine block chains, understand hash and you become like a partner similar to buying into a real-estate trust. You have the money and desire, but someone else has the ability, knowledge and capacity.

Solo-mine in your own home

Buy a prebuilt business in a box, plug it in and go similar to buying a “Franchise” it comes with some pretty easy to follow rules just invest 1 bit coin and get more over time.

Build your own Cryptocurrency COIN

Building your own coin , is similar to going out and raising funds to start a new company. It comes with all the same headaches, costs and risks but if you like a new business have something unique in your offering and can do the marketing you might just have the next best thing in the cryptocurrency market.

Got Questions? We are here to help. We serve as consultants, partners, former, investors…what ever your need our team of professionals can help you reach your goals.

Crypto Currency is just like anything else in life. If you try to go it alone it will be much harder than if you work together as a team so we have created a way for anyone who is interested to participate in what is quickly becoming the historical event that your grandchildren will read about on their Crypto Currency enabled  iPads when they are in college paid for by their great-grandparents crypto investing back in the day!

Bitcoin Billionaire News

Top 10 Alternative Coins for Doctors, Surgeons and high-income clients who are not risk adverse.

  • Crypterium
  • zifter Coin
  • Feather Coin
  • Mona Coin
  • Vert Coin
  • Lite Coin
  • Monroe Coin
  • Lux Coin
  • Wood Coin
  • Politicos Coin

All these coins are part of the MOZ BOX, the cryptocurrency toolbox for avid cryptocurrency investors, miners and coin makers.

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Bitcoin Billionaire News