When a man has erectile dysfunction, it could be as a result of different medications that he has been taking to treat some particular health issues. People take different types of medication for different health challenges, like heart disease, diabetes, and blood pressure. When it comes to erectile dysfunction, high blood pressure turns out to be one of the contributing factors that raise it.

Therefore, you need to monitor the levels of your blood pressure to know its state often. It is necessary to lower your blood pressure if it is on the high side. This can also be done with the help of a healthy lifestyle, and the assistance of a healthcare professional.

High blood pressure, in most cases, could be the reason for your erectile dysfunction that is why people go the extra mile to lower it. Most people find it challenging to maintain a healthy diet or fitness regimen. This makes them resort to taking medications prescribed by their doctors. It is quite unfortunate that some high blood pressure medications can make an individual have erectile dysfunction.

This is because the case of high blood pressure is a terminal disease in which one has to stay on blood pressure treatments and medications for a long period. Since these medications are taken for a lifetime, the side effect of the treatments and medications could contribute to erectile dysfunction. Based on the result of research, approximately 75% of the men in the study cohort stopped taking their high blood pressure medications because they started experiencing erectile dysfunction from its usage.

This has now made individuals that are having high blood pressure afraid of taking medications for treatment. However, not all drugs that are used to treat high blood pressure causes side effects of erectile dysfunction as some blood pressure medication can even improve erection. This is why you need to be guided by your physician and express your fears.

What is Erectile Dysfunction?

Let’s discuss the possibilities of blood pressure medications that cause erectile dysfunction. Also, it is very significant that we understand erectile dysfunction. It is vital to be able to sustain an erection to enjoy sexual intercourse, although it could be difficult to get an erection in certain situations. Therefore, when it becomes challenging to have and maintain a regular erection, then you have erectile dysfunction.

So it is vital to understand that when you begin to experience signs of sexual dysfunction, it is possible that you may have other emerging health issues. Heart diseases could be another reason you have erectile issues, and this happens as you age, and your internal systems begin to deteriorate. So if you or your loved ones have blood pressure issues and are experiencing erectile dysfunction should pay attention and read on.

The Process of Erection

The erection of a person depends on the mental, physical, psychological, and emotional state of the individual. Furthermore, erection has to do with a healthy flow of blood as the blood expands the penis in a unique process. The process involves nervous and hormonal operation, which occurs simultaneously. So in the case of a heart disease, where the blood vessels and nerves are not working properly, erection can become erratic.

Regrettably, when you use medications in treating the heart disease, it could lead to an adverse effect and affect your erection. Based on the recent study that was published in March 2019, it was discovered that a good percentage of men with blood pressure issues had a better grip on things as regarding their blood pressure. It was also discovered that there was a lower occurrence of erectile dysfunction in these men because they had decent control of their blood pressure.

This information has been able to encourage individuals with high blood pressure to keep taking their medications even though they feel there’s a risk of developing erectile dysfunction. It is also evident that erectile dysfunction can happen for so many other reasons, so you can keep taking your BP meds as far as your doctor permits. This is essential as it is significant that patients with blood pressure should maintain their blood pressure at a healthy level. This would help prevent individuals from having debilitating heart disease, which could lead to death.

Since there’s a risk that blood pressure medications can cause erectile dysfunction, it becomes crucial for us to know other medications that carry the risk of erectile dysfunction. The physical and mental state of an individual is also a condition that needs to be put into consideration when diagnosing an individual for erectile dysfunction.


Based on our discussion so far in this article, it is important to educate individuals with blood pressure on possible remedies that they can exploit if their medication is causing erectile dysfunction.

. Report to your Physician

If you experience erectile dysfunction when you are using your blood pressure medications, it is crucial to report to your doctor as he may place you on a different medication to help solve the problem. The doctor would be able to diagnose you in order to know the cause of the erectile dysfunction if it is due to the drugs being used. It is essential to diagnose cases of erectile dysfunction accurately as high blood pressure meds are not the only cause of erectile dysfunction.

  • Drugs that Helps

Individuals with erectile dysfunction can also try medications like

  • Levitra
  • Stendra
  • Viagra

Although high blood pressure patients are not advised to take these drugs when they are still treating high blood pressure. This is because of the potential drug interaction between blood pressure meds. So it is better that the high blood pressure condition is totally in control before treating erectile dysfunction.

High blood pressure medications have been implicated in cases of erectile dysfunction. It is also imperative to maintain your blood pressure with prescribed medications until you can attain a healthy level. Therefore, follow your doctor’s instructions as blood pressure can be deadly.