We live in a technophobe era, where everyone is thoroughly engrossed and addicted to their mobile phones. There is almost nothing we can’t do with our mobile device.  Gone are the days, where, you need to send letters through long distances to communicate with your loved ones and family members. There has been a lot of research based on the radiation material emitted from mobile phones, especially making calls and charging a phone simultaneously.

Radiations are the most prominent cause of cancer in different parts of the body. Before we start focusing on brain cancer, we should understand what cancer itself stands for.  Cancer is an abnormal mutation of cells which could be classified as benign or malignant, based on the degree of metastasis. Cell phones were first used in the late nineties in the United States, primarily for the important aim of communication, but the function of mobile devices has been heightened in this generation. There was a research carried out on the effect of mobile telephones on communication skills of humans. Most people don’t communicate with the person sitting next to hem during a long trip, or tea breaks, during a business meeting. Despite the numerous benefits of this advanced technology, there are some side effects of prolonged use of mobile cell phones. There is a lot of myth about cell phones releasing a lot of radiofrequency waves which could predispose people to different types of cancer.

How do Cellphones Works

Cellphones including smartphones work by sending and receiving signals to and from a nearby tower, by using radio frequency waves. The radio frequency released by cellphones is a type of non-ionizing radiation that is not strong enough to cause cancer and cause damage to the body at the cellular level. However, high amounts of radio frequency waves could cause an increase in temperature of external surfaces. This is the principle used by microwaves to heat up food. The radio frequency waves released by mobile phones are not high enough to cause an increased temperature in the body.

Contrary to the radiofrequency waves emitted by mobile phones, x-rays, gamma rays, and ultraviolet rays releases ionizing radiations that can break the chemical bonds of the body, thereby predisposing to different types of cancer.

There have been several research that has debunked this myth of getting brain cancer from your mobile phone.The waves emitted by even the most durable phones are not strong enough to cause brain cancer in the body of humans. However, exposure to a higher quantity of different forms of ionizing rays causes the growth of carcinogenic cells.

How are people exposed?

The rate of radio frequency wave emission is highest on the antenna of cell phones; this makes it more dangerous, because, that is the closest part to the brain. This is the reason why cell phones had been linked to brain cancer, because of the radiation emitted from the antenna of mobile phones. However, the quantity released by phones is not high enough to directly damage a cell or cause cancer. The closest body parts or tissue to the antenna of the phone is the most exposed to the radio frequency. There are different factors that determine, how much radiation absorbed by the human body. These factors include:

  1. Duration of Phone Conversation: The amount of time spent on a phone conversation, determines the amount of radiofrequency radiation an individual would be exposed to during their lifetimes. The concentration of radiofrequency radiation is heightened on the antenna of the phone, which makes it dangerous for those that makes long phone conversations without a headset or earpiece. It is advisable not to talk on the phone for long hours with the phone antenna placed closed to your ear, to avoid being exposed to high radiofrequency wave emission.
  2. Distance to the cellphone Tower: It has been revealed that the amount of energy expelled is directly proportional to the range of the mobile phone to the tower distance. Most phones adjust the amount of energy used to meet the signal strength requirement. If you are closer to the cell phone tower, less energy is required to get a good signal on your phone. The longer the distance from your phone to the tower, the more energy needed to maintain proper signal strength for adequate functioning and communication. It is a good remedy, to use different types of hands-free devices and keep the phone away from contacting the body directly when receiving or making calls far away from the cell tower.
  3. Cell phone traffic: The numbers of the phone user, especially with the same networking company can affect the signals and amount of energy used for effective communication and function. Highly congested areas with a lot of traffic require more energy to get a good signal and work properly. This is more common in industrial areas and cosmopolitan cities where there are overpopulation and excessive use of gadgets.it is not a bad idea to use your handsfree device in congested areas, trips, meetings, or overpopulated regions. It can save you from been exposed to the high non-ionization waves emitted by mobile phone in overcrowded
  4. Phone Model: Different phones come with different requirements and specifications such as power usage, processor, and energy emitted. Some types of phones emit a more significant amount of radio frequency waves when compared to other types of phones. These specifications are often present in your phone pack or manual. You can check the phone manual if you are skeptical about the amount of energy released by your favorite mobile phone. The invention of various types of hands-free and headset has made prevention of excessive exposure to this radiation easier. Use your hands-free or phone speaker more often to avoid all the adverse effects of excessive emissions.

How much Is Phone Radiation safe for me?

The amount of radiation absorbed by the body form a mobile phone is called specific absorption rate (SAR). It is often calculated in watts per kilogram. Different cell phones have unique specific absorption rates.  The upper limits allowed in the United States are 1.6 watts per kilogram of body weight. Check your cell phone before buying the specific absorption rates. The radiations emitted by cell phones are not high enough to cause brain cancer by directly damaging the cell. However, it is safer not to get overexposed to this radiation for medical and health reasons.


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