Smoking is one of the leading causes of death, lung cancer and colon cancer in the United States of America. 70 to 80 percent of smokers want to stop this dangerous addiction because of their awareness of the health hazards and dangers.  A lot of smokers genuinely want to quit this habit but are facing an uphill task in fulfilling this wish.

Smokers hear a lot of advice and pleas from the social media, friends, family, and medical experts on why quitting smoking are the best New Year resolution they can make for themselves.  Medical experts discovered that it takes performing an action consistently for a minimum of thrice per week to form a habit.

Addiction to smoking is a gradual process, most smokers start out form one cigarette per day before progressing to becoming chronic smokers. It takes about 5 to 10 attempts to quit smoking. Most people give up too easily neglecting how long it took them to be addicted to the habit.

Quitting smoking requires a lot of motivation from friends, family, medical practitioners, and environments. There is a different source of motivation for smokers to quit smoking. Some people quit smoking due to the fear of premature death, or effects it causes on their cardiovascular and gastrointestinal system.  Smoking is very dangerous to the smoker and people around them .there are a lot of medical benefits when a smoker stops this habits.

Top 10 Reasons to Stop Smoking

A scientist has discovered that most habits start from our perception about them.Addictions are more psychological than physical. Accurate knowledge about why you should stop a habit is the best motivation for stopping a habit. Smoking is very dangerous for the health and reduces the lifespan of the people involved.  There are numerous reasons to eliminate this habit from your to-do list, but the most common reasons to stop smoking include:

1. Financial Stability

Addictions are dangerous because of the urgency and consistency required to satisfy this desire.  Smoking an average of 20 cigarette a dayexcluding the ones you give to friends or strangers could cost you about 20000 dollars per Think of what you can do with that sum of money, Quitting smoking helps you to save more without harming your health and people around you. Non-Somers are the greatest beneficiaries from insurance companies when compared to smokers because they pay less. Take a pen and calculate the amount you spend on cigarette annually and think of ten things you can do with the money. Most smokers have poor savings because there is increased the tendency to overindulge in an addiction such as smoking. The financial status of an individual dictates his social behavior and affects other aspects of his life. Quoting smoking does not just save you a lot of expenses but improves your quality of living and survival rate.  If you want to live long, spend less, and save more, then quit smoking.

2. Health Status

There are a lot of health hazards that come from prolonged smoking. Nicotine present in cigarettes is addictive substances that can predispose an individual to various health hazards such as cancer, stroke, and osteoporosis. Carbon dioxide and formaldehyde present in cigarette could cause various medical conditions that affect the normal function of the body. Quitting smoking can prevent the occurrence of these dangerous diseases in the future. Why spend so much on smoking, when you would spend more treating yourself with some dangerous diseases in the future. It pays to quit now, and save future unplanned expenses.

3. Endangering Friends and Families

Passive smokers are highly exposed to different types of diseases due to the smoke inhaled from active smokers. Quoting smoking is beneficial to both you and your loved ones. Imagine if a single action could harm everyone that comes in close contact with you. Smoking is dangerous to both active and passive users. Preventing your family and loved ones from suffering from the consequences of your action is a good choice. Stop smoking today and save the health of your family and loved ones.

4. Aging

There is reduced blood supply to the skin of an average smoker for close to an hour from intake of 1 cigarette a There are different dermatological effects of smoking. Most smokers often age rapidly compared to non-smokers of equal age and status. Wrinkling of the skin is one of the pathognomonic signs of a chronic smoker. Keeps your skin looking young and fresh by stopping smoking

5. Attraction

There is an unpleasant pungent smell that oozes out of the mouth and clothing of smokers. We all know how people smell if they stay in a bar or party fool of smokers for a prolonged period of time. This bad smell could interfere with social interactions with the opposite sex.

6. Eye Damage

Blindness and progressive eye damaged has been linked to smoking for a period of time by medical experts. There is a tingling sensation characterized by itchy and red eye that comes with staying in an environment full of smokers. Stop smoking to keep your eyesight healthy.

7. Saves the Baby

It has been discovered that gestational smoking can harm the unborn baby due to the presence of nicotine and other dangerous substances in cigarettes. Save the innocent baby from unwanted diseases by avoiding cigarette intake. It could lead to premature birth and low birth weight during delivery in gestational smokers.

8. Reduced Lung Disease

The highest incidence of lung diseases such as lung cancer and emphysema is present in chronic smokers. People that stop smoking reduce their chances of having these diseases.

9. Increased Energy

Increased breathing and respiratory process experienced by smoking cessation, can lead to an energy surge in individuals that stop smoking. This leads to increased energy to perform day to day activities

10. You Feel Better

About 20 minutes, after your stop smoking, your body changes its homeostasis and compensates by increasing the circulation of blood to vital organs. You feel better and healthier when you stop smoking.

Breaking a habit could be very difficult, even for individuals with the willpower and desire to eliminate these habits. There are a lot of benefits and good reason to stop smoking. Start from being aware of the benefits, then stop buying. keep that cigarette away, save more, and live longer.


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