Many people experience a feeling of headache when they wake up in the morning after taking alcohol the previous night. This headache sometimes occurs for up to six to eleven hours in the day, and it also happens on both sides of the head. It is also felt on the forehead of the individual as the feeling of the headache comes with so much pain as it feels just like a beating drum in the brain of the individual.

The headache sometimes worsens as the individual does some physical and weight-bearing activities. This leads to them wondering what kind of headaches this could be because they can’t withstand this headache feeling while doing other things at the same time. The headache makes them lie on the bed or couch as they try to withstand the painful feeling and also expect to feel better from the headache.

This kind of headache baffles people as they wonder what kind of headache this could be. Medical studies reveal that this particular type of headache with all the symptoms and signs experienced is known as a headache that is induced by delayed-alcohol. It is called a hangover headache because of the excess consumption of alcohol, which can lead to other primary headache disorders such as cluster headaches, tension-induced headaches, and migraines. The consumption of alcohol can hasten the attacks of headaches on the individual.

In the understanding of the possible harm the excess consumption of alcohol can bring to the health of the person, some people find it necessary to avoid drinking alcohol. This helps prevent them from experiencing alcohol-induced headaches. Now you can have hangover headaches after consuming excess alcohol, and it could be very severe.

So what are the signs and feelings that you need to look out for? How do you know that the particular headache you are currently feeling is alcohol induced? What makes it a hangover headache?

It is necessary to know that when you experience a hangover, it is an experience that is individual, which could last up to 72 hours. Based on the metabolism of the person, the hangover feeling could be severe as it varies with individuals.

They could experience diarrhea and loss of appetite, and they could also feel fatigued. They have a poor sense of overall well-being as dizziness sets in, nausea, and they feel their heart beating fast as they begin to sweat. Some other signs that come with hangovers are the reduction in concentration and attention also the loss of mood.

All these are signs that you have a hangover and must find a way to rectify it. When you know that you have a hangover, you can do what is required to stop the hangover. It is better to make the hangover stop before you go to bed as it would reduce the risk of hangover headaches.

 Causes of Hangover Headaches

So what are the causes of hangover headaches? When an individual starts having hangover headaches and other headache disorders, it is essential to know what the major causes are. In this article, we are going to be discussing the significant causes of hangover headaches.

Although scientists have not been able to identify the certain causes of hangovers, numerous concepts and theories have been discovered. However, we must understand that when you consume too much alcohol, you have a hangover, which would lead to numerous serious side effects. This could be very harmful to the body, which would lead to other health complications.

Frequent Urination

When an individual is experiencing a hangover, he begins to see the need to urinate more often. This is because alcohol tends to raise the possibility of dehydration in the body.

When you get dehydrated, the alcohol has had a direct effect on your brain, and you can start feeling lightheaded amidst other unpleasant feelings. It is not healthy for the body because dehydration can cause other health challenges. Challenges like affecting the metabolic system of the body and hangover headaches.

Immune System Response

The experience of a hangover in the body could also lead to affecting the response of the body’s immune system. This is a very serious health situation, as the consumption of alcohol would trigger the inflammatory response from the immune system of the body. Therefore leading to loss of appetite and concentration. The individual could also experience a loss of memory too as a result of recurrent hangovers and hangover headaches.

 Irritating Stomach

When you begin to feel an irritation in your stomach, it is possible that it could cause hangover headaches. This is because when you consume alcohol in excess, the production of stomach acid is increased, and the stomach acid required for digestion becomes excess. The excess stomach acid slows down the process of digestion, thereby leading to the slow rate of which the stomach empties itself. This whole process affects the normal process of digestion in the body, thereby causing stomach ache, vomiting, nausea, and hangover headache.

Drop in Sugar Level

Hangovers could also cause a drop in the blood sugar of the individual. Some individuals experience a serious drop in their sugar level when they consume lots of alcohol. When the sugar in your blood drops as a result of excess alcohol consumption, it comes with different severe consequences. You start to experience general weakness and in some cases, seizures. You also feel moody, unnecessarily tired, and hangover headaches set in too. The drop in sugar level happens to be another cause of hangover headache.

Blood Vessel Dilation

Excess consumption of alcohol, which causes hangover can lead to the dilation of the blood vessels. This could cause the individual to experience hangover headaches.

 Poor Quality of Sleep

Another cause of hangover headache as a result of the excess consumption of alcohol is poor sleep quality. It is believed that when you are drunk, you sleep more, but is it discovered that the quality of the sleep you have when you have a hangover is of poor quality, thereby leading to hangover headache.

Finally, we should learn to guide against the excessive consumption of alcohol. This is because it has numerous harmful effects on the body. It is also the cause of hangover headaches