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The summer season is a time when families and friends go on picnics at the beach and involve themselves in outdoor events. The summer season is a time when people organize fun activities such as parties and barbeque at their backyards. Some even go ahead to Suntan themselves at the beach, but summer and outdoor activities come with its allergies too. Perhaps it is the best time to consider buying a mountain home for sale and moving to the clean air, away from the triggers of where you are living. The health benefits of living in the mountains are many and wonderful!

As it is evident that different seasons come with different allergies, summer season comes with summer allergies. These allergies, from insects bites, smoke from the campfires, and food ingredients that are hidden can make the summer events and activities that are supposed to be fun awful. This summer allergies can go ahead to ruin the fun planned out by people and turn it into a sickening experience.

So it is essential to know the various common summer allergies that exist to be aware when you plan any outdoor summer event. When you experience allergies, it comes with no limits and hardly goes when the summer season is over. When you feel these summer allergies, it is possible that other things can trigger the signs, thereby making it hard for the symptoms to disappear.

So it is very crucial for you to know the various situations that trigger summer allergies and how to avoid them. Statistics has it that over 50 million Americans experience summer allergies. It might interest you to know that allergies can become very server when there is a change in the weather condition.

This means that when there is a change in the weather, the allergies can be elevated as a result of the increase in the pollen counts. The pollen counts get to increase in springtime and starts to dissipate in the early periods of the summer with the help of the strong winds that step up pollen and molds. So we are going to discuss the common summer allergies that exist and how to treat them.

Summer Pollen Allergy

Let’s start by talking about the summer pollen allergy, as this happens to be one of the common summer allergies that occur. When the summer season arrives, the most leading pollen that can be found in the air is the grass pollen. When an individual encounters this pollen, the person begins to experience a running nose, an itching eye, and an asthma attack.

The fellow could also start to sneeze while others that sit on or feel the grass begin to experience hives and itching. During the summer season, you find it difficult not to come in direct contact with the grass pollen, but it is possible that some actions can be taken to reduce the symptoms of the grass pollen.




So how do we treat summer pollen allergies that are grass oriented? You are advised to consume asthma and allergy medications as they can help minimize the symptoms of the grass pollen allergy. You are also advised to wear masks or scarfs round your face to reduce exposures of lots of grasses that are blowing in the air as a result of cutting or mowing grasses.

Piriton is also a kind of medication you can take some hours before exposing yourself to any form of grass. This would help prevent the summer pollen allergy symptoms in different cases. You can also visit your physician or an allergist when the itchy feeling of exposure to grasses and pollen allergies outdoor persists.

Biting and Stinging Insects

Another summer allergy comes with biting and stinging of insects. When the summer season arrives, certain biting and stinging insects are more rampant. Biting insects like mosquitoes and stinging insects like yellow jackets and wasps can cause some people allergies to react to.

When you are bitten or stung, it is possible to encounter symptoms that are severe such as anaphylaxis, which comes when an insect stings you, difficulty in breathing, swelling, hives, itching, and pain. So it is healthy to visit an allergist if you are known to react to an insect sting. This is because the sting of an insect can be cured, and the allergist would help prescribe the best treatment option.


However, what is the simple remedies or treatment that can be given to an individual that is allergic to insect bite? One of the most significant treatments for insect allergy is to prevent yourself from an insect sting. This is achieved when you avoid smelling like a flower and wearing bright colored cloth. You are also meant to avoid wearing perfumes and scents that appeal to insects.

You should endeavor to wear long-sleeve shirts and shoes that are close-toed and socks anytime you need to work outdoors. Also, you should know that insects like yellow-jackets and some other insects that sting are drawn to sugary foods, so it is good to check foods, drinks, and open soda cans and drinks. You can also spray your skin with mosquito repellant and rub creams that contain scents that repel mosquitoes.

 Food Allergy

Food allergies happen to be another common summer allergy that occurs during picnics. When an individual is exposed to different kinds of food during an outdoor picnic, it is possible to have food allergies. Foods like milk, eggs, seafood, and some other nuts and other dishes other people bring with hidden ingredients can expose them to the dangers of food allergies. This type of summer allergy occurs when you consume some specific kinds of food accidentally.


So how can food allergies be treated? It is crucial for you to be able to identify that you are allergic to food and get yourself ready to treat an allergic reaction to any food. You are also meant to be very careful with how you eat food in picnics. If you can identify some of the foods that you are naturally allergic to stay away from consuming them.

Finally, it is important for us to be aware of all the different kinds of common summer allergies. This is because it would help us prevent ourselves from experiencing any of these symptoms. It would also help those that are already experiencing the symptoms to treat them.

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