Heart disease happens to be the number one killer disease for both men and women in the United States of America. The heart is affected when there is a narrowing of the arteries that supply the heart with blood, nutrients, and oxygen. This happens to lots of people as it comes with different symptoms and degenerates to other severe conditions.

Conditions like arteriosclerosis could lead to a case of coronary heart disease. This is as a result of build ups of bad cholesterol deposits which could lead to plaque formation on the walls of the arteries. When the deposits mount up in the coronary artery and make it narrow, then the oxygenated blood that flows to the heart becomes delayed.

Sometimes the artery experiences spasm, and it is activated by extreme emotional stress and smoking. When it comes to heart disease, patients that suffer from the disease are always taking different kinds of pills prescribed by their physicians. Some other people that are already at a high risk of developing heart disease resort to taking pills too. However, is there a way that you can reduce the risk of having heart disease without taking pills? This article would be exposing us to the different remedies that can be used to cut down on the risk of having heart disease without taking pills.

Risk Factors

It is crucial for you to know some of the risk factors that cause heart disease. They are as follows:

  • High blood pressure
  • Obesity
  • Smoking cigarettes
  • Sedentary lifestyle
  • Diabetes
  • High cholesterol

Checkups Regularly

One of the remedies that can help reduce the risk of heart disease without taking pills is going for checkups regularly. When you go for checkups regularly, the doctor will check your blood pressure and levels of cholesterol to be sure they are in good shape preventing danger to your heart and blood vessels. If there is any form of cholesterol problem discovered, you could commence treatment as soon as possible. The doctor could even diagnose you for diabetes also and advise you on some changes in your lifestyle.

Healthy Weight                                                                       

Maintaining a healthy weight is key to a healthy body and most importantly, a healthy heart. When you have excess weight, the possibilities of your blood pressure and cholesterol levels increase is quite high. There is even the possibility of having diabetes and heart disease.

So it is import for you to consume enough healthy meals and do some exercise to burn some pounds. This is because healthy foods and exercises happen to be the best weight loss remedies. It is also very crucial to measure your body mass index (BMI) to know the number of pounds you are required to burn.

 Stop Smoking

Since we have been able to identify smoking as a contributing factor to heart disease, it is vital that you stop smoking. When you smoke, your blood pressure levels elevates as it becomes difficult to do exercises, thereby making your blood to clot, which can lead to stroke. Smoking cigarettes increases the individual’s risk of developing high blood pressure. So it is essential to get a doctor to help check the individual and encourage the patient to stop smoking.

Vegetables and Fruits

Proper consumption of vegetables and fruits happens to be another remedy that can help you cut down the risk of heart disease without pills. Vegetables and fruits contain fiber and nutrients that are very healthy for the heart. They also both contain antioxidants that would help to prevent the body cells from damaging, thereby preventing heart diseases and diabetes. When you are consuming foods that you like, it is important to add fruits and vegetables of different colors to blend in your diet.

Salmon Fatty Fish

Consuming salmon oriented foods is very good for the heart. It is crucial that you should consume cold water fatty fish such as sardines and tuna at least twice a week. Scientist believes that the salmon fish contains omega-3 that helps in maintaining a healthy heart, but it is discovered that it contains other useful and healthy nutrients that make so much difference.

Take a Walk

It is also good to go on a walk as a remedy to lower your cholesterol, blood pressure, and reduce your body weight. When you take a walk for 1 hour 4 times a week, then jog or do other harder exercises for another 30 minutes, it makes the body fit and the heart healthy. Sometimes exercises for just 10 minutes could also go a long way to maintain a healthy heart. If you are new to exercises, it is advisable to start slow then adjust as the body fits. Then see a doctor to advise you on a healthy exercise.


The consumption of monounsaturated fats can be very helpful in reducing bad cholesterol, the build-up of plaques in the blood vessels, and reduce inflammation. It also goes for omega-3 fatty acids and fiber as they all help cut down on the risks of heart disease. Nuts that contain unsaturated fats prevent blood clots that could lead to stroke. It important to choose from any of the nuts but be mindful of not over consuming it.


Yoga happens to be another healthy remedy that can be used to cut down the risk of heart disease without pills. Yoga is not just an exercise that is done by people to stretch their muscles and make it flexible, but it can also be used to calm the mind and ease stress. When your stress levels are reduced, and you have a calm mind, it can reduce your blood pressure and heart rate. It would also reduce your levels of anxiety, which could be very good for your heart.

Finally, you are also advised to have a minimum of 7 hours of sleep at night. This is because your body needs deep rests for long cycles. A good sex a couple of times a week can also come in handy for a healthy heart.