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Everyone deserves a summer vacation after a year’s work, after putting in shifts throughout the seasons, soak up the sun, shop and enjoy every other thing that comes with a summer vacation seem fair and just enough. However, every activity that stands between you and your vacation destination has the potential of causing back pain if due attention is not paid. It is guaranteed to sit for a few hours regardless of the means of transportation, and it could be several hours or days if traveling to other parts of the world. Prolonged sitting, lifting and carrying luggage, driving, the wait at the airport, all of these could contribute to exertions on your back that may make your vacation less enjoyable. When making travel plans, having a stress free travel should be an integral part of that, and extra steps must be taken to prevent undue back niggles.

The following tips might help make your journey back pain free:

See a Chiropractor: Firstly, you should establish if you have existing back pain. Visit a chiropractor whether you feel pain or not, if you do, he will help heal the pain, if you don’t, he can give you useful tips to avoid back trouble on your journey.

Pack Light: First-time travelers are usually guilty with overpacking when traveling, most first time travelers are likely to use only 20% of the stuff they packed when traveling. When traveling pack like so:

  • Only important stuff that you are sure of using
  • Pick very few shoes
  • Wear layers of clothes, so you can add or remove as temperature dictates
  • Wear bulky clothes like tracks, suit, hoodies and pack the light ones

Packing improves with experience, the more you travel, the more you realize what you need and don’t need. Personal care stuff like shampoo, soap, towel, and brush are provided by hotels and airlines and don’t need packing.

Stretch: If you are driving a long distance to your destination, try to park the car at regular intervals, every one or two hours, get out of the car, take a few steps around and stretch before continuing the journey.

 Wear Comfortable Cloth: It could be tough adding uncomfortable clothing to taking of yourself and looking after your luggage when traveling. Wear simple clothing when traveling to reduce stress.

Seat Support: Whether you are traveling by air or road, getting support for your back will help maintain your posture and avoid back pain. Airlines provide supports in pillows, and you can get a pillow for your car seat or roll up a towel.

Empty Pockets: Heavy pockets can tilt the wait of the body, thereby causing back pain. Always empty your pocket before you embark on a flight or drive a long journey.

Flat Shoe: A flat shoe evenly distributes the weight of the body. All the checking and boarding in the airport could be a nightmare with a high-heel shoe.

Looking for a great chiropractor to make you feel better?

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Aisle Seat: The seats in first class and business class are extra roomy and comfortable, the problem is only a few percentages of travelers can afford such luxury. You can gain a little extra comfort by getting yourself an aisle seat. An aisle seat means you can get up regularly and walk down the aisle without disturbing anyone. Quite a few people know about the advantages of sitting in the aisle seat these days so you might need to book in advance to ensure you secure one.

Sit Upright: Sitting awkwardly for hours will definitely cause you back pain, ensure you sit can comfortably through the journey with the legs lower than the hips.

Neck Support: Neck cushion or support can help stabilize the position in of your head without much effort of your own.

Lift Properly: Many people are guilty of lifting their luggage with their back rather legs, when lifting up luggage, bend your knees, not your back.

Stay Hydrated: Dehydration can add stress to an already bad situation in back pain, staying hydrated through your journey will keep the stress level to the minimum.

Eat Moderately: It is easy to get carried away when we are on a long journey and eat one too many meals, especially when you are connecting flights. Bloating and overeating can cause back pain, so be careful not to overeat.

Use a Trolley: There are always trolleys available near the carousel at the airport, always make use of one when you have heavy luggage or multiple bags.

Seek Help: Don’t try to flex your muscles when picking heavy load, you might be able to carry it, but at the expense of your back. Always ask for help when picking up big luggage.

Be Occupied: The fact that you have hours left of your journey can play on your mind and reflect more pain on the body. Engage yourself throughout the journey, airlines provide a screen where you can watch TV and enjoy music. You can also play games on your device to while away the time.

Walk: When you get to your destination, taking a walk around your immediate vicinity will do you a lot of good, not only will you be sightseeing but also fighting off the jet lag.

Swim: Swimming is one of the most effective exercise available. Do not hesitate to make use of any swimming pool available to you. Swimming improves muscle strength, cardiovascular fitness, and blood flow, helping you relax from the journey and healing any back pain in the process.

Exercise: It is very beneficial to the body, and it’s advised to dedicate at least 30 minutes to exercise every day while you are on vacation. Light aerobic exercise and strength training is the most recommended forms of exercise. Aerobics improves blood flow of the body while strength exercise improves the strength of the muscles.

Yoga: This relaxation therapy has a lot of benefits, including improving concentration and helping with back pain. Booking a few yoga sessions can improve the health of your back. There are a few things that could ruin a summer vacation, back pain is one of them. There are a lot of things that could cause back pain, including long seating hours, excessive luggage, and clothing that are not very comfortable.

With every problem there is a solution, standing up to stretch at intervals will reduce the pain associated with seating for long, wearing loose clothing and flat shoes will make ensure your outfit doesn’t become a burden. Explore the few natural exercises available to you when you get to your destination. Walking around your vicinity, swimming and yoga can help avoid or heal back pain as your case may be.

Looking for a great chiropractor to make you feel better?

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