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Why You Should Dump Your Cheap Sunglasses?

Most of us have a box or drawer sitting around somewhere that has a collection of bargain bought sunglasses for when they want a change. Whether the reasoning for purchasing several pairs of cheap sunglasses is due to a style factor or a personal need for change, the consequences of wearing cheap sunglasses remain constant. The Food and Drug Administration actually classifies sunglasses to be medical devices, so there is deeper meaning to the caption of “protects from UV rays” then meets the eye, literally. There are numerous organs and parts of your body that can be replaced if something happens to ruin them; your eyes however, are not one of them so find the Best Doctors Office Near Me now by using the Doctor Finder at TelMedicine.com.

The dentist always tells you that “you only have one set of teeth,” and likewise, the optemologist will also tell you that “you only have one set of eyes, but while implants can replace ruined teeth, there is no way to replace ruined eyes.” Contrary to popular belief, the darkness of a pair of sunglasses means nothing in relation to the protection from the harmful rays they offer your eyes. The UVA rays and UVB rays that the sun radiates are not things that you will be able to touch or see but they are the monster that is responsible for scalding sunburns, deadly skin cancer, and irreversible damage to your only set of eyes. There are several ways in which this can happen with a cheap pair of sunglasses; prepare to be enlightened about the dangers of cute but cheap sunglasses.

It’s no secret that our amazing eyes have a complex mechanism that functions to help with vision in various lighting conditions. The size of your pupil changes with the amount of light it is exposed to in order to help you see better; it’s like your eye has its own computer in there to optimize your vision. When it gets dark, your pupil will get bigger because it is essentially looking for light to help you see; when you look directly into a light, your pupil shrinks to protect your eyes and to stop blurry vision caused by overexposure. If you have ever had your eyes dilated by an eye doctor for an exam then you probably have experienced the difference in vision quality when your eyes have been forced to dilate (by the doctors eye drops) when they technically are not supposed to. I know what your thinking; that’s really great and all but why again does this matter with my cheap sunglasses?

Cheap sunglasses that appear to be tinted very dark but offer less then adequate UVA and UVB radiation protection tend to play the mechanism in your pupil. The dark tint of the cheap sunglasses will tell your pupil to dilate because the pupil is going to be searching for light so you can see better behind the darkly tinted lenses. So here you are at the pool or beach with cute sunglasses and dilated pupils and no UVA and UVB protection; this is a recipe for disaster. The dialed pupil of your eye makes it much more vulnerable to damage that the cheap sunglasses is not blocking or filtering out. Once that damage has been done, you will find out just how not so cute this damage is.

Pterygia and pinguecula are otherwise known as irregular growths on the eyes surface that are caused from UV light or rays, and if they cannot be managed with steroid eye drops then they have to be removed by your doctor surgically. Photokeratitis or Arc Eye is an eye injury that literally feels like you have sand in your eyes, but really it is a conjunctiva and cornea sun burn. Cataracts are not just for old people, they are for everyone and anyone who allows their eyes to be damaged by the sun due to wearing no sunglasses or cheap sunglasses that offer no protection. Basically a cataract is when your eye lens proteins coagulate together and then accumulate into a thicker and cloudy like lens; the only treatment for this is to have cataract surgery where your doctor extracts the cataracted lens and replaces it with a new synthetic lens.

The treatment of the damage that cheap sunglasses can cause sounds very unpleasant and painful. However, it’s not only the UVA and UVB exposure that you need to take into account when choosing your next pair of sunglasses, but also the lens quality. Poor quality lenses can give you a glare from the sunlight when it is reflecting off shiny objects and bodies of water. These reflections from poor quality lenses cause blind spots in the vision when looking through them; and subsequently can cause accidents if this happens when an individual is operating heavy machinery or driving a vehicle. Likewise, cheap lenses can actually warp and bend in conditions of high heat causing the individual wearing them to have a distorted perception that would also pose problems for someone operating a vehicle or heavy machinery.

High end or high quality prescription sunglasses often have multiple layers of different coatings that offer different benefits. A anti-scratch coating will keep you from having to replace your sunglasses frequently or wear them with vision impairing scratches. A hydrophobic coating will allow your lenses to repel water and reduce the need to clean off drops of water that can also impair your vision. A anti-fog coating on your sunglass lenses is especially helpful because foggy lenses are common with humid climates and energetic activities, and can impair vision through the glasses to the degree that they are just non functional. Sunglasses that are polarized can keep those reflective blind spots at bay and prevent accidents that can happen due to blind spots.

A good reason to opt for high end high quality sunglasses over the cheap ones that is often forgotten about is that cheap sunglasses not only protect your eyes, but also the skin components around them. You can get skin cancer on the vulnerable skin of your eyelids, and even severe burns to your eyelids; both of those are very unpleasant and will cost you more money in the long run. If that is not reason enough, then perhaps those crows feet on the sides of your eyes are. Wrinkles, lines, and crows feet around the eyes are caused from exposure to the sun. It’s an ugly idea but it is the honest truth; by using cheap sunglasses instead of high quality sunglasses you are accelerating the aging process of the skin around your eyes. In other words, if you want to stop lines and wrinkles from forming around your eyes or prevent them all together if you don’t already have them, wear high end sunglasses that will block out what causes them.

High end prescription sunglasses should always protect from 100% UVA rays, UVB rays and UVC rays. It is important that you get a pair of sunglasses that filter out light all the way to 400 nm. It is going to cost you less to drop the cash for a pair of high quality sunglasses now rather then dishing out the cash later for a cataract surgery or surgical removal of growths on your eye surface; the treatment available for these conditions is promising, however that does not mean it is always effective. When your browsing through a tourist shop or stopping for sun tan lotion at a drug store and see some cute sunglasses for $15, just remind yourself about how not cute the damage to your eyes would be! Remember that you have one set of eyes forever and be sure to protect them with a pair of high end high quality prescription sunglasses.