When you hear the word, love handles what comes to mind? It might interest you to know that despite the fact that the name sounds beautiful, love handles is nothing beautiful in its real sense. Love handle is the deposit of excess fat at the side of the waist of the individual.

Excess fat is deposited on the waist of the person and settles on the upper part of the pant. It is also called a muffin top, and it could be very challenging to lose. People have tried multiple side crunches and other abdominal exercises as it is focused at the muscles that insert through the sides of the torso.

Other things have been tried to remove love handles, but you find out that lots of this regimen are not sufficient enough to get rid of the love handles. So this has led lots of people to go searching for the best ways and methods of removing love handles.

Let’s explore effective methods of eliminating love handles. This methods, when used, are going to not only remove the love handles but also improve the lifestyle of the individual. This effective methods we are about to introduce to you would involve a proper diet, change in lifestyle, and exercise.

 Consume Healthy Fats

These healthy fats can help you cut down fats on your waistline as it helps you reduce the number of calories that you consume. The consumption of healthy fats makes the individual feel full, and it is tasty. Research has it that when people consume high-fat supplements like olive oil, they tend to lose lots of weight. They also don’t have belly fats compared to the individuals that consume foods that are high in fat. Individuals that consume avocados have a greater tendency of losing weight and amassing less belly fat than people that don’t. So you are advised to replace less nutrient-dense foods with healthy fats even though healthy fats contain high calories, moderate amounts added in diets helps in eradicating love handles.
One of the ways of eliminating love handles is for an individual to pay more attention to eating healthy fats. When we talk about healthy fats, what do we mean? Healthy fats are fats like oil nuts, fatty fish, avocados, and olive oil.

Consume Enough Fiber Foods

Foods that are rich in soluble fiber keeps people full for a long time as it makes the process of digestion slow, and the feeling of hunger reduced. So this promotes loss of weight and helps cut down on calorie consumption daily as a result of the prolonged feeling of fullness. Apart from the prolonged process of digestion and feeling of fullness that foods rich in soluble fiber bring, they are also loaded with nutrients and are good for promoting healthy bacteria in the gut.
Proper consumption of fiber oriented foods too can help eliminate love handles from the waistline. When foods that are rich in soluble fiber are added to our routine daily, it could help remove stubborn love handles. Foods that are rich in soluble fiber are oats, nuts, beans, fruit, and vegetables.


 Reduce Added Sugar Consumption

People that are trying so hard to remove love handles are advised to consider cutting sugar. When it comes to losing weight in any part of the body, added sugar happens to be a food that should be removed or drastically reduced from your diet. It is evident that eating healthy is significant for losing weight, and added sugar must be removed from diets to achieve that standard.

Foods that contain added sugar are candies, sports drinks, cookies, and sodas. Many health challenges are caused by added sugar, such as heart disease, metabolic syndromes, and diabetes. This issue of belly fat and weight gain is also caused by added sugar. One example of added sugar that leads to belly fat, which may lead to love handles is fructose.

Fructose is a primary ingredient in sweeteners like table sugar and high-fructose corn syrups. So foods that contain sugar contain high calories, and they contain less nutrients. It is vital to cut down on sugary foods as they cause weight gain and love handles.


 Weight Training

Weight lifting is another way of eliminating love handles. This is because when an individual is involved in any form of physical activity, it helps remove love handles as well as any excess fat. When you are doing your daily exercises, it is necessary to include weight training to your regimen as it can be very beneficial to the elimination of love handles. The idea of weight training is the ability to contract the body muscles against some kinds of external weight resistance in order to build body strength.

We also have resistance and strength training. The resistance training helps develop lean muscles for the body and burns more calories when the body is at rest. There is also the aerobic training that helps burn excess calories during workouts. So the combination of aerobic and resistance training is effective for eliminating body weight, belly fat, and love handles. Resistance training also boosts the body’s metabolism as it helps burn more calories throughout the day.

 Adequate Amount of Sleep

Furthermore, getting an adequate amount of sleep in the night can help eliminate love handles. It is essential to know that stress, as well as not getting adequate sleep, would increase your body’s levels of cortisol, thereby leading to weight gain. Research has shown that people that don’t acquire enough sleep have a greater tendency of getting fatter than those that get enough sleep. It is also observed that people that lack sleep are also at risk of having diabetes and becoming obese. Lastly, you are advised to get seven to eight hours of uninterrupted sleep daily to prevent weight gain and love handles.

People that try to eliminate their love handles should consider these methods outlined in this article. It has been proven to be effective. Love handles can be combatted, so don’t give up.