Back pain can occur due to numerous factors. The pain can be located anywhere along your spine ranging from the neck down to the hips. Back pain is often located in the lower part of the back which is the same location as the lumbar vertebrae. It could be due to conditions that influence the disc between the vertebrae, bony lumbar spine, muscles of the lower back, spinal cord and nerves, internal organs of the pelvis and abdomen, and the skin covering the lumbar area. The function of these lumbar vertebrae comprises of movement when it comes to bending or rotating the waist, support of the trunk (upper body) and protection of soft tissues like nerves and spinal cord. It is not in all cases that the cause of the pain is severe; sometimes the pain goes away with time. So in a case where there is any damage in the lumbar area, it is easily detected when standing or moving the waist. Here we will talk about five common types of back pain and how to get relief from them.

5 Common Types of Back Pain

  1. Bulging Disc: This injury is quite common and affects the intervertebral disc of the spine. It may be experienced in any part of the spine; it could be the cervical or the thoracic or the lumbar. It is also referred to as a protruding This problem may occur due to a sudden rise in pressure through the disc resulting in the tearing of annulus fibers or weakness of the annulus that was already present. The pain in the back is triggered by lifting the weight, bending forward, sitting, coughing and sneezing.

For Relief of Bulging Disc:  It can be managed by pain reliever such as ibuprofen. Bulging disc exercises can also be done.

  1. Pinched Nerve: When a lot of pressure is applied to a nerve by tissues around it like bones, tendons, muscles or cartilages, a pinched nerve can For instance, in cases of excessive weight, activities from sports or hobbies, injury, arthritis, a pinched nerve can result. Weakness, numbness, tingling or pain can arise due to disruption of nerve function. It can occur at any site in your body. Depending on the site affected, symptoms are seen in place innervated by these nerves. The patient may experience burning or aching pain which has outward radiation, pins and needles sensation, and numbness or reduced sensation in the area innervated by the nerve, weakness of muscle in the affected area. A pinched nerve is not dangerous if it occurs for a short period of time as the normal function of the nerve returns. If it goes on for too long, then the patient suffers from chronic pain, and eventually, the nerve damage may be permanent.

For Relief of Pinched Nerve: Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs are given for pain management (example ibuprofen), physical therapy to aid in stretching the muscles of the affected area in other to reduce the pressure on the nerve, or surgery which depends on where the pinched nerve is.

  1. Arthritis: This disease is prevalent but sadly not entirely understood as it should be. This disease involves the inflammation of one or more joints which is accompanied by pain around the affected joints. The patient will likely experience pain, the presence of swelling around the joint, redness of the affected joint, joint warmth, stiffness of the joint, weakness, loss of range of movement of the affected joint, locking of the joint. There could also be generalized symptoms just like just like the loss of weight, swollen lymph nodes, increased temperature, and tiredness. Treatment of arthritis depends on what kind of arthritis present.

For Relief of Arthritis: Physical therapy to keep the joints in motion and avoid locking, painkillers, anti-inflammatory drugs, application of cold packs, immune altering drugs, biologic medications, and surgery.

  1. Pregnancy: It is common to experience back pain in pregnancy especially as the baby grows in the late periods of the pregnancy though it can happen at any point. An estimate of 50 to 70 percent of women complains of back pain during pregnancy, so apparently, it is very common. There are many reasons for why pain is experienced during this period. They are
  • Hormonal changes: Some hormones are increased during pregnancy, and when they are released, it permits the ligaments of the pelvis to soften, and the joints are loosened in other to facilitate birth in the future. This change in position of joints and ligament tends to affect the usual support your body has.
  • Center of gravity: As the baby grows, your center of gravity is shifted forward leading to change in posture.
  • Extra weight: Your back must support the additional weight and that can cause pain and strain.
  • Stress: When you are stressed, you may notice an increase in back pain as stress accumulates in areas of our body that are weak..

For Relief of Back Pain Due to Pregnancy: Try to sleep on your side, wear comfortable shoes and avoid high heels, when picking things it is better to squat, a support belt should be worn under the lower abdomen and avoid stress.

  1. Osteoporosis: This is when the bones are fragile due to a reduced density of bone and also reduced the strength of these bones. In the case of osteoporosis, the bones are very porous that they become compressible like a sponge. The bones are fragile thus leading to frequent fractures of the bone. The fracture may happen as a crack says, for example, a fracture of the hip or a collapse in a case of compression fracture of the spine. The most common symptom in osteoporotic fracture is pain. The pain occurs at the point of the fracture. So if the fracture is a compression fracture of the vertebrae spine, then the back pain will surely be present.

For Relief of Osteoporosis Pain: Use of pain relievers, use of braces and support, physical therapy, hot or ice pack.

If at any point you experience back pain of any kind that is persistent consult the nearest back pain doctor near you. Before the appointment try to take note of what triggers the pain. This will make it easier for the doctor to make a diagnosis and offer proper treatment.




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