Belly fat as the name implies is the accumulation of fat in the belly. Unhealthy lifestyle, poor diet, excessive consumption of alcohol, and lack of exercise are the common cause. Accumulation of fat anywhere in the body is dangerous to health, belly fat is the leading cause of several heart diseases and could lead to cancer as well.

Research has shown that 30% of the world’s population is obese and are in danger of many heart-related diseases, the organs are not spared too as the belly is very close to many of our internal organs, excessive build-up of fat around the belly is likely to make one or more of these organs function less effectively. We have compiled a list of foods that you should avoid to keep you in shape and improve your general health.

 Refined Grains

Grains lose many of its nutrients like vitamin B and iron when processed. Refined grains are also low in fiber and are not digested easily. Pasta, white rice, and white bread are typical examples of refined grains.

Fruit Juice: Fruits are highly nutritious and should be made a mainstay in our everyday diets, fruit juice, however, comes with a lot of unhealthy calories like sugar and additives. Staying away from fruit juice and eating only fresh, natural fruits will do you belly a lot of good.


Sausages are high in sodium and fat and low in protein. Sausages may be tasty, but the excess sodium and fat is a nightmare for your belly.

Hot Dogs

Like sausages, hot dogs are packed with a lot of sodium and fat that dangerous to your health.


Doughnuts are an embodiment of fat and sugar. Stay clear of doughnuts.


Excessive alcohol consumption is bad for the body and could trigger a lot of diseases and ailment. Alongside fat, alcohol is the leading cause of abdominal obesity and must be consumed in moderation.

Trans Fat

These unhealthy fats are made by mixing unsaturated fat with hydrogen. They are of very low nutritional value and are usually used in preserving processed and packaged foods. Accumulation of trans fat causes belly fat, heart-related diseases, and many other diseases.

Deli Meat

Deli meat is bad for the belly as well as the heart. They are high in fat and calories. They also don’t digest easily and usually accumulate and build up as belly fat.


Soda is high in calories and sugar and therefore bad for the belly.

 Fried Food

Fat presence in fried foods make them difficult to digest; these extra fats settle in the belly and clog up to form belly fat. They often come as fast foods, which is why most people eat them a lot. However, fast foods are best consumed only once a while or only during an urgent situation.

Reduced–Fat Peanut Butter

In a bid to avoid consumption of extra fat, some people opt for reduced fat peanut butter rather than full fat. The irony is, the full-fat peanut butter is healthier than the reduced – fat, the reduced fat is filled with sugar and additives, which makes it unhealthy for your tummy.

Frozen Foods

Frozen foods are packed with sodium and preservatives to prolong the shelf life. They are dangerous for your belly and should be avoided strictly.

Cheese Spread

Like frozen foods, cheese spread is full of sodium and additives. Opting for natural cheese is the healthier choice. Cheese is an excellent source of calcium for the body. However, cheese is high in sodium, fat and lots of calories, which isn’t good for the body. Nuts and vegetables are a healthy alternative source of calcium for the body.

Boxed Cereals

Boxed cereals are breakfast mainstay in many households, and many believe they are high fiber and good for the body. The truth is, boxed cereals are high in calories, sugar and realistically quite low in fiber. Whole grains and oatmeals are healthy sources of fiber. Also, they are highly nutritious and delicious when combined and prepared well. Replace the boxed cereals with oatmeal and whole grains and your belly would be glad you did.

 Pasteurized Diary

While dairy products are healthy for the body, a lot of the diary nutrients is lost to pasteurization, leaving you fat and calories that are not healthy for the body.

Non-organic Corn and Corn Products

Corn is highly nutritious full of protein, fiber, Vitamin C, and carbohydrates inform of starch. Processed corn products like corn oil and syrup are not nutritious. However, this is because most of the nutrients as mentioned earlier, and fiber are lost during production and replaced with salt, fat, and sugar, which are not healthy for the body.

Rice Crackers

Unbeknownst to many, rice crackers are actually low in fiber and high in sodium. Rice crackers are not as healthy as you think, and you should stay away from them.

Baked Beans

Beans are healthy are a natural source of protein, baked beans, on the other hand, are not healthy as it is high in sugar and other preservatives which are not healthy for your belly and body as a whole.


Pretzels are low in good fiber, the presence of ingredients like salt and oil present makes it unhealthy for the belly.

Rice Milk

Rice milk is very low in nutritional value; it is just liquid carbohydrates with unwanted calories. Organic milk with essential nutrients is the milk beneficial to your stomach.


Don’t let the fresh fish deceive you; sushi is not as healthy as they appear. They are prepacked with additives that are unhealthy for your belly. Cook a fresh fish instead of picking up sushi.

Regular exercise and a healthy lifestyle are the major ways of avoiding or reducing belly fat. A healthy lifestyle consists of incorporating a healthy diet regimen in your system. The major lifestyle change needed in fighting belly fat is diet because regular exercise is useless if you consume more calories than you lose to exercise. Although, whenever you are exercising in combination with diet, don’t forget to tuck your belly in, so that you won’t have a pot-belly.