Are French Fries Gluten Free?

Eating homemade meal could be a difficult task for individuals with a busy schedule and less free time to themselves. Most Americans spend more time eating various fast foods than cooking home made a meal. Fast food has become very popular and a venue for various social gatherings, date, birthday celebration and festive period celebrations.

We live in an era where it is easier to branch a fast food and make home delivery of your favorite fast food than cook at home. There is an average of 1 fast food or restaurant per region in most developed countries. These statistics encourage indulging in fast food and discourages home –made a meal.

Fast food is not totally bad when eaten in moderation especially when used as a form of reward for kids. Most Millennials prefer to have conversations or special moments at public places such as fast food due to its serene environment and safety.  Stopping fast food seems like an impossible task, but at least it is advisable to have adequate knowledge about what you are eating. There are various types of diseases associated with gluten such as celiac disease, gluten sensitivity. gluten allergy, gluten ataxia, and dermatitis herpititformis. This is the primary reason you need to know if the French fries you are eating is gluten-free.

Before thinking about the effects of gluten, you need to what gluten is and where it can be found. Gluten is a storage protein compositions found in the endosperm of cereals. It consists of prolamins and glutelins and can be found in various foods such as wheat, wheat, oats, and barley.

Uses of Gluten

  1. Bakery products: It can be used in the production of various bakery products such as bread. It gives the bread a unique taste and appearance when gluten is used. This type of bread should be avoided by people with gluten-related diseases.
  2. Meat: Gluten can be used for imitation of meat by various food companies. It is one of the major ingredients used in meat imitation. These imitated meats resemble chicken, beef, or duck with the help of gluten.
  3. Beer: Gluten is one of the vital ingredients used in the production of beer and soy sauce. It gives it a characteristic taste and texture and used by many alcohol producing company.
  4. Food Stabilization: This would come as a surprise to a lot of ketchup and ice cream lovers that gluten is a hidden stabilizing agent in the production of ketchup and ice cream. This makes ketchup and ice cream a hidden etiology of many reactions experienced by celiac diseases patients. Most people with gluten insensitivity often report to the hospital with problems after consuming a lot of ketchup and ice cream.
  5. Cosmetics: Gluten is also used to manufacture a lot of cosmetic and dermatological products. It is more common in dermatological and cosmetic creams and could be dangerous for patients suffering from celiac diseases and gluten sensitivity.
  6. Animal foods: Pet foods are often rich in protein to meet the daily requirement and metabolical need of the pets. These protein contents can be enhanced by the addition fo gluten. Most pet feed manufacturing company uses added gluten to meet the recommended protein demands of their products.

Are fast Food French-fries Gluten Free

Some restaurant sells gluten-free fries why Most French fries you eat at conventional fast foods contains gluten and can be harmful to celiac disease and gluten sensitive patients.

Many argued that the only time the gluten component of food products is dangerous is when it doesn’t exceed the limit recommended by food and drug association.

Most gluten-free labeled food products simple means the gluten component is not enough to cause harm not necessarily the absence of gluten.

Some restaurants and Fast Food companies often use a special type of gluten-containing flour to coat their fries. Seasoning containing gluten are also one of the most common ways French fries are labeled with a lot of gluten. The natural beef flavor of most fast food companies contains a lot of hydrolyzed wheat and milk which are gluten rich products.

When it comes to making a French fries gluten free, there are a lot of factors such as the form of the potato and the method of frying. The forms of potatoes used could are battered or performed. The type of fryer used for frying these French fries goes a long way in determining the gluten concentration. Most Restaurants and fast food companies boast of using a gluten-free fryer, but what happens if the fryers are not specially dedicated to the French fries. The types of food products that were previously fried in the fryer could contaminate the French fries. It is always advisable to use special and dedicated fryers for your fresh fries if you work in a food company or restaurant.

The fact that French fries are made from potatoes is not enough reason to assume that they are gluten-free. One of the best ways to eat healthy and gluten-free French fries in the restaurant is to read the food labels and ask questions. The most frequently asked questions by fitness enthusiast or people suffering from gluten-related diseases are these fries gluten free? Or do you use dedicated or special fryers for the French fries or fry all food products with the same fryer? These questions would help you determine if the French fries are truly gluten-free or based on assumptions.

Most Restaurant and fast foods sell gluten containing French fries because they use fryers previously used to fry other gluten-containing compounds such as battered chicken fingers. The ingredients used in producing the French fries and the type of fryer used have a great impact on the gluten concentration of the fries.

Gluten-free French fries are present in some restaurants that use dedicated and special fryers for their tasty French fries. Customers always have the privilege to know what they are eating and ask questions when in doubts or confusion. If you are allergic to gluten or suffering from any gluten-related diseases, find out the if the French fries you are eating is gluten free or not.



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