Tobacco smoking has caused a lot of problems. Despite the evidence that it affects the health of people, it is still with us, and smokers are increasing day by day. When electronic cigarettes hit the market, most people believed now we can do without the smoking and have fun vaping. The way e-cigarettes function is by heating the liquid to produce smoke of different flavors and constituent, even though the appearance of smoke is that of the vapor produced.

The handheld device uses a battery to power it, and a lot has happened since the inception of electronic cigarettes or e-cig as it is referred to commonly. E-cig contains the e-liquid or e-juice as it is called may contain nicotine, and some other people it may not be added, the other constituents of e-juice are propylene glycol, glycerol, and many flavorings. E-cigs have evolved from what it used to be, it has improved to vape pens, and now we have advanced personal vaporizers (APV) or simply modes.

A randomized study dug into the theory that vaping assists smoke addicts in combatting tobacco smoking, but the evidence of the trial refuted this. It was found that the incidences of vaping are highest in people who were already smokers even before they started vaping. The other result they found was that vaping did not deter them from quitting tobacco smoking.

Furthermore, there have been serious controversies regarding vaping, apart from the argument that it helps smokers to combat their addiction. Some opposing groups propagate the fact that it could even encourage more people especially youths to smoke more and get addicted to nicotine in the process. However, research on the subject has brought to light that it can be dangerous to enjoy the e-cigarettes, and that vaping can even be lead to other severe cases of the medical condition.

Study Finds Flavoring in Vaping Flavors cause Heart Disease and Stroke

Many studies have carried out on the topic of vaping, and many more are being made about vaping, to discover if it is really safe for consumption in people. Based on some of the conclusion discovered was that there are some side effects that people suffer after vaping for a while and some of them are:

  • Dry mouth
  • Sore mouth
  • A headache
  • Tongue inflammation
  • Black tongue
  • Dizziness
  • Sleepiness
  • Sleeplessness
  • Allergies
  • Chest pain
  • Breathing problems

The above ones are those that have been confirmed, but there have been other cases of people who showed signs of changes found in the lungs of people who smoke tobacco. This made scientists question the safety of using e-cigarettes, and they also discovered that some people even develop issues affecting their memory, and some even start having diminished sexual activity. At the same time, those side effects have been observed to disappear over time depending on the individual practices and lifestyles.

It is not understandable now that our body often turns on things that are introduced into the body, as it may not understand them or perceive them as harmful to the system. Without proper management, some people’s body will even reject a transplanted heart that is freshly placed in the body to assist the whole system is being nourished and energized. The same thing goes for vaping, when these aerosols are introduced into the respiratory tracts, there is no telling that the body will not try rejecting them depending on the immune system of the individual. However, as soon as the body gets acquainted with the substances, in this case, the vapor, the adverse effects experienced by the person reduces and disappears eventually.

Some evidence shows the symptoms and adverse effects suffered from smoking tobacco are immensely reduced in people who switch to vaping, however, if they combine the two, their condition may even worsen over time. Some things can be done to avoid the side effects in people who need to switch to vaping rather than continue smoking.

  • Dry mouth: The key to dryness in any situation is quite simple and the primary thing required is hydration. The lesson is water is vital in avoiding dehydration, which can lead to dry skin, flaky lips, and itchy throat.
  • Dizziness: If you experience dizziness and you vape, the most likely cause is the amount of nicotine you vape. When that is put into consideration, try to flip it a bit, either use a lesser nicotine-containing e-juice or enjoy your vaping at a higher resistance.
  • Allergies: Some advanced personal vaporizers come with a PG/VG base, and this could be the reason for the allergy. The PG is capable of triggering allergic reactions even though it is approved by the FDA, while VG is much safer. VG is derived from vegetables, therefore switching to vaping an e-liquid that has higher VG base will significantly cause a cessation in the occurrences of the allergic reactions.

Vaping has received applauds for the technological innovation that eliminates combustion and such related dangers to the second-hand smokers, but that may not be entirely true. There have other substances present in the e-liquid that may be carcinogenic and harmful to the system of those inhaling the vapor being puffed around them. There will always be groups that will keep campaigning for strict laws to be implemented so as not to introduce another addictive practice into the society. This is because Doctors believe there are effective ways that are proven and already established to combat addiction to tobacco smoking, and introducing electronic cigarettes is not a solution but a new distraction from the same problem.





The truth remains that anything done in excess without moderation can be dangerous, and vaping is definitely one of them requiring proper control. The best thing to do is to make adequate research on the type of e-juice you want to vape, the type of vaporizer you intend to use and be curious of the amount of nicotine contained in the e-liquid. Also, put into consideration that there are batteries in the vaporizer and adequate care should be given to it, not to forget that it should be properly cleaned as it goes into the mouth and can transmit dirt directly into the body.




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