There may be many health benefits to responsible use of CBD oil When you hear the word cannabis what comes to mind? In the past years, this word has been said with disdain, and the use of cannabis has been prohibited. Some generations have been born to perceive cannabis as a hard drug which must be avoided, and most countries have made it illegal to possess such an item. In a nutshell, the word cannabis has been projected for so many years as an illegal substance and if possessed is punishable under the law.

Contrary to the bad publicity that cannabis has had for several years in the past, there are lots of benefits that it provides to the health of a human being. The relative spark of positives that cannabis has brought to the reality of humankind although might have been short-lived, it also has got people curious. This has led to more scientist looking into the possibilities of cannabis being more helpful to humanity than harmful, and recently so many benefits have been identified.

This has led to some countries now retracting on their initial claims of making the use of cannabis illegal as more and more states are now legalizing the use of marijuana. As a result of these discoveries, a product that is referred to have CBD Hemp Direct oil has rushed into popularity. Since we have been able to establish the fact that cannabis is beneficial to human health, it is necessary that we properly comprehend what cannabis is all about.

Cannabis is a plant also called marijuana, and it contains a chemical compound that is called cannabidiol or CBD. This compound is one of the 100 chemical compounds discovered in the marijuana plant, and it is non-intoxicating as it does not cause obvious euphoria effects that are connected to tetrahydrocannabinol1 or any other marijuana compound. Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is the major psychoactive cannabinoid that is found in marijuana, which creates the feeling of getting high that people often associate with marijuana.

The cannabidiol is very popular, and it is naturally used to solve numerous common health issues. However, in contrast to the psychoactive nature of the THC, CBD is not psychoactive. If you fall into the category of people that are suffering from pains and other symptoms, and you are looking for relief, CBD oil is a great option based on the mind-altering effect of marijuana.

In order to get the CBD oil, you extract it from the cannabis plant as you refine it by diluting it with a carrier oil such as hemp seed oil or coconut oil. Furthermore, on the popularity of the cannabidiol oil, the world of health and awareness has seen the oil gain commendable momentum as some scientific studies have revealed that it may ease symptoms of anxiety and chronic pain.

Here we are going to be discussing the various benefits of the cannabidiol oil to human health below:

Relieve Pain

Scientists have been able to discover that the oil could relieve pain. As far back as 2900 B.C., marijuana has been used to treat pain as certain components of cannabis, including CBD oil, are responsible for its pain-relieving effects. The body contains numerous systems that are responsible for regulating different functions such as appetite, sleep, pain, immune responses, and sleep.

One of these systems is called endocannabinoid, and it is produced by the body as neurotransmitters that bind to the cannabinoid receptors in the nervous system. Surveys have shown that cannabidiol oil can help reduce chronic pain as it influences the activities of the endocannabinoid receptor. The oil interacts with neurotransmitters and also reduces inflammation, studies also show that the combination of THC and CBD could be so effective in treating pains that are related to arthritis and multiple sclerosis. In some countries, oral sprays such as Sativex is approved because it is effective for treating pains related to multiple sclerosis as it contains THC and CBD oil.

Cancer Treatment

The use of cannabidiol oil can help alleviate cancer-related symptoms. It can also treat side effects that are related to the treatment of cancer such as vomiting, pain, and nausea. Some studies show that some individuals that were treated with the extract that contains both CBD and THC compounds felt a major reduction in pain as against those who were given only THC extract.

The cannabidiol oil can also help decrease vomiting, chemotherapy-induced nausea that is the most chemotherapy-related side effects for people that have cancer. The compound may also contain cancer-fighting properties as it is still subject to further research in order to evaluate its safety and efficacy.

 Depression and Anxiety

CBD oil can also help in the decrease in anxiety and depression. The issue of anxiety and depression is a mental disorder that can have a devastating effect on the health and well-being of an individual. This is a common disorder that, according to the World Health Organization (WHO), is the most significant contributor to disability in the whole world, but the anxiety disorder is ranked sixth. The use of pharmaceutical drugs to treat depression and anxiety, which is the usual method of treatment causes a number of side effects such as agitation, insomnia, sexual dysfunction, headache, and drowsiness.

The use of other substance to treat depression and anxiety-like benzodiazepines can be addictive, which may lead to substance abuse. These are the reasons why people who live with any of these disorders should be more open-minded to try some natural approach, such as the use of cannabidiol oil for disorder treatment. This is because the oil has been promising in the treatment of depression and anxiety.

These oils have also been proven to be safe for the treatment of anxiety and insomnia in children that have post-traumatic stress disorders. So no matter how you feel about your children’s persistent issues of post-traumatic stress, the use of CBD oil could help them solve this problem.

Reduces Acne

Some people now use cannabidiol oil on their skin as they treat acne. It is believed that the use of CBD oil can help reduce acne. There are over 9% of individuals that suffer from the effects of this common skin condition called acne.

There are numerous causes of acne, for instance, bacteria, genetics, overproduction of sebum and underlying inflammation, but according to a scientific study that was made of recent CBD oil has the capacity to treat acne. This is as a result of the anti-inflammatory properties that it contains and its capability to decrease the production of sebum. This marijuana oil extract can be used to stop the emission of excessive sebum by the sebaceous gland cell.

It also prevents applied anti-inflammatory actions and the initiation of pro-acne agents such as inflammatory cytokines. This could just be an effective, efficient, and safe way to treat acne based on the anti-inflammatory qualities of CBD oil and its ability to regulate the overproduction of sebum emanating from the sebaceous gland.

Promotes Heart Health

The cannabidiol oil is very beneficial to the health of the heart as recent studies show some of the benefits of the oil for the heart, such as lowering the blood pressure. When you are suffering from blood pressure, you are exposed to several high-risk health issues such as heart attack, high cholesterol, and stroke. The use of CBD oil can be very helpful with cases of high blood pressure because of the stress-reducing and anti-anxiety properties that the CBD oil contains that helps reduce blood pressure.

It also helps decrease the number of cell deaths that occur with heart disease and inflammation as a result of its stress-reducing and antioxidant properties. So the cannabidiol oil is very beneficial to human health as it prevents the damage of the heart and lowers the pressure.


Helps Quit Smoking

The cannabidiol is also beneficial in areas where you decide to quit smoking and withdraw from drugs. So no matter how hopeless your case might seem, some evidence that are promising shows how helpful cannabidiol is when it comes to quitting smoking. According to a published pilot study on Addictive Behaviors, it was discovered that smokers that use inhalers that contain cannabidiol oil ended up smoking a lesser amount of cigarettes than expected with no further craving for nicotine.

People that suffer from opioid addiction disorders can experience a promising treatment from CBD oil. In the case of cannabidiol oil, more research is required as it can help stop or reduce withdrawal symptoms.

Treatment of Epilepsy

Cannabidiol oil is also useful in the treatment of epilepsy, and it has been approved by the FDA after it has been researched for effectiveness and safety. The FDA has permitted the use of CBD oil as a therapy for some rare conditions like epileptic seizures in 2018.

Healthy Brain Maintenance

The cannabidiol oil can really be used to maintain the health of the brain as it develops resistance to degeneration and trauma. It is also neuroprotective as it helps regulate and preserve the health of the brain. Cannabidiol oil has numerous actions on the brain as they remove the damaged cells and improve the efficacy of mitochondria.

The combination of the CBD and other various antioxidants in marijuana helps decrease glutamate toxicity. The glutamate, when in excess, can stimulate the nerve cells in the brain as the brain becomes highly stimulated to the extent that the brain cells get damaged or dies. The application of the cannabinoids could help protect the brain cells from getting damaged as it keeps the organ functioning properly and healthy. It also had an anti-inflammatory effect on the brain.

When you grow old, your brain begins to age as the production of new neurons slows significantly down. So, for you to stop degenerative diseases and preserve the health of your brain, the brain needs to continue to create cells. Therefore the low dosage of THC and CBD boots the production of new cells and also prevents the degeneration of already existing cells in the brain.

Alkaline Water Infused With CBD Oil

The CDB oil compound is a derivative from hemp and has so much wellness benefits as it would not get you intoxicated as marijuana would. Though cannabidiol is an oil-based compound that has been extracted from cannabis, infusing CDB oil in alkaline water would help the body make it easier to absorb all the beneficial substance of the improved bioavailability. In order to properly absorb all the wellness component of the compound, CBD oil in alkaline water makes it easier for the body.

This happens via the procedure of emulsification, i.e. it would allow the body to maximize all the benefits of the alkaline water when consumed orally. This process would convert the CBD oil into powder as it mixes properly with water. Although it is still an oil technically, it would be presented to the body in the nano-sized piece as it is made into capsules with other materials for the body to absorb. This procedure makes sure that the CBD oil stays stable when it is consumed orally. It would give you a better rate of absorption than other cannabidiol products can’t offer.

Other Uses of CBD Oil

There are various ways by which the cannabidiol oil alkaline water can be consumed in the home. It can be added to whatever you have planned to eat or drink as it can be added to your recipe when you are preparing your smoothie. When you are boiling your pasta, you could use the CBD oil alkaline water even though it might cost more. It can also be added to any food item as all these food combinations with the alkaline water helps for easy absorption.

So, studies have shown that CBD oil has the abilities to remedy numerous health issues that are common such as anxiety, heart disease, and depression. Learning how to show compassion to others also helps relive anxiety and depression. Thinking more of others and less of self encourages  more joyful mind and spirit.

It can also provide a natural alternative for people with cancer and pain. Studies on the potential health benefits of CBD oil is going on as other therapeutic uses are new and would are sure to be discovered.