The location of where one buys a house is an important one, besides the cost of the house, one has to also consider the neighbors, and the amenities available in the area. Choosing to live near water is like buying peace of mind. This is because of the tranquility and quietness that comes with such environment. Buying a property near water is always worth the money spent. The cool wind that blows at night, the sound of the moving water and the fresh air is something everyone should enjoy. Living near water has some therapeutic effect on the mind. For example, imagine relaxing in your home, with a view of the water, after a long day in the city, with its heavy traffic and loud noises. Below are some of the advantages of living near water;


  1. It’s an asset that keeps appreciating: Getting a house near a body of water is always an opportunity. This is because the demand is always more than the supply. This makes acquiring a property near a water body a good financial decision. Apart from the beautiful scenery, peace of mind and quiet that comes with living near water, it is also a good financial investment, that would keep appreciating with time.
  2. The beautiful scenery: There are not too many things associated with mornings that could be more pleasant than waking up to a nice view of the water body. This is what you get when you live near water. This kind of view has a way of taking away one’s stress and worries. It’s almost impossible to wake up to the sight of water and be sad.
  3. Quietness: There is one thing common to billionaires; it’s that they love to live far away from the city. They like to isolate themselves to where they would be no noise or any form of disturbance. They do this because of the quietness that comes with it. A quiet environment relaxes the mind and allows room for creativity and productivity. This is what you people get when you live near water. The peace and quiet are almost therapeutic. Living near water enhances creativity and boosts productivity.
  4. Sunshine: Staying by a body of water is almost equivalent to bringing the beach to your house. This is because you can achieve almost everything you want in a beach, by visiting the river. As an illustration, people sit by the river to just take in some fresh air, or fish, but at the same time exposing their skin to the sun. The sun rays help the body in vitamin D production. Vitamin D is important for the bones. Sufficient vitamin D in the body protects an adult from having diseases such as osteoporosis, and other bone-related
  5. Fresh air: The water body is abundant with a lot of negative ions, which improves the rate at which the body absorbs oxygen. They also assist the body in decreasing the number of free radicals in the body. Free radicals are capable of wrecking a lot of havoc to the body system, especially when they’re in high quantities. Cancer is one of such disease that could occur, as a result of excessive free radicals. In addition to this, the negative ions also help the body to balance and release endorphins. Endorphins are also referred to as the good hormones. The good hormones include serotonin and dopamine. They improve our mood, takes away stress and makes us more comfortable. This is another reason to consider getting a house near a body of water.

Apart from the advantages above, below are 20 health benefits of living near water.

  1. It boosts the immune system: Living near a body of water has a way of boosting the immune system. The tranquil and peace of mind reduces one’s stress level, thereby reducing cortisol. A reduction in cortisol level leads to a corresponding improvement of the body immune functions.
  2. It is good for the mind: There is nothing more satisfying in the morning than waking up to the sight of a flowing body of water and the quiet sounds that comes with it.
  3. Fresh air: Living in modern cities comes with a lot of air pollution. This pollution is usually from cars, industries and so on. Living near a body of water eliminates all these concerns. The air from the water is always fresh and free of toxic gases.
  4. Soothing sounds: It’s common practice for people to sleep to recorded sounds of slowly flowing water. This is commonly used in massage parlors, spas, and various relaxation centers. Living near water provides this kind of opportunity. You do not need to go to the spa to enjoy this kind of thing.
  5. The sight of water is therapeutic: According to research, staying and looking at a body of water has a way of relaxing and calming the mind. Some psychologists have observed that bodies of water have a way of relieving stress.
  6. Buying a property near a body of water is a good financial decision: The awareness that your property would keep appreciating calms the mind. Knowing that you can always use your property as collateral for obtaining loans from the bank, and handling your business keeps the mind at rest.
  7. It’s a good relaxation spot: Relaxing near a body water is one of the activities people look forward to each summer. Family does have picnics around bodies of water because of the calmness and cool breeze.
  8. People often engage in fishing as sport and relaxation.
  9. Fishes can be harvested and consumed from the water.
  10. People often swim in the water if it’s deep and clean enough.
  11. It is devoid of noise, which also helps relax the mind.
  12. Individuals that live near water tend to sleep better.
  13. Prolonged life: This can be attributed to the quality of air in the environment.
  14. More productivity: Having a clear and stress-free mind boost productivity.
  15. Encourages fitness and healthy living
  16. Reduces the risk of being depressed.
  17. Improves our mental health
  18. Helps us to be more active: The fresh air and oxygen from the water make the brain more active.
  19. Makes people happier: Psychologists have observed that people that live water are usually happy.
  20. Plants can be grown for consumption purposes




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