Multiple health issues can lead to poor sexual life. These issues may come as common illnesses, and then they start to deteriorate into serious health challenges. These health challenges would not just harm one’s sex life but also go ahead to affect another aspect of one’s life in general. When we understand the numerous conditions attached to having a proper and healthy sexual experience, then its possible to also experience otherwise. The process of having the sexual life of an individual affected is also called sexual dysfunction. This happens to be a series of conditions that affect the sex life of an individual. One of the areas where the individual starts to experience the sexual dysfunctions is in the individual’s drive for sex.

When a person begins to find it difficult to get sexually aroused, it becomes clear that the person has started experiencing sexual dysfunction. For men, it comes as difficulty in getting an erection, sustaining, and maintaining it. For women, it may be suspected as reduced libido. Abnormal sex life can deprive the individual of getting to orgasm as well as also causing premature ejaculation.

Sometimes the person also feels less interested in having sex because of the pain she or he experiences during the intercourse, and this is referred to as dyspareunia. In this situation, sexual intercourse becomes unpleasurable, and this can start affecting the individual’s moods, relationship, and their total well-being. Some families have been separated through similar issues, and without proper and prompt management, this can deteriorate into a worse situation.

While discussing the issues that lead to sexual dysfunction, we can always consider the emotional factors as well as the physical factors too. The combination of these two factors can be vital in the development processes that lead to sexual dysfunction. Then the medical perspective is another major aspect of sexual dysfunction. This aspect talks about the diseases that harm an individual’s sex life.

Some medical conditions and diseases have been observed to aggravate the risks of sexual dysfunction further. So here we are going to be discussing the various diseases and medical conditions that can harm an individual’s sex life. Different diseases can cause sexual dysfunction, and they are going to be explained in this article.

Cardiovascular Diseases

One of the diseases that can cause sexual dysfunction is cardiovascular diseases such as high blood pressure (hypertension). There are lots of cardiovascular disease such as hypertension and also peripheral vascular disease. This disease affects the supply of blood into the areas of the body that is far away from the heart. This is done by damaging the small blood vessels that does the blood supply.

This situation that has occurred in the blood vessels would lead to the flow of blood to the genitals reduced — thereby affecting the capacity for the male or female to get aroused. When the process becomes difficult to achieve, then sexual intercourse becomes unpleasant and almost impossible between sexual partners.

This also affects the male’s capacity to maintain his erectile capacity. When the male’s penis is unable to sustain erectile for sexual intercourse, it becomes an erectile dysfunction disease. This also is a disease of the blood vessel. The side effects of the drugs that are used to treat cardiovascular disease can present as sexual dysfunction.

This can be as serious as affecting the ejaculation of the individual and also causing erectile dysfunction. So it is very important for an individual to see the doctor and adhere to the cardiovascular disease treatment regimen correctly. This is to prevent side effects that affect one’s performance sexually.



Another disease that can be very harmful to an individual’s sex life is diabetes. Diabetes can go as far as damaging the nerves that can cause orgasm without ejaculation in what is referred to as neuropathies. This disease, just like cardiovascular disease, can affect the blood vessel as well. In males, it would make the blood vessel that supplies blood to the erectile tissue of the penis narrow and blocked with plaques. Thereby making it difficult for the penis to get an erection.

Then in females, it can be awful for the vaginal wall. This is because it could cause the blood vessel to become occluded, which would then lead to decreased blood flow. Then when the blood flow is decreased in the vaginal area, it affects the lubrication of the vaginal, which is unpleasant. This then affects the vaginal, as it becomes too dry for comfortable sexual intercourse.

This is a severe situation in the sense that it affects the mood and relationship of the woman with her partner. These are the ways the disease can go ahead to affect the physical and emotional health of the female. This condition exposes the female to a huge risk of unending yeast infection.

When individuals that have diabetes try to treat sexual dysfunction, they should make sure they try to control their glucose levels. So, with the control of the glucose, diabetes would be well controlled then the risk of other complications with regards to sex and sexual related problems would then reduce. Exercise is also crucial to burn off the excess fat in the body that may be blocking blood vessels of the reproductive organs. Then the individual would have a proper sexual experience with reduced risk of any further complication. It is essential for individuals to make efforts to be drug compliant when they have diabetes as it could deteriorate into other conditions such as limb ulcers and sexual dysfunction.


Good food is vital not just for healthy sex life but for one’s entire health. It has been discovered that certain fruits and food are good for increasing sexual drives and sometimes as aphrodisiac leading to a pleasurable sexual experience. Some fruits such as Kiwi, Banana, and Strawberry have been discovered to make the reproductive organs thrive better compared to some other ones. These fruits, coupled with a balanced diet, provide the energy and prepares the body to perform optimally during sex.

Good health is vital for an excellent sexual experience, among other things. This is why it is good to cultivate a healthy lifestyle. This could be the key to keeping your partner, your family and enjoying a wonderful life.