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Quality of health decreases with age regardless of the sex. One out of 2 seniors after 50 deal with conditions that they haven’t dealt with before, a bigger percentage gets treatment for multiple conditions, and it’s not unusual to be on multiple medications in old age. The age might be a number to you, but aging affects all that makes up the body.

The cells, tissues, joints, and organs become weaker and less functional, which causes different types of diseases depending on which is affected the most.

Heart problems, eye problems, and organ malfunctions are more likely as we age. The acai berry juice Monavie can help your body function at its best. Acai berries are full of much needed antioxidants that can help prevent and repair the inflammation that can cause havoc.

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More often than not, ill-health at old age is a consequence of the poor choice of lifestyle we indulged in when we were younger. Meaning we can reduce how much health problems we battle when we age by living a healthy life when younger. Regular medical checkups are advised for everyone, but the frequency might need to increase as we age because of increased susceptibility to diseases and better chances of dealing with them when discovered earlier, particularly if the condition is cancer-related. Health issues that might knock on your door after 50 include the following:


All parts of the body become weaker as we age, this includes the bones. The bones lose their density and thus become weak. This is responsible for many accidental falls and broken bones in old age. In order to prevent osteoporosis, eat food high in calcium, eat lots of protein, vegetables, and engage in some strength training to strengthen your weight-bearing joints.

High Blood Pressure 

Unhealthy lifestyle is the major cause of high blood pressure, smoking, drinking, and poor diet can cause high blood pressure. Interestingly, aging can cause high blood pressure despite living a very healthy lifestyle. Research has shown that older adults are more likely to have high blood pressure. This significantly increases the chances of cardiovascular diseases like heart failure and shock, which can lead to death. You can reduce the risk of high blood pressure in old age by living a healthy lifestyle which includes regular exercise, avoiding smoking, drinking, healthy diets, and reduction of salt intake.


The risk of having diabetes and being diabetic increases after the age of 40. Therefore, avoiding diabetes is key to enjoying old age, as having diabetes increases the chances of stroke and heart diseases. Small wounds might take an eternity to heal and worsens with diabetes implicated. To reduce the risk of diabetes, cut sugar in any form from your food, exercise regularly, and stop harmful habits like smoking and drinking alcohol.


As we grow older, it becomes increasingly difficult to hold urine. Prostate enlargement in men is the primary cause of incontinence in men while women may suffer pelvic floor atrophy, which reduces their ability to hold urine for an extended period.

Looking for a great senior care center near to help you feel better?

Click on the link below to find the best senior care center near you!

Find a Senior Care Specialist Near Me

Hearing Problems

There are a few causes of hearing problems, and when the cause is old age, the condition is known as presbycusis. This condition makes it hard for older people to stay in conversation as hearing every word spoken to them could be a real battle. This can lead to isolation and depression. Hearing aids and digital devices that can help translate speech to text can help deal with it. Avoid subjecting your ears to continuous loud noises to reduce the chances of losing your hearing.


This eye condition makes vision blurry by clouding the lens of the eyes, which is responsible for vision. It is less likely to have cataracts at a young age, 80% of the diagnoses affect people 50 years and above. To prevent cataracts, wear sunshades to reduce the exposure of eyes to the sun, eat healthily, and visit your ophthalmologist regularly to detect any eye-related issue at an early stage.

 Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD)

Several diseases that block airflow and make breathing difficult are known as COPD. The condition is prevalent in old age, and it’s rare for young people to develop COPD. COPD is classified into 2 types, namely Emphysema and chronic bronchitis. The major cause of emphysema is smoking, this condition causes damage to the lungs, making breathing difficult and could be accompanied by persistent coughing as well. The major cause of chronic bronchitis is infections.

Vision Loss

Apart from cataracts, old age can cause other types of eye diseases that can lead to a partial or total loss of vision. Vision damaging diseases peculiar to old age are age-related macular degeneration, glaucoma, and retinopathy.

Heart Diseases

Another source of worry with growing old is the susceptibility of older adults to heart-related problems. This is because of the heart getting bigger and tighter, causing life-threatening conditions like heart failure and heart attacks. Regular exercise and a healthy diet can reduce the chances of suffering heart diseases at old age.


Growing old means a weaker immune system. The weaker immune system translates to frequent infections. If you are not the type that had several infections when younger, don’t be surprised if you catch the flu or have skin infections like eczema as you grow old. These infections disappear with treatment. Always check with your doctor to be sure such is just an infection or symptoms of a bigger health issue.


This type of arthritis is a gradual decline of the cartilages protecting the major joints of the body, responsible for weight-bearing. It culminates and reaches its peak at old age, causing severe pains in the affected joints. Use of anti-inflammatory drugs and loss of weight are common ways of fighting osteoarthritis.

Bad Posture/Reduction in Height

Another worry about growing up is becoming shorter and becoming less straight. The spine significantly curves with age, causing both reductions in height and disfiguring of shape. You can slow down the rate at which the spine bends by performing the regular posture-related exercise to strengthen your spine. Talk to your fitness instructor about activities that will strengthen your back.


This a decline in cognitive functions. Dementia affects everything from speech, hearing, thinking, concentration, and mental abilities like calculating or recalling events, both old and new. Chronic dementia can make people unable to identify their relatives and have issues finding their way back to their homes.

Dementia is a killer, it kills by isolation and depression. Reach out today to any relative of yours that may be suffering from dementia, provide care for them in terms of needs and human attention. Cognitive decline is normal, but there are ways of reducing the rate. This includes regular physical and mental exercise as well as a healthy lifestyle.

Seniors are most susceptible to diseases, and many people spend their old age frequenting hospital for treatments and checkups as well as stockpiling drugs while having a long list of food to stay clear off. The lifestyle in our youthful years influences what we go through at old age. Most of the bad habits you indulged in for years are very likely to catch up with you as you age. As with many health conditions, healthy lifestyle of proper diet, regular exercise, and healthy habits will reduce the chances of living your latter years with diseases and conditions.

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Looking for a great senior care center near to help you feel better?

Click on the link below to find the best senior care center near you!

Find a Senior Care Specialist Near Me

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