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Hepatitis A


As promised, a nice summary of hepatitis A.


Other than the same old, don’t practice medicine on yourself or your loved one if you suspect someone has hepatitis A, because it might just be more than just hepatitis A… I have one other disclaimer.

While I don’t have any super clever pneumonics for this presentation, I do notice an Awful lot of “A‘s“ popping up here And there.


What is Hepatitis A?


Hepatitis A is the one that you get from raw shellfish. Or your girlfriend gives it to you because she got it from a shellfish and didn’t tell you. Or she got it from a guy she was cheating on you with, and he got it from a shellfish. Like that. So… Don’t be shellfish? Full disclosure is the rule when it comes to transmittable illnesses!

Please. Or I’ll subject you to more bad humor.

So. Sexually transmitted. Foodborne. Spread the word, not the disease.

Now back to a few more A‘s.

Academics. It’s largely the subject of academic epidemiology discussion, because there’s a lot of studying, and really not much going on.

But I guess everyone in Actuality does get treatment in one way or Another…

All of those involved in the hepatitis A discussion really do get some sort of therapy. Whether it’s preventative care, or public health Awareness. These Are All treatments of A sort, one way or Another.

And if you come into contact with it in a group setting, all recommendations point to not returning to work or school. This is of course to prevent epidemics.


How to Treat and Prevent Hepatitis A


If there’s been an exposure, you should receive a hepatitis A vaccine.

If you actually get hepatitis A infection, you should be treated with An immunoglobulin shot.

All those who get hepatitis A develop immunity for life. And… There is…

Almost no fulminant hepatitis… Almost no potential for a relapsing carrier state.


Notice the preponderance of “A’s”…

Hepatitis “A”

Academic epidemics

All receive some sort of therapy: yes

  1. Avoid RTW/S (return to work or school) to prevent epidemics
  2. “A” exposure -> TX: A vaccine
  3. Actual infection-> TX: A Ig (An immunoglobulin shot)


Can you be Cured of Hepatitis A?


All develop immunity for life

Almost no fulminant hepatitis

Hepatitis B discussion coming up next.


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