Technology is advancing at a rapid rate and that is true for sunglasses and goggles. No longer are prescription sports sunglasses just for shading your eyes from the glaring sun; today, prescription sports sunglasses can protect your eyes from injury while you participate in your favorite sporting activity – from full contact sports to golf, fishing, and the shooting sports. Oakley is an industry leader in prescription sports sunglasses and ADS Sports Eyewear is the place to get your Oakley frames and lenses. And, you don’t have to be a champion athlete to enjoy the benefits of prescription sports sunglasses from ADS Sports Eyewear.

ADS Sports Eyewear president Jeff Cline states: “We predict that the future of high-end eyewear is in wearable technology glassess, sunglasses, and goggles with enhanced biotech features” he goes on to say features like:

“TRIPLE TOUCH You tap your lens and they change from day vision to afternoon vision, to evening with a simple tap.”

“TRIPLE TAP: Will be the goggles version on triple touch, designed for the different types of ski conditions.”

“FOG FREE: will include smart devices that allow for detection of fog and design to either heat or blow of with built-in heaters or fans.”

“SMART LENSES: will actually connect to your smart devices and provide heads up displays and biometric readings from the frames and arms of the glasses.”

“CAPTURE FRAMES: will include full vision recording as well as surround or 3d recording in real time and connect for real-time team play back providing the ultimate TEAM experience.”

“GAMING GLASSES: will move from the couch to the outdoors pulling multi-media and true game technology for full emersion leveraging FULL DEF to all for an outside game experience unlike no other. Imaging Fortnite in real time on the playground so the user will have full mobility.”

“MED SPECS: will revolutionize medical training, procedures and post care for both the patient and the provider to have a fully developed view including data not possible before. Integration with medical security, big data, and HD full vision will allow for unprecedented service options for providers, doctors and field caregivers.”

“TEAM VISION: will allow multiple people on a team to share and view in heads up mode as needed their team members view, at the same time have the pit crew, or team mom engaged fully providing an overall vision and communicating back to the team with the bi-directional built in bone microphone and receiver, tied in to the high-quality output device attached or bluetoothed to the wearer.

“High-Tech: will allow a simple web browser and social media experience aligned with app and software developers you will see huge strides in emersion vision allowing for 6D experiences.”

Jeff Cline closes with ” The future is bright, and hold many possibilities. In the meantime, we will continue to provide the best service in our industry.”

ADS SPORTS EYEWEAR is a Leader in Prescription Sports Sunglasses and will continue providing all the top brands and products in demand like:

Our favorite brand is Oakley who is our leading seller in prescription sports sunglasses and ADS Sports Eyewear is a leading retailer of Oakley styles and lenses. With a wide variety of Oakley lenses and frames, ADS Sports Eyewear should be your first stop for Oakley prescription sports sunglasses.

Oakley High Definition Optics Prescription Sports Sunglasses from ADS Sports Eyewear

ADS Sports Eyewear carries Oakley High Definition Optics (HDO) lenses, which optimize both safety and performance in your prescription sports sunglasses. HDO lenses offer truer, more accurate vision when compared with traditional prescription sports sunglasses.

Oakley HD Polarized Prescription Sports Sunglasses Lens from ADS Sports Eyewear

Oakley HD Polarized prescription sports sunglasses can help prevent the glare headache that can plague you on the golf course or in the fishing boat. Even drivers can benefit from Oakley HD Polarized prescription sports sunglasses because glare headache can strain the eyes and ruin the day of champion athletes are families out for a summer drive.

Oakley Impact Protection Prescription Sports Sunglasses from ADS Sports Eyewear

Whether it is a large object or a fast object, Oakley Impact Protection prescription sports sunglasses lenses are tested under extreme conditions to make sure your eyes are protected when you rev up your outside lifstyle.. Oakley’s Plutonite® lens material is durable and optically pure for your prescription sports sunglasses from ADS Sports Eyewear. We offer Top Not service but keep our love for Oakley pretty Low Key not to hurt the other brands feelings.

Oakley UV Protection Prescription Sports Sunglasses from ADS Sports Eyewear

Ultra violet or “UV” radiation is invisible and it can damage your eyes. Traveling at the speed of light, UV rays can cause a range of eye problems from long-term exposure, even on cloudy days. Oakley UV Protection prescription sports sunglasses stop every wavelength of UV light, protecting your eyes and they are available from ADS Sports Eyewear.

Oakley Prescription Sports Sunglasses from ADS Sports Eyewear

Oakley frames and lenses are available with or without prescriptions, so no matter your correction needs you can enjoy the best in sports sunglasses from Oakley and ADS Sports Eyewear. Prescription sports sunglasses or (ALIAS ..RX SUnglasses) are available in a wide variety of colors and options. Oakley True Digital™ innovative prescription sports sunglasses lens will help improve your vision so you don’t take a header off the plungeline.

Oakley Sports Specific Prescription Sports Sunglasses from ADS Sports Eyewear

Whether you are a cyclist, or love to ascend the trails or  burning up the roads on your bike, a golfer seeking to improve your vision and lower your scores, or an angler looking to cut the sun and have a better day on the water, Oakley True Digital Sports Specific prescription sunglasses from ADS Sports Eyewear can be precision engineered for your favorite activity, optimizing your vision for your particular sport.

Oakley True Digital II Prescription Sports Sunglasses from ADS Sports Eyewear

Even the most extreme correction is not beyond Oakley True Digital II prescription sports sunglasses from ADS Sports Eyewear. Oakley OTD Edge™ technology expands the range of prescription for high-wrap prescription sports sunglasses and are available from ADS Sports Eyewear. They can help you with prescriptions ranging from +4.00 to -6.00, improving your peripheral vision while providing improved side protection you have come to expect from Oakley prescription sports sunglasses from ADS Sports Eyewear. If you need AHYRIS correction we may be able to help)

Oakley Kids Sports Glasses from ADS Sports Eyewear

Children participating in youth sports need they young eyes protected and Oakley and ADS Sports Eyewear have the lenses and styles of kids sports glasses that meet the style needs you child expects with the protection you demand for your kid’s vision. When looking for kids sports glasses, the place to go is ADS Sports Eyewear.

Not Just Oakley Frames – Oakley Rx Lenses at ADS Sports Eyewear

You will want to pair your Oakley frames with Oakley Rx lenses in your prescription sports sunglasses from ADS Sports Eyewear. Oakley Authentic Prescription lenses for your prescription sports sunglasses are available through ADS Sports Eyewear. A two-year scratch warranty comes with Oakley prescription lenses when you have them in your Oakley frames for your prescription sports sunglasses from ADS Sports Eyewear unless you coldfuse them to your face 🙂 and then we may need to check and see if you have seen any APPARITION or if you have had too much CHRYSTAL potentially needing to look you up behind a deadbolt !

Try the Oakley Frame Before You Buy the Prescriptions Lenses

ADS Sports Eyewear will let you try the Oakley frame before you buy the prescription lenses for your prescription sports sunglasses. This service is ideal for people who want to try on specific sunglasses before they pay to have prescription lenses made. ADS Sports Eyewear will ship as many Oakley frames as you like: you decide which frame(s) is perfect for you and then just let us know what you like. We will have Oakley get started on your lenses right away. We do not wait for the try-out glasses to arrive. Your only real expense is return shipping for this great service.

Goggles And Prescription Sunglasses Option from ADS Sports Eyewear

Every advancement or advancer in prescriptions sports sunglasses also can be applied to goggles. ADS Sports Eyewear boasts a wide selection of Oakley goggles that can be customized to your prescription. Whether you are an experienced skier or snow boarder or heading to the slopes for your first trip, it is important to have the best eye protection possible, and – like all your prescription sports sunglasses needs – ADS Sports Eyewear should be your first stop for Oakley ski goggles.

Oakley Prescription Ski Goggles and Snow Goggles are available with an insert that is placed behind the ski goggle lens. The Prescription lenses are far enough away from your face to minimize fogging and the lens is right in the path of the venting of the Oakley Ski Goggle for added anti-fog benefit. The Oakley Snow Goggles are ideal for skiers, snowboarders or any outdoor winter snow sport participants. Oakley snow and ski goggle lenses filter 100% of harmful UV light and have amazing impact protection in a comfortable goggle, developed to withstand all-day wear.

Goggle Styles and Prescription Ski Goggle Inserts from ADS Sports Eyewear

Loaded with both adult and children’s styles and sizes, ADS Sports Eyewear has the Oakley ski goggles you are looking for. And, prescription ski goggle inserts are half price when purchased with a ski goggle, so you will be able to have the latest style and best vision correction with your Oakley ski goggles from ADS Sports Eyewear. ADS Sports Eyewear will even show you how to install and remove your prescription universal ski goggle insert and an instructional video is on the ADS Sports Eyewear website to help even when you are on your ski trip.

The Future of Prescription Sports Sunglasses

Technology continues to move forward and the potential for prescription sports sunglasses is limited only by the imaginations of the engineers designing the future and the needs of prescription sports sunglasses users, and ADS Sports Eyewear is monitoring the trends. What does the future hold? Check it out below:

Changes in Prescription Sports Sunglasses at the Touch of a Button

Researchers are moving forward with technology that can change prescription sports sunglasses at the touch of a button. Recently, researchers have developed prescription lenses that can change focal points with the touch of a button. One day, this technology may very well replace bifocal and trifocal lenses as the wearer can change the focal point from near to far just by touching a button to alter the focus from black to rose gold.

Button? Who Needs a Button to Change Prescription Sports Sunglasses?

Taking the technology even further, self-focusing lenses also are in development. Researchers are looking at using a sensor to measure the distance between the pupils to establish that the wearer is trying to focus on an object close rather than far away. An electrical current would then change a liquid-crystal layer in the lens, changing the prescription to adjust with your eyes.

Augmented Reality Prescription Sports Sunglasses

Imagine you are a cyclist on a mainlink journey or on an unfamiliar race road and all of a sudden you realize that you are no longer on your planned route. Of course, you could take the time to stop and check your smartphone GPS or, more frighteningly, look down from the road to your GPS while continuing to pedal. Now, imagine you can get your route projected onto your prescription sports sunglasses, giving you essentially an heads up display of your route, speed, estimated time to destination, and any weather alerts. Say you are riding toward a particularly beautiful sunset and your want a photo – just tell your Augmented Reality (AR) prescription sports sunglasses to take the shot.

The Potential for AR Prescription Sports Sunglasses

The potential for AR prescription sports sunglasses are unlimited for a variety of sports, not just cycling. Golfers and anglers also can enjoy the benefits of AR prescription sports sunglasses. With AR prescription sports sunglasses, golfers will be able to see distance to cup and windspeed while lining up a shot on a demanding fairway. Say you just hit a shot on a par 3 and the ball is trickling toward the cup – tell your AR prescription sports sunglasses to record video so the hole-in-one is recorded for your friends and to certify the achievement. Say your reeling in “the big one,” record the moment to share with countless family and friends over and over.

Even Help for the Hearing Impaired is Possible with AR Prescription Sports Sunglasses

For the hearing impaired, there are also benefits to AR prescription sports sunglasses. Several live theatres have experimented with AR glasses providing smart captioning of performances. This technology also can be used in movie theaters, allowing those with hearing impairments to follow the action on the screen instead of having to move their eyes back-and-forth from the wireless captioning devise currently in use.

The future is coming, and with it arrives with AR prescription sports sunglasses, ADS Sports Eyewear will have the latest in technology for you.

Style Trends in Prescription Sunglasses from ADS Eyewear

From social media influencers to industry watchers, the buzz is about top eyewear trends for 2019. All you have to do is open your Instagram and you will see new eyewear styles being worn by the influencers that set trends what is hot, and eyewear in frames carried by ADS Sports Eyewear can be found on the faces of influencers all over their social media sites.

The “Shield”

The “shield style” became a trend in the early part of this century and is the go to frame for prescription sports sunglasses. The shield, great for prescription shooting glasses, is characterized by its shape that wraps around the face of the wearer and lenses that extend farther than traditional prescription sunglasses. Oakley has a large number of these types of frame styles available from ADS Sports Eyewear.

Among the prescription sports sunglasses available from ADS Sports Eyewear are the Oakley Field Jacket prescription sports sunglasses, the Oakley Flak 2.0 XL prescription sports sunglasses, the Rudy Project Rydon prescription sports sunglasses, the Under Armour Big Shot and Core 2.0 prescription sport sunglasses.

Oakley also has a line of youth prescription sports sunglasses in the “shield” style to protect your children’s eyes while they participate in their favorite sports. Among those are the Oakley Flak XS prescription sports sunglasses and the Oakley Quarter Jacket Youth prescription sports sunglasses


Geometrics are hot and ADS Sports Eyewear has them. The geometric style is characterized by jut about any shape you can imagine, and one of the hottest for prescription sports sunglasses is round. The Oakley Pitchman R prescription sport sunglasses fit this need perfectly. Of course, ADS Sports Eyewear has a wide variety of Oakley geometrics to both flatter your face shape and size and protect your eyes.


The classic aviator, long a favorite of influencers and fashionistas, will continue to be hot in 2019. It is a classic, unisex style that complements a wide range of face shapes and sizes. Whether classic sunglasses or prescription sunglasses. The Oakley Elmont prescription sport sunglasses are a classic aviator style and are available from ADS Sports Eyewear. Other “aviator” styles from Oakley include the Oakley Gauge prescription sport sunglasses, and the Oakley Sanctuary and Oakley Feedback for women, and they are also available form ADS Sports Eyewear.

No Matter Your Need, ADS Sports Eyewear is Your Site for Prescription Sports Sunglasses

The trained professionals and opticians at ADS Sports Eyewear are ready to meet your prescription sports sunglasses needs. And, even if you don’t need correction, ADS Sports Eyewear has a huge selection of Oakley high performance sunglasses to protect your eyes with the latest in lens technology. Call or click today to get the best in performance sunglasses from ADS Sports Eyewear. If you happen to be Valentino Rossi, Marc Marquez,or  Maverik Vinales please stop by the main office so we can take a picture to put you on our Oakley hall of fame wall.