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Consumption of sugar affects the body in many ways. It can be the beneficiary when taken in the normal quantity and wreak havoc when it is too much in the system. It causes wrinkling of the skin, which makes the body age faster than it should have aged. The higher one’s body glucose level goes, the older one appears. It is crucial to stay clear of sugar, as well as foods and drinks that contain lots of sugar.

The body is immensely dependent on energy for its activities, and the basic way it gets it is from sugar. There are several forms of sugar, such as fructose, glucose, galactose, lactose, maltose, sucrose, and xylose. The body continually monitors the blood-glucose level. This is done for proper functioning. When there’s excess sugar in the body, it’s not good.

If you are obese or diabetic already, you want to watch your sugar level closely. Mobile blood-sugar monitors are available to assist in keeping close tabs on one’s glucose level. There are several ways to cut down on sugar in order for one to live healthily.

Replace Fizzy Drinks and Soda with Water

It’s normal to be thirsty and desire a cold drink. The challenge is that soda contains a lot of sugar. If you don’t burn the calories, you’ll most likely get fatter, and it is easier to replace soda drinks with water than working out at the gym.

Be Creative with Water

Water may seem boring to you, especially when trying to cut down on sugar. However, you can spice up your water with fruits and make it sparkling and more palatable to drink. You can add a freshly squeezed lemon or lime to give you a lovely home-brewed detox ale. You can add cucumber or apples if you prefer and place it in the fridge to be chilled, and this can be quite refreshing on a sunny day instead of carbonated drinks.

Replace Sugar with Artificial Sweeteners

You don’t have to wait till you have diabetes to use artificial sweeteners. This is a fantastic way to cut sugar for people with a sweet tooth. These sweeteners are beneficial as they have minute calories and still make your beverages sweet.

Take Fruits Instead of Candy

Who doesn’t love candy? Children are literarily super excited and energetic after taking sugar. This indulgence can linger until adulthood, and it could affect your dental health as well as other systems.

There’s a lot of tricks that can be done with fruits. You can eat them frozen, or fresh. There are many benefits to taking fruits, such as the vitamins, minerals, roughages, and energy they provide. Most fruits are sweet, and they’re much healthier compared to candies.


Yes, your eyes are not playing tricks on you. Chocolate is a good snack to munch on if you find it hard to cut down on sugar. Just play a mind trick on yourself and go for dark chocolate instead of the sweet ones. The darker the chocolate, the lower its sugar content. Some chocolate products will even display the percentage of their dark chocolate. You also get to benefit from the antioxidants and HDL it has to offer.

Looking for a great Gastroenterologist to help you feel better?
Click on the link below to find the best Gastroenterologist near you!

Find a Gastroenterologist Near Me

Be Patient with the Change

When people start reducing sugar, it can be difficult as the cravings keep coming, and other things they switch to, don’t taste as sweet. However, with time, those substitutes start tasting better and sweeter, as the tongue adjusts, and water becomes enjoyable after a while.

Get an Accountability Partner

Change is not easy, so when you want to embark on switching your sugar intake, it may be challenging as well. This is why getting a sugar buddy may be the best bet. You want to have someone that can hold you accountable if you’re going back on your resolution. This relationship won’t be successful unless you’re honest with the individual. It’s better if your choice is someone you spend a lot of time with.

Try Aromatic Tea Instead of Coffee

Not everyone enjoys drinking coffee without sugar. One may have to add a lot of sugar for the coffee to taste sweet. However, tea comes in several flavors, and some of them are so palatable that adding sugar to them may even ruin the taste. Savor flavored tea and leave your days of taking sugar behind.

Eat Three Square Meals

One of the reasons people take sugary things is to restore depleted energy. The probability of turning to sugary things is high when you are hungry. This is because one gets energy faster than when eating a proper meal at that moment. However, this sudden need for food and energy can be curbed by eating balanced diets regularly. If you eat your breakfast, lunch, and dinner, the chances of binge eating and being suddenly hungry are reduced. The benefit of feeding well is the lack of appetite that comes with a full belly deterring you from desiring binge eating.

Sugar is a good aspect of our diet, but since it is readily available one can easily consume too much. However, for the prevention of several health reasons, you need to watch your sugar intake. One of the key ways of achieving this is diet modifications. Also, note that too little sugar can be fatal as well, and with lifestyle modifications, you may not need so much sugar for energy.

Therefore, the right balance is necessary, and your sugar level can be monitored with a glucometer, which measures the blood glucose. The world is becoming aware and alert to the dangers of processed foods, and we are gradually at a point where something needs to be done actively. A conscious effort is the only thing that can make a difference.

Sugar-related disorders are quite expensive to manage, this is why it is not good to wait until one has such a disorder to start acting. Even if you already have a sugar-related problem, healthcare professionals would still advise that you cut down on your sugar intake. The above methods are quite advantageous and can be integrated into your lifestyle. Although, if you need more information, you can reach out to a healthcare professional near you, or a dietician or nutritionist in the area.

Looking for a great Gastroenterologist to help you feel better?
Click on the link below to find the best Gastroenterologist near you!

Find a Gastroenterologist Near Me