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Eating healthy and keep fit takes a lot of determination and consistency. There are a lot of fitness and nutrition awareness that shows us that, we are what we eat.  Eating clean and healthy is easier if you have the financial backup to achieve your goals.

Healthy eating involves substituting your fatty foods for more ex[pensive fruits and vegetables, salad dressings., low fats oils, and dairy products. It has been discovered that healthy foods are more expensive than their unhealthy counterparts.

The financial commitment needed for eating healthy is one of the greatest obstacles faced by a fitness enthusiast, or people with the desire to eat clean and look healthy. If you have a low pay job, or a lot of financial commitments, it is not enough reasons to give up on your fitness goals. Contrary to the popular belief, that eating on a budget means eating a lot of processed and unhealthy junks. There is a proper way to eat healthy on a budget, without sacrificing your fitness goals.


3 Major Rules for Eating Healthy on a Budget


Eating on a budget could be difficult, especially if you don’t  have adequate knowledge about spending less, buying more and eating healthy.  Eating clean, while running on a low budget, on a tight budget, is possible with these rules :

1. Impulse

Buying impulsively, is one of the most common ways of spending more than you planned. We have all been in that situation, where you entered a supermarket, and everything you see, suddenly looks This dilemma of buying impulsively, can be solved with proper planning and write a list before going for shopping. Writing a list keeps us focused on our basic needs.  Practice the habits of drafting your needs for stepping into a supermarket or mall. This helps in preventing impulsive buying.

2. Buy in Bulk

We are all aware that buying in bulk saves money and time, most supermarket and food companies have special discounts for buying in bulk. It is economical to buy multipurpose food items in bulk, buying chickens that can last for 20 meals, would save you the time spent on coming back frequently.Buy your most frequently eaten foods in bulk, this solves the problem of impulsive buying due to frequent visitation to the supermarket.

3. Prevent Food Wastage

Food wastage is one of the ways to spend more, it is economically wise to develop the habit of no food wastage. The less food you water, the more money you save. The best way to eat and save more is to prevent food wastage.


Best Ways to Eat Healthy on a Budget


Eating healthy on a budget involves following the  3 main rules for eating clean, and inculcating the following lifestyle habits:

1. Meal Planning

Meal planning can help you save more money, it doesn’t matter how the meal planning is done, you can plan your meal weekly or monthly.This would reduce the number of unwanted junks you buy, and give you time to assess all the supermarkets around you.

2. Make a List

Making a list before going for shopping or to a supermarket, restrains you from buying unwanted junk. The best way to eat healthy on a budget is to buy things you need, not what you want, this can only be achieved by making a list before going for shopping.impulsive buying always increase your groceries expenses.

3. Buy on Sales

Most market or shops, have special coupons and sales periods when they sell their products at a cheaper price. Target this period, invest and save more money, by buying in bulk during this periods.

4. Go Local

The venue you choose to buy your products, do not necessarily determine the quality of the food products. Buying food products form your local market, could save you 50 percent of the money spent in supermarkets. This is one of the best scenarios, that going local is preferable to going to international. Don’t get scared, buying your food products from your local market, doesn’t affect the taste of your food, the taste is solely dependent on your cooking skills.

5. Good Timing

There is a popular saying, that there is time for everything. This is also applicable to food products. They are often seasonal. One of the best ways to eat healthy on a budget is to buy seasonal fruits and veggies. Buy them during the cheap season, and save them for the Get acquainted with your freezer. However, there is a twist to this habit, not all food products are freezer friendly, buy those that can be saved for a long time. They still taste super nice like the taste of fresh fruits and veggies.

6. Read the Price Labels

The price label of most food products in your favorite supermarket contains the price per kg or ounce of each food products, don’t be fooled by the size of food products, inculcate the habits of reading the price labels in your supermarkets. You can save a lot of money, by comparing the price per kg or ounce of different groceries. The size of the food product is not the most important, how much value you get for your money is the most important.

7. Be Creative

If you can it is more economical to grow your own foods and vegetables. You can learn how to can and grow your foods yourself. This could look boring, tedious and expensive at first, but it is on to of the best ways to eat healthy on a budget. The best way to control the safety of your food is when you cultivate them yourself. You can control the ingredients and

Living on a budget can be a part of achieving your fitness goals and diet plans. Eating healthy on a budget is possible when the right knowledge is applied, and the right decisions and choices are made. The most important factor in eating healthy is a willingness, determination, and consistency. Eating healthy should not be a seasonal plan or special diet, but instead should be a part of your lifestyle. Before trying any new diet, consult your Doctor.


Find a Personal Trainer Near Me



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