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Prediabetes is a warning to the patient to initiate an immediate lifestyle adjustment or risk having diabetes. It’s the phase before diabetes with impaired glucose tolerance, and a grace to make changes before it is late. You can reverse prediabetes by consistently eating healthy, regularly being physically active, and staying away from unhealthy habits. Anybody can have prediabetes, but some people are more susceptible than some. These types of people are at a bigger risk of having prediabetes, the following elements outline these risks:

Sedentary Lifestyle: You have an increased chance of having prediabetes if you do little or no physical activity. If your job requires you to sit all day, always find ways to stay physically active.

Age: Anyone could be prediabetic after the age of 50, this is when we are most susceptible to prediabetes and therefore, when necessary lifestyle adjustments are a must.

High Blood Pressure: Diabetes and high blood pressure are such a close-knit. Anyone with high blood pressure has an increased risk of prediabetes.

Genetics: Certain genetic factors like family and race play important roles in prediabetes. Some people have prediabetes because it runs in the family, and some have because of their racial background.

Overweight: People who are overweight are twice likely to get prediabetes. Weight loss is the first step to recovery.

Gestational Diabetes: Women who had diabetes during pregnancy are likely to have diabetes later in life.

Hypothyroidism:  Having low thyroid function can cause prediabetes.

Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS): Research has shown that people with PCOS have a higher risk of prediabetes.

What Signs Should I Look Out For?

The symptoms of prediabetes vary from people to people. Common symptoms are as follows:

Increased Hunger

If the size of food that satisfied you before doesn’t satisfy you again, it might be the sign of prediabetes. Talk to your doctor if you develop any unusual urge to eat every time.

Increased Thirst

Another symptom is wanting to drink every time. Unusual thirst is something you should worry about.

Frequent Urination

If you drink more, you will urinate more.


If you are feeling weak without doing much, it could be a sign that you have prediabetes.

Weight Loss: You should be worried about any unintended weight loss.

How Do I Reverse It?

Necessary steps towards reversal must begin the moment you are diagnosed. Diabetes is related to all sorts of deadly diseases, and whatever price you pay to prevent it will surely be worth it. Medications are available for prediabetes treatment, but the best and most effective treatment is absolute lifestyle adjustment. I will make it as simple as dos and don’ts.

What to Do?

The road to recovery starts immediately, and you must start doing the following:


Physical activity helps reduce blood glucose level and helps with weight loss too. It is recommended to have at least 45 minutes of physical activity every day. There are lots of forms of exercise available to you, including aerobics, sports, swimming, and walking.

Lose Weight

Being overweight is a very dangerous state, losing at least 5% of your weight will help your course.

Sleep Adequately

Goodnight rest is an essential tool in weight loss, always aim to get 8 hours of sleep every night, and try not to alter your sleeping pattern.

Regular Check

It is essential to be very close to your doctor when you are diagnosed with prediabetes. This will help him keep track of your progress or the lack of it and give room for further diagnosis or medications.

 What You Shouldn’t Do?

Desist from doing the following, the moment you are diagnosed with prediabetes

No More Sugar

The condition itself is a state of excess blood sugar. Do not eat sugar, do not drink sugary drinks, this includes your everyday soda.

No Alcohol

People who drink alcohol are very likely to be diabetic later in life. Alcohol increases weight and increased blood sugar level, and everything needed to trigger diabetes.

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Don’t Smoke

Smoking makes the body less resistant to insulin. Smokers are more likely to have diabetes. Quitting smoking will significantly improve your chances of reversing prediabetes.

What to Eat?

Lifestyle changes are not complete without the proper screening of what we eat. We eat several times every day, so exercising and quitting smoking while racking up unhealthy calories is like fetching water in a basket, a futile exercise. These are the foods to eat when diagnosed with prediabetes:

Green Vegetables: They are very nutritious and great antioxidants. They are particularly low in calories and filled with vitamins. Ensure you include some green vegetables in your everyday diet to protect your heart and prevent diabetes. Types of healthy green vegetables include spinach and kale.

Fatty Fish: These healthy types of fish are recommended to everyone, they contain healthy omega-3 fatty acids. Studies have shown that they protect the heart from diseases and significantly reduce the chances of diabetes. Types include sardines, tuna, salmon, herring, and mackerel.

Nuts: Nuts are delicious, filled with nutrients, and low in digestive carbs, which help lower blood sugar. Types of nuts include almonds, walnuts, cashews, and hazelnuts.

Proteins: Feeding on protein makes us feel fuller for longer, thereby making us consume fewer calories. They are also better for metabolism and are an alternate source of glucose in the body as protein can also be broken down to glucose too. So, in addition to bodybuilding effects of protein, they also help keep blood sugar level in check. Sources of protein include eggs, chicken, and beans.

Olive Oil: Extra virgin olive oil cures diabetes. Research says it can prevent the disease as well as cure it for those who have it already. This wonderful oil reduces cholesterol and reduces blood sugar, making it heart-friendly. It is advised to substitute olive oil for every other oil in everyday cooking. People from the Mediterranean, use olive oil, and it is not a coincidence that they live long and healthily too.

Berries: They are full of antioxidants, controls blood sugar, and reduces the risk of heart-related disease. Strawberries, blueberries, and raspberries are examples of berries to include in your diet.

What you shouldn’t Eat?

Generally speaking, avoid any food with sugar, oily or fried foods, and lots of carbs. Examples include:

  • Rice
  • Pasta
  • Trans fat
  • Dried fruit
  • Fruit juice
  • White bread
  • Sweetened cereals
  • Honey
  • Maple syrup
  • Flavored coffee
  • Flavored yogurt
  • Any sweetened food
  • Any flavored food


Prediabetes is high blood sugar but not high enough for diabetes, if not taken care of could lead to type 2 diabetes. Prediabetes can be reversed with medications, but medications have side effects and complications. The best form of reversal is natural, making lifestyle adjustments. This includes quitting both smoking and drinking, regular exercise, and healthy feeding. It’s also important to visit the doctor regularly while we make these changes for close observation.

Looking for a great Endocrinologist to help you feel better?

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